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Well, look at you! You have found us here at, the #1 gay chat directory anywhere on the web! We're sure you, much like ourselves, have run into scam sites, fake sites, and sites that just plain stink on your travels through the online gay chat world. Believe us, we know that finding a good quality gay chat site isn't easy - it's the main reason that ManPlay's gay chat directory exists! Thousands of men out there are in the same position you probably are: overwhelmed, disappointed, frustrated, and lacking hope. But, it doesn't have to be that way! You are one of the lucky ones because you have stumbled upon the greatest resource the net has to offer when it comes to gay chat sites and gay cam sites, and that is!


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ManPlay's Three Step Plan To Gay Chat Success

So, you want to connect with other guys, right? You want to flirt and have fun, but you are not interested in anything serious like dating or meeting up. You want to watch sexy gay cam shows, but you want them to be be REAL and LIVE, not some over-produced and pre-recorded gay porn video. There are a lot of gay chat, gay video chat, gay cam, and even gay chat roulette sites out there—too many, in fact, to sift through all by yourself. This is where ManPlay can help.

Our team has scoured the internet for YEARS finding the best gay chat and gay cam sites out there. Using the directory we have created, there's really no way you can go wrong. Every single gay chat site we have included is top notch! Stay here on this page and you can implement the following steps and get the successful gay chat experience you have been looking for. Start with Step 1:

Step 1: Think About What Kind Of Gay Chat You Want To Have

If this question confuses you, it probably means that you a) do not have a strong preference for one kind of gay man or gay sex over any others, or b) have not figured out what your preference is yet. If this is the case, don't worry!'s directory is also here to help you discover all the gay men and gay kink that you may or may not be into. Scroll through our list of gay chat categories and click on one that sticks out to you.

Did you grew up idolizing and sexualizing men of the Army, Navy, or Airforce? Click on our Military gay chat category and you will find the best sites for instant access to real military men! Think a little pain and punishment might be hot? Check out our Fetish & BDSM categories! Never seen a Black man, Arab man, or Asian man naked in real life and you are curious? Scroll on down and click one of our racial gay chat categories to see naked flesh of every color! See a gay chat category and you're not sure what it is? Heck, might as well check that out too! You never know when you'll find your newest gay sex obsession.

If you are a man who knows what he likes and what he wants, then this step is a lot easier. Simply scroll through our gay chat categories until you find the one you were looking for and click away!

If you just want to see naked men being naughty and you don't care what they look like or what they are doing, try our general Gay Men gay chat category. The gay chat sites in this section have the broadest collection of gay men.

So, now that you have chosen a gay chat category, it is time to move on to Step 2:


The best news for same-sex couples looking to wed is that it is possible in many countries and states around the world.


Step 2: Explore The Gay Chat Category You Picked Out

Great! You made it past Step 1! Whether you chose Bears, Jocks, Twinks, Shemale, Big Dick, Leather, Fisting, Spanking or any of the other gay chat categories in our directory, this next step will be the same. The point of Step 2 is to ask yourself what matters to you when it comes to you gay chat site experience.

Think about questions like these: Are you looking for gay chat rooms to talk with a large group of people, one-on-one gay video chat with gorgeous men, hot gay cam shows you can jerk off to, or all three? Are you willing to pay a small fee for better gay chat and gay cam content, or will you only settle for free sites with inferior site design, privacy, and content? Do you need the site to offer languages other than English? Do you care if the gay chat site has good customer service? Do you need the gay chat site to work on mobile devices? Knowing what your site necessities and preferences are will help you decide which gay chat site is best for you.

As you scroll through the list of gay chat and gay cam sites listed in your chosen category, you will see that we have given you a description and a list of highlights for each site that addresses the benefits and features that they offer. Using our notes, and knowing your answers to the above questions, you will be able to narrow down which gay chat site or sites you want to check out.

Once you know which site you are going to check out first, you can move on to Step 3 of our plan:

Step 3: Check Out And Join Up!

The final step—Step 3! Once you have completed Step 2 and know which site you want to check out first, all you have to do is click the link we have provided. You will be instantly connected to the gay chat or gay cam site of your choosing and will be able to see all the gorgeous men and great features that we described here on our directory. We've done our homework, and we've done it hard, so if you were satisfied with what we said here on our site, you should be satisfied with the site you end up on, too!

Each and every one of the gay chat sites that we chose have simple and fast sign ups. In fact, some don't even have sign ups or registrations at all! Just take a quick glance around for a "Join" or "Sign Up" button and click it through to their sign up page. It only takes a moment and then you will have unlimited access to the site and all its amazing gay men.

If you happen to check out one of our gay chat or gay cam sites and decide it's just not for you, don't worry about it! All you have to do is click your browser's back arrow and come right back here to ManPlay and start again with Step 1! Each gay chat and gay cam website is unique in its own way. If one does not fit, try on another! We will not rest until you find the perfect gay chat room site!

Check out our gay chat categories above and get started with a hot gay chat room, sexy gay video chat, or irresistible gay cam show TONIGHT!


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Using our Three Step Plan To Gay Chat Success and having access to all of the links above is a privilege that not every man finds himself with. Here, with, you have the keys to your gay chat success. You will have unlimited access to 24/7 live gay cam shows of every kind, hundreds and hundreds of gay chat room options, more breathtaking gay video chat than you can shake a stick at! What you are doing down here reading this instead of up there surfing those links is a mystery to us. If it were us, we'd sure be on a top gay chat site right now!

Hey, you. Seriously? Stop reading this right now! Turn your little mouse back up around, and head back up to explore the amazing gay chat and gay cam links we have gathered just for you! Each link we provided will take you to individual pages with lists of the top gay chat sites in every category. Each site will have a description and a list of benefits and highlights!

Do you want to have a hot gay chat with a black man? Get back up there and click that link! Are you interested in seeing foot fetish gay cam show? Don't miss out on the sites we've listed! Do you want to join a gay chat room full of hundreds of other men who are into spanking? We can help you with that! Are you interested in gay video chat with jocks fresh out of the locker room? You can find that above, too! No matter which link you click on, we guarantee that you will find amazing gay chat and gay cam shows!

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