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The best news for same-sex couples looking to wed is that it is possible in many countries and states around the world. If you are in the UK, the US or Canada, your options are vast, and you will absolutely be able to marry your spouse in one way or another. Find out more information about gay marriage in the UK, the US and Canada on Manplay.com. Find out what your options are, and where gay marriage is legal.

Since 2005 in Canada, all main provinces under bill C-38 are obligated to allow same-sex marriage. If you are looking to wed your spouse in Canada, you can do so in any of the main provinces. That's great news if you are looking to have a destination wedding, or if you are living in the country and looking to marry your partner without any worries.

If you are in the US, you can obtain a marriage license in all but fourteen counties across 3 states; 10 in Alabama, 3 in Kentucky, and 1 in Texas. The good news is, there are 2, 993 other counties that you can obtain marriage licenses in. You won't have to travel far if you live in those counties that are behind in the times. The US took a bit longer to allow same-sex marriage, and acknowledge that the ban on it was unconstitutional. It took the Obergefell ruling to change history and thus, allow same-sex couples the right to wed in civil ceremonies across the country.

The UK falls into a similar category. On July 2013, England and Wales passed legislation to legalize same-sex marriage through the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Scotland passed its legislation in 2014, and Northern Ireland has decided not to legalize same-sex marriage. Fortunately there is a legal challenge being held against Northern Ireland, but until anything happens, same-sex couples are only entitled to civil partnerships under its law. Any couple from Northern Ireland that is married elsewhere will only be acknowledged as a civil partnership. The bad news is that legalization across the board has taken so long to come into effect, and there are still some areas that need a bit longer to catch up to the progressive areas. The good news is that there are far more locations where same-sex couples can be wed and where they are recognized as married couples, and can obtain licenses. The legalization of same-sex marriages has been in the works for many years, and countries around the world are finally started to get with the times.

Gay Marriage Statistics

It took the US eleven years after Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage to update the constitution to guarantee it for the rest of the country. Although, there are some counties that won't issue same-sex marriage licenses, it's still legal for same-sex couples to wed.

Same-sex marriages are also legal in England and Wales, the only stipulation is that couples can't marry in the Church of England. That's okay though, there are plenty of vendors that allow same sex marriages. The approval of gay marriage jumps significantly year after year, with millennials naturally being the biggest supporters (73%). There are 9 million LGBT adults alone in the US, which shows that there are millions of same-sex couples who are affected by gay marriage laws. Thankfully, gay marriage is now legal in the majority of places where LGBT couples want to wed. When over 50% of the population in each country is for gay marriage, it's only natural the the laws will start to adequately reflect those of the people.

In the UK, since gay marriage has been made legal, almost 1,500 marriages have taken place. In one year, more same-sex couples were wed than ever before. Numbers like this show what is important to the people living in the UK, and the gay community hasn't stopped there. The same-sex marriage trend continues to rise because couples now know that they are free to do what they've always dreamt of. There's no longer a waiting game when couples are wanting to take it to the next level, and that has given so many couples the confidence they need to move forward in their relationships.


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More On Gay Rights & Gay Marriage

Are you curious about how gay marriage developed in the UK, the US or Canada? There's a lot of information out there, and while some will argue the the only information you need is the stuff that says it's legal, and you can do it, there's so much more involved. Knowing where you can get married and where it might still be an issue is important if you're in the process of setting the date. The links below will guide you to the information you need to kick-off your union together, and ensure a long and happy life with your partner. Knowing where the laws came from, how they started to change, and where they are now is all a part of the process. History is being made, and it's important to note how it got to where it is now so that the education can continue. When there are still some people who don't agree with gay marriage, it's important to have the facts so that if you're ever asked a question or confronted, you can comfortably be an active part of the conversation. Not everyone will understand or accept gay marriage, but that doesn't mean there won't be a conversation about it. Be on the side that knows where gay marriage is headed, and where it is legal and accepted, and you might just change a few minds.

Supporting Gay Marriage In Canada

More and more citizens support gay marriage than ever before.

Advice From Canada

Canada has some gay marriage advice for the rest of the world.

How The US Caught Up With Gay Marriage

Finally, American citizens can embrace and celebrate gay marriage. How did a country living in the past finally open up?

