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The History Of Gay Marriage In Ontario

When ‘the Michaels’ became the first same-sex couple to get married in Canada, it changed the history books forever. The rest of the country would soon legalize gay marriage from coast to coast, and it only took a few years before gay couples were enjoying the freedom of marrying their significant others. Although it was a long awaited battle to win, Canada finally stepped up in the early 2000's and became one of the world leaders in same-sex unions. Gay marriage in Ontario set the standard for same-sex unions across the country. explains the important history that you might not have heard. Although Ontario gay marriage wasn’t official until 2003, a court ruling retroactively granted a couple legal marriage status from a wedding in 2001, making Ontario the first province in the world to legalize gay marriage, and put Canada on the map for same-sex marriage legalization. That was a huge moment in history, and was a huge wake up call for the rest of the world. Canada's leadership was needed to push other countries forward in modernizing the way the legal system works. The United States has been slowly offering up their support of gay marriage, and state by state, governments are ruling same-sex unions constitutional. How long will it take before the whole world recognizes an individuals right to marry whomever they choose? We're not sure, but the fact of the matter is that it's been a long time coming, and eventually won't be such taboo conversation. Being able to marry whomever you choose is right of any individual, and being acceptable isn't just a wish, it's a necessity.

Ontario Gay Marriage Statistics

The number of gay marriages in Canada continues to rise, and Ontario alone spikes on average 32% per year, and more and more couples feel comfortable enough to walk down the aisle. From 2002-2012, Canadians who opposed gay marriage dropped from 37% - 18%, and that number continues to decrease. As it should be, gay marriage continues to be accepted and looked at as a normal, constitutional union. More couples are racing to the alter, and even the ones who aren't, are happy that the option is there in case they do decide to take the plunge. In a 5 year span, gay marriage continues to increase by at least 42%, and that means that there are close to 100,000 same-sex marriages or common-law unions in Ontario today. Couples no longer have reservations about getting married now that the law is favourably on their side. What a wonderful day in age to live in where gay marriage is no longer frowned upon, but embraced and accepted. Every couple should have the right to marry and protect the life that they built together. The people and the courts have spoken and the law is finally on the side of the people. For those that oppose gay marriage, it no longer matters or shows up as leverage in the way that things are, and in the way that things will continue to be. This is a huge win for couples everywhere and has relieved the unnecessary stress of worrying about protecting love as well as assets.

The Current Status Of Ontario Gay Marriage

Before the legalization of gay marriage in Ontario, same sex couples were permitted the same adoption rights as heterosexual couples. It was only a matter of time before the supreme court ruled in favour of allowing these same couples to wed. Albeit a little backwards, the country has made amazing strides in equality. Canadians who have found love in other parts of the world have also been granted the OK to marry their immigrant partners. That decision came later in 2007, but the process has since been sped up to accommodate the growing number of applicants. Because Ontario was so ahead of the game when it came to legalization, there have been many years of working out any kinks that may prevent same-sex couples from tying the knot. It's a much easier process now, and courts don't think twice about it. Ontario gay marriage stays in the lead for most gay marriages in the country, and no forecast shows that momentum slowing down. It's so accessible to obtain a license now, that no gay couple has to worry that they will be denied. If you have found love in the country, or somewhere else in the world, you can find comfort in knowing that your love will celebrated in this equality favouring country. Same-sex couples no longer need to fear being treated differently, especially when it comes to the law. Leave personal preference out of it and know that at the end of the day, the law is on your side. Any person that has a problem with that won't have their opposing opinion matter. What matters most is that any same sex couple is treated equally. That will now and forever be the case.

