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Here at, we want you to know everything about Minnesota gay marriage. You might ask yourself what is there to know about gay marriage, especially after it has been legalized? However, there is plenty of interesting information about Minnesota gay marriage, such as how it was one of the first states to legalize gay marriage and how it was done through a popular vote. But we don’t just stop there, because we have plenty of info about gay marriage history in places like Massachusetts. Live a little and learn a little about gay marriage!

Minnesota Gay Marriage History

Minnesota gay marriage has been legal and recognized since in August 2013. This was due more than half the state voting in favor of it. That means that Minnesota has also recognized civil unions and marriages from other jurisdictions since then. Minnesota was one of the first states to recognize same sex marriage and it also was not ordered to enact gay marriage laws based on a court order which plagued so many of other states at the same time. Minnesota enjoys a place in the history of gay rights because it was also one of the first places to have a legal dispute over gay marriage. Minnesota for the most part is very progressive state with liberal leaning attitudes and an ability to understand reason over belief. At, you not only can to connect to other men, but you can also learn everything there is to know about the history of Minnesota gay marriage.

Democratic Political Support For Gay Rights

In a US history first and a first for gay rights in the United States, the Baker v. Nelson lawsuit in 1972 was a turning point in gay rights history. The lawsuit made the claim that denying a same-sex couple marriage was unconstitutional. However the Minnesota Supreme Court believed that banning same-sex marriage was not unconstitutional and the case was thrown out, despite numerous appeals to resurrect it. Despite this loss, the Minnesota Democratic party used gay marriage as a part of their platform. This was one of the first times a political party had ever supported gay marriage and used it as a part of their platform.

Passing The Laws Against Gay Marriage

In 1997, the Minnesota state legislature passed a statutory ban on same-sex marriage. This was a step back for gay rights activists and proved to be a tough nut for gay rights lawmakers to get around. In any instance where gay rights or gay marriage came into question, every court referred to the Baker V. Nelson case in 1972. The decision was to stay and not be altered.

The Bureaucratic Angle of Gay Marriage

Finally in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2009, lawmakers in the Minnesota House and Senate, wanted to pass an amendment to the state constitution that would ensure that any definition of marriage remained to be that between a man and a woman. This amendment would also ensure that civil unions would not be recognized and therefore any chance of recognizing a gay union between two people, would not be possible. Then in 2011, the Senate attempted to pass a law that would not ban civil unions, but it would ban gay marriage. This would mean that gay couples would not be able to enjoy many of the rights that straight married couples had. In the quest for gay marriage, it is often forgotten that a union between two people often means that their financial accounts are joined, their benefits are geared towards their spouses and when it comes to filing their tax returns, they are recognized as a married entity. This was often the issue that so many gay couples faced, in which they would unable to receive or purpose text benefits or claims, simply because they were not legally defined as married. As much as the gay marriage debate was about belief, morality and tradition - it was also a battle of legal terms and economic benefits. The bureaucratic nightmare that came with being a gay couple in a gay domestic relationship was terrifying for many couples, and placed them in a place where they were unable to fall under equal protection. This is a right that is granted to all U.S. citizens.

Minnesota Gay Marriage: A Question For Voters

In 2011, the Minnesota Senate asked a question to state voters: Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota? This amendment was not passed and people rejected the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. This was just one case of a ban of gay marriage being defeated by popular vote and it would happen again on November 6 2012, when voters once again rejected a Minnesota constitutional ban on same-sex marriages. Both of these instances proved to be a massive turning point for Minnesota gay marriage and equal rights. These popular votes were a shadow of the changing face of society and they also reflected the progressive attitudes of many in the state and in other parts of the mid-west. The fact that popular vote determined the outcome of the bill and it had nothing to do with a court order was also a huge victory for gay rights and Minnesota gay marriage.

Minnesota Gay Marriage Is Legalized

During 2013, several Senators and Reprepsentatives put forward bills that would legalize gay marriage in the state. These bills were reviewed and the financial impact was considered. In every instance, countries, jurisdictions and states that have legalized gay marriage have found that it has had a positive economic impact. Finally on May 9th 2013, the House Of Representatives, passed a bill at 75-59 in favour of legalizing gay marriage and May 13th the Senate passed the bill with a victory of 37-30. The Governor signed the bill and the law took effect instantaneously and on August 1st 2013, it became official that gay couples could wed in the state. This was a massive turning point in gay rights history, but also proved to have a domino effect on public consciousness, because it proved that gay marriage was on its way to being legalized throughout the United States, any inconsistencies in failing to recognize gay marriage anywhere in the country would, in essence, be unconstitutional.

Gay Marriage Statistics For Minnesota

Like we have said, Minnesota has a positive history when it comes to gay marriage and has had very progressive attitudes regarding gay marriage. Based on a poll by the New York Times and Public Policy Polling, it was determined that Minnesota gay marriage was supported by almost 54% of voters. This is an obvious reflection of attitudes in the state towards gay marriage and is also evidence of how gay marriage was adopted much earlier than the Supreme Court’s decision. Minnesota has over 13,000 registered gay couples in the state and the highest populations of married gay couples were female. The most married gay couples were in Hennepin and Ramsey. However, according to the statistic bureau of Minnesota, only 2.9% of people in the state consider themselves to be gay, which is much below the national average of 3.5%. These are interesting numbers to consider based the progressive attitudes of the state. One might imagine more gay couples living in Minnesota (maybe that has to do with the cold)!

The Current And Future Status of Minnesota Gay Marriage

Minnesota’s legalization of gay marriage without court orders was a first for gay marriage in the United States and like we have said, is a representation of some of the more progressive attitudes of those in the state. Based on the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage in 2015, it should be noted that gay marriage is and always will be legal nationally. With consideration of the fact that it is unconstitutional to deny a same-sex couple the same rights that straight couples enjoy. Before the Supreme Court’s ruling, Minnesota was one of the only states that offered divorce proceedings for same-sex couples from other jurisdictions that either did not recognize gay marriage or did not have the legal know how to try any gay divorces.

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