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If there's one thing that there is a lot of online, it's porn. There are literally millions of straight and gay porn sites out there on the internet, and somehow we are expected to know which sites are worth spending time on. Looking for the best gay sex stories can be frustrating, difficult, and enough to make you settle for terrible gay porn just because you're sick of looking for better. But, that's all over now: You have found the #1 gay sex stories directory online:! Here on ManPlay, we will show you the best of the internet's gay sex stories websites! It has never been easier to find only the truly great gay sex stories of the web.

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We've got all the best gay sex stories sites nice and ready for you to discover! Check out our dozens of gay sex stories categories below and see everything you have to choose from! Click on a category you know you love, or explore something new that catches your eye. No matter what you choose you will see our top gay sex stories site choices for that category and know that you are about to see the best gay sex stories there are to offer.

And if somehow you have come across this page not looking for gay sex stories... let us just tell you a few of the reasons we truly believe gay sex stories are the best kind of gay porn:

ManPlay's Three Reasons Why Gay Sex Stories Are The Best Kind Of Gay Porn

We all love gay porn, obviously. But, not everyone realizes that gay porn can be so many different things. Are movies featuring explicit gay sex scenes gay porn? For sure! Are homemade video clips of amateur sex gay porn? Of course! Are live webcam feeds of solo masturbation gay porn? Definitely! Are nude photos of men gay porn? They can be. Is erotic gay artwork gay porn? Totally! Are gay chat rooms and gay video chats gay porn? Absolutely! Are gay sex stories gay porn? 100%! If it makes you hot and gets you off, that's gay porn in our books!

So, what makes us believe that gay sex stories are the best kind of gay porn? Well, let us tell you. Let's start with our first point:


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1. Gay Sex Stories Can Be About ANYTHING

We can already hear you asking what we mean and how that is that different from any other kind of porn, so let us explain. Gay sex stories, like novels and books, can be about anything because they come straight from the imagination. They can involve illegal activities... they can involve physical attributes or feats that would be impossible in reality... they can involve mythical people, beings, and creatures of all kinds... the list goes on and on!

With gay porn videos, human beings are still human beings and they can still only do what human bodies are capable of. No one on the cast or crew can be involved with filming an illegal activity without risking serious jail time. You won't see the people, entities, or things from your imagination grace the screen in front of you. Sure, things like gay porn videos or erotic gay porn artwork might get close when it comes to depicting fantasies and illegal activities, but they will never have the hot, dirty, juicy details that really great gay sex stories do.

Not convinced that we're right? Well, all of that was only our first point. We've still got two more for ya! Check out the second reason why we believe that gay sex stories are the best kind of gay porn:


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2. Gay Sex Stories Are The Only Form Of SFW Gay Porn

If you are not familiar with the acronym, SFW stands for "safe for work" (the opposite, of course, is NSFW or "not safe for work"). Yeah, yeah, some people may work for themselves or work from home or work alone, but you get the point: these are the things that are not safe to be reading, watching, or looking at when there is polite (or any) company around. Unlike gay sex stories... gay porn videos, gay porn photos, and erotic gay artwork would all be considered NSFW. You can't exactly get away with watching a gay porn movie in a coffee shop, or swiping through gay porn pics with your family nearby, or having a gay porn video chat in the middle of a public park.

But... gay sex stories? That's just text! It's nothing but little words on the screen! Unless someone is reading word for word over your shoulder, you can totally look at gay sex stories anywhere you want! At home, at the office, while stuck in traffic, in a public park, in a coffee shop, in a mall.... seriously, anywhere!

No? We have not yet convinced you? Still think your gay porn videos and erotic nude photos of men are better forms of gay porn? Let's continue with our third point, shall we?

3. Gay Sex Stories Is DIY Gay Porn For All

Not everyone can make a professional gay porn movie. You need a director, a producer, a writer, camera people, sound people, and a ton of other crew members. You need to hire and pay porn stars to perform in your movie. You need to rent cameras, lenses, sound recording equipment, high-powered lighting, and maybe even a location. You need to be concerned about insurance and waivers and licensing. Gay sex stories don't need any of that. Well, except a writer (but that's you!).

Not everyone can make gay porn videos and webcam shows. You need a camera or webcam. You need privacy. You need an internet connection with a high-enough speed that you can upload or stream videos videos online. You need an understanding of how all these pieces of technology work. Gay sex stories don't need any of that.

Not everyone can produce high-end erotic photos and artwork. You need talent and education and practice. Gay sex stories don't need any of that.

Do you see where we're going with this? Gay sex stories are for everyone, and can be created by everyone. All you need is something to write with, and something to write on. Use word processors and your keyboard. Use pen and paper. Use the trunk of a tree and carve your words in with a knife! You know what? Even if you are thinking of your own gay sex stories right now, they technically exist. You really only have to write them down if you want to read them later or share them with others.

So, do you agree with us yet? Maybe you need to experience some reason gay sex stories online...


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