More On Ontario Gay Marriage

Check out these sites for more Ontario Gay Marriage related information. If you want to know more, or are curious about your rights as a gay couple, you can find many helpful facts listed. Knowing where to start is the first step in starting your new life together as a gay couple. Sure it's a great thought to get married, but why not make it the best experience by finding the right people and places to help make your day the best it can be? You can find out how and where to start, including some historical timeline facts and why they matter, here:

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Ontario Gay Marriage Timeline

Ontario Gay Marriage Timeline

What You Need To Know About Gay Marriage In Ontario

What You Need To Know About Gay Marriage

The Future Of Ontario Gay Marriage

There are plenty of resources for you to get all of the ontario gay marriage facts. The most important thing is that you know that it's possible and acceptable to go forward with any union that suits you. You no longer have to worry that your request to marry won't be granted. Even though there are some skeptics and close-minded people who will give push back to the system, the system won't change. The province has already advanced forward and will continue to do so. Ontario lead the way for ontario gay marriage, and will forever be recognized as the leader in equality. If you are so lucky as to live in this great province, your life will forever be made easier because the right people pushed for equality and were heard. Because Ontario was the first province to push for the gay favouring law, the rest of the country followed suit and now you can be married anywhere in the country. What a great feeling to know that you can move out of this province and still be recognized as an equal. If your desire is to marry somewhere else, you can do that too. There are no boundaries to where you can marry your partner in Canada. Even if the rest of the world is slower to catch up, the important fact is that you're in the right place to get what you want and not worry about jumping over hurdles to live the life you choose. What a great feeling it is to be Canadian and be able to make the choices that serve your life, without hitting a wall.

Ontario Gay Marriage And You

It's been 15 years since gay marriage was awarded to the citizens of Ontario, and history has forever been made. This province was the first to make the leap in allowing it's people the right to marry whomever they choose, whenever they chose to. Being able to adopt children and expand a family, marry someone from across the boarder, and divorce if things don't work out are also big steps for same-sex couples. What same-sex couples wanted was the right to be treated equally and to have the same rights as every other couple that lived in this country and province. The fight was to not have to fight to be recognized as equal. Couples were spending years together and losing everything when their partner would pass away, or move on. The fight was to protect a life that was equal to every other couple in the country. Why was it so hard to be seen as the same? Why was love so different when it came to a gay couple vs. a heterosexual couple? There was no good reason and that's why the fight continued until the courts saw same-sex couples as real couples. As long as is took for the law to reflect the thoughts and feelings of the people, the important thing was the day same-sex couples were awarded their victory. In all actuality, it was a victory for the world and put pressure on other countries to follow in Ontario's footsteps. Canada became the most important leader in allowing same-sex couples to wed. Although it was long overdue, the fact that it happened made history books and changed the lives of millions. Being able to embrace your way of life to the fullest without hesitation will take away from the stresses that any couple already faces. We all have issues to confront, and being able to marry your partner shouldn't be one of them. Not being able to marry was one of the biggest obstacles that gay couples faced, but with the changing law, gay couples can now focus on the things that really matter. If you're thinking of getting married, you can breathe easy knowing that your love life matters as much as any straight couple's.

The Continued Fight For Gay Rights

The world has some catching up to do, but there are always great strides being made. With the elimination of DOMA, and Ontario premiere Kathleen Wynne on the side of supporting gay rights, the conversation will always be open, and the fight for continued equality will always be fought. There is no reason to take steps backwards, even when certain federal MP's may try to repeal certain gay rights decisions, like what’s happening in Alberta. The important thing is that there are millions of supporters over the non-supporters, and there always will be. With the rise in gay marriages continuing to grow, so does the support of continued equality. Gay couples can rest easy knowing that there are many people in this country who continue to support and fight for their rights every day. Laws have been made, and decisions cannot be undone. The first generation of gay couples who can wed have been going through the motions to set up a future for even more couples to walk down the aisle. Future generations will be pleased to know that they don't have to fight to be heard, or to be treated equally. In a few years, a new wave of gay couples will be applying for marriage licenses, and being granted the opportunity to marry their spouses without any obstacles to hold them back. 20 years ago it was unheard of for gay couples to marry and be treated like regular citizens. In 20 years, it won't even be an issue anymore. Gay marriage has become commonplace and eventually people will forget that such a fight was needed to get where we are today. Embrace that you can now marry your partner and be welcomed into the world of marriage with open arms, thanks to the people who fought for gay marriage equality. If you are ready to take the next step in your relationship and marry your partner in a traditional or not so traditional way, you are entitled to exactly what you want. Don't hesitate to take things to the next level, and remember that you have the same rights as everyone else in this country.

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