Manitoba Gay Marriage Laws Finally Win


The History Of Manitoba Gay Marriage

Manitoba gay marriage laws changed in 2004. It became the 5th province to allow same-sex marriage. shares the story that changed the province. Chris Vogel and Richard North changed the history of the province when they went to battle with the courts to have their 32 year union recognized as marriage. In 1974, they were issued a marriage license that wasn't considered legal at the time because same-sex marriage wouldn't be recognized until many years later. Their fight continues today as they pursue their hopes of having their marriage retroactively recognized by the federal government. This case is so relevant to Manitoba's gay marriage history that the couple's marriage certificate has been put on display at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. It will forever serve as a reminder that the couple's love and commitment to each other was relevant long before Canada started the same-sex marriage movement. When Ontario set the pace for new gay marriage legislation, provinces ultimately followed in its footsteps. Thankfully the pressure to evolve was as necessary as it was, and it worked out for the best for the people living in Canada. No longer did couples have to question their decision to marry, and didn't have to go through a tumultuous battle with the government to achieve what every straight couple was so easily allowed. Couples like Vogel and North changed history and are still making waves when it comes to equality. Thankfully for future generations, the fight has already been won and gay marriage is now acceptable, recognized and legal.

Manitoba Gay Marriage Statistics

Like every other province that legalized gay marriage in the early 2000's, the spike in marriages across Manitoba was obvious and instantaneous. Couples were racing to the alter to make it official and to celebrate the new rights they now had with their partners. Marriage was something that needed to be celebrated after the many years and many hurdles that gay couples were facing. There was a significant increase in gay couples who were married in 2006, and not much has changed even up until today. Canada's marriage statistics have fallen slightly due to a changing population, and the younger generation waiting longer to tie the knot, but gay marriage is still going strong. More female same-sex marriages register every year, but gay male marriages are very close behind, and still happening frequently. 2006 and 2012 showed the most gay marriages across Manitoba, and the numbers are raising again in 2016. Gay couples waited so long for the opportunity to wed their partners without any doubt or fear. There were a few years where same-sex couples were in limbo and didn't know if or when the law would be on their side. The celebration continues today, and couples now move into marriage with ease.

Information On Manitoba Gay Marriage

There is a large and growing gay community in Manitoba. The beautiful scenery matches the beauty of love that spreads across the province. Couples are celebrating that they can now marry who they please, and are embracing the long awaited approval of the courts. Finally, couples don't have to think twice about who they choose to spend their lives with, and can be open about it and seal their decisions with a marriage license that's legal in almost every province. Get to know more about Manitoba gay marriage and how it's positively affecting the province. There is a lot in the history books of Manitoba that led to the provincial court allowing same-sex marriage. The pressure was on because other provinces were taking action, but there were pioneers in Manitoba that definitely lead the movement, and pushed harder for same-sex marriage to acceptable sooner. Marriage licenses weren't enough if the marriage didn't stick.

Embracing Manitoba Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is being embraced around the province, and couples feel comfortable sharing their commitment to each other. Knowing that others were supportive of the new law allowed thousands of gay couples room to breathe.

Vogel And North Lead The Gay Marriage Fight

Meet the men behind the gay marriage movement. They fought for their love, and are still fighting for recognition from the federal government.

Same-Sex Couples Thankful For Gay Marriage Rights

See how gay marriage has affected couples living in Manitoba. It's a better time to live in the province now.

The Second Gay Moderator, Jordan Cantwell

Huge strides for gay marriage come through situations like Jordan Cantwell's. She was the second openly gay moderator to be elected into the United Church of Canada. These are major moves being made by the gay community that only help educate the people of the country. Many Christian denominations still do not allow gay clergyman or women. When decisions like this are made, it opens up a whole new perspective on the importance of gay men and women in authoritative roles.

The Future Of Manitoba Gay Marriage

Although there are still residents living in Manitoba that aren't 100% on the gay marriage side, there are more than enough to provide a hefty support system for the gay community. There is little to no push back today when it comes to Manitoba gay marriage, and same-sex couples couldn't be happier. Considering Manitoba makes up only 3.6% of the total Canadian population, there is bound to be some people that are stuck in their ways and less adaptable to change. The good news is that there are more supporters, almost 80%, in favour of gay marriage. The longer that gay marriage is legal, the more acceptable it will be because younger generations will grow up in a more tolerant society, and there will be less negative influence. People are slow to change their opinions when they've been raised to see the wrong in a situation that they don't fully understand. There were so many people afraid to admit to being gay because the majority of the country didn't understand. Now that gay marriage is legal and recognized, there are far less naysayers in general. Gay couples are thankful that they can now express themselves and don't have to look over their shoulders for openly opposing parties. It's a nice change in Manitoba to be openly gay and to have the same rights as everyone else. There are more and more venues and churches that are offering gay ceremonies, and tailoring to the needs of the same-sex couples they're performing the ceremonies for. Thanks to Jordan Cantwell, the second gay moderator to be elected at the United Church of Canada, gay couples will find it easier to be accepted into churches, and practicing faith without having to hide being openly gay. There is no reason to hide your sexuality or sexual preference in a province and country that are more accepting of the changing environment. The future of Manitoba continues to look bright with hundreds of thousands of gay marriage supporters and enthusiasts. There is no looking back now and equality will keep pushing forward for all of Manitoba's citizens.

What Can You Do For Manitoba Gay Marriage?

You should keep in mind that there will still be an adjustment period in a province that has a lower population, spread out over a bigger space. You will have to educate some of the people that might not understand gay marriage, but aren't necessarily opposed to it. A lot of people have questions and that's okay. Take the time to inform any of your neighbours, who aren't quite grasping the concept of a same-sex marriage, about the beauty of a same-sex union, and why it's no different than a heterosexual one. There is nothing wrong with asking questions as long as the person receiving the answers continues to be open minded. You can't control anyone's reaction or thoughts on your lifestyle, but you can be open minded yourself to discussing the topic, and trying to help people really understand. Gay marriage, like straight marriage, is a choice that two people in love decide to do. Understanding that love comes in many shapes and forms really is the first step to understanding. When people start to see that love is love, regardless of sexual orientation, they will then stop questioning the idea of marriage outside of a heterosexual union. It might take a while to catch everyone up to speed with the fact that it doesn't make a difference who you marry, but there will come a day when it ceases to be taboo. Old habits and traditions die hard, but our country is always changing, the laws are changing, and people are starting to see things differently. Embrace your lifestyle and enjoy it the way you like by sharing your life with whomever you choose. That's the best way to get the most out of gay marriage in Manitoba and to enjoy your life without needing the approval of others. It doesn't matter what's happening as long as you're happy and fulfilled in your love life.

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