Gay Marriage Stats From Around The World

Get the gay marriage numbers, and see where the world is at with same-sex unions.

The Battle With Gay Marriage In The US

Although gay marriage is for the most part, legal in the US, there's still work to be done.

The Effects Of Gay Marriage In The UK

Read about how gay marriage has changed thousands of lives in the UK.

The Queen Doesn't Approve Of Gay Marriage

Even with her disapproval of gay marriage, same-sex couples can still make it official in the UK.


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Even More Information On Gay Marriage

Each country is unique in its story of the legalization of gay marriage. Uk gay marriage, US gay marriage, and Canada gay marriage are all important stories in the respective country's history. There have been ups and downs, some barriers and hurdles, but most of all, each country has a story of success and history changing laws that led to the legalization of same-sex marriage . There is a unique story behind each country's legalization, and they all start from the beginning, and go on to where the country is now, and where it's headed for the future. If you're interested in knowing more about each country's progress and journey to the path of legalization, the links on this page will deepen your understanding of each country's story. It's interesting and important to know they why's and the how's so that you know where the world is headed. It's good to know where you can go to feel comfortable in your own skin, and be able to express your love to the fullest with the person that you love. If marriage is on your mind, it's important to know where you can go to make it reality. Don't hit any roadblocks and educate yourself on the best places to be to live out your same-sex union. Find more information about each country below:

Canada Gay Marriage

As one of the pioneers of gay marriage legalization in the world, Canada has a unique story of its own.

UK Gay Marriage

It may have taken the UK awhile to catch up to the need for gay marriage legalization, but it got there and has made thousands of LGBT couples happy.

US Gay Marriage

A long awaited gay marriage legalization decision left many American citizens wondering if they would ever win the right to marry their spouses. Thankfully, the country made the right choice.


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The Future Status Of Gay Marriage In The UK, The US And Canada

Although nothing is ever for sure, what is for sure is that the conversation of gay marriage is far from over. Until the entire world accepts that gender shouldn't dictate who should marry and who shouldn't, the gay community will continue to fight for equal rights. Major progress has been made in regards to gay marriage, and thankfully more and more governments are starting to see the validity of creating an equal platform for all partners. Being able to marry who you want and not having to jump through hurdles to do so is extremely important for everyone. While there will always be those who are held back by personal preference and/ or religious belief, there are far more people that are for gay marriage than ever before. Millennials are the key element here, and as their population continues to grow, and the old age thinking dies off, there will undoubtedly be far more acceptance as the years pass. The conversation is what was needed, and then the action, and finally the acceptance of the communities outside of the gay community. Without the acceptance of those around the individuals fighting for equality, equality would never be won. There needs to be support, everyone needs to be heard, and governments need to do what is right for the majority. Right now the majority are the people who are for gay marriage and want to see it legalized globally.

Your Position With Gay Marriage

What you can do is what you've always done. Continue to live your life the way you choose and know that someday, no matter where you reside, you'll be seen as married. Marriage licenses are issued in so many counties, states, and provinces that if you are ready to tie the knot, you can obtain a license. There are a few places where you cannot, and if that directly applies to you, maybe you should consider moving just a little further, or know that your license is valid where it matters. It won't be long before it becomes a natural thing to be married, obtain a license, and live happily ever after, no matter where you live. If you don't see if happening in your life time, consider moving somewhere where that is the reality.

Nothing is ever perfect, and we live in a very imperfect world. Fortunately, progress is being made and gay marriage is closer to being accepted around the world. Suits are being filed, same-sex couples are speaking up, and supporters everywhere are doing what they can to bring attention to the issue and raise awareness to a cause that is extremely important. It is important to be able to wed your spouse no matter your sex.

It is important to have the same equal rights as opposite-sex couples, and it is important to be heard. Being treated like second class citizens was the major defence of the gay community and world leaders that cared enough to listen, agreed that something needed to be done. Canada, the US, and the UK are all very bit countries with a lot of people who just want to live as they'd like without worrying about the obstacles that come along with personal, and sexual choices. Until sexual orientation is no longer a reason for conflict, the fight will continue. Luckily, the fight is being won.


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