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Have you been thinking more and more about your sexuality? Are you having thoughts about men? Do you sometimes wonder, "Am I gay?" If so, don’t worry—you are not alone. Thousands of men all over the world have found the exact same way… they are considering the possibility that they might be gay and they are wondering there is any kind of gay test that would hold the answers they are seeking. And now, for you too, the search has ended: has the internet’s best, fullest, and most comprehensive gay test guide! You will find everything from silly gay tests to serious gay tests, from discovering your sexual identity to fighting HOCD, and from random trivia to thorough resources.

The bottom line is this: will give you the answer to whether you or someone you know is gay.

Get started below with our General Gay Test section:

General Gay Test

Maybe you are starting to have thoughts or feelings about men that were not there before. Maybe you are a parent, partner, or friend of someone who you suspect might be gay or have homosexual feelings. Maybe you are just confused about homosexuality and are not sure exactly what it means to be gay. Maybe you are interested in finding a gay test that can give you definite answers to your questions. Maybe you are looking for gay test resources that can give you more information about all the things you didn’t even know you didn’t know about being gay. If any of the above sounds like you, then you are in the right place.

To get started, we want to present you with the most basic gay test articles we have. If you have never taken a gay test before, or if this is your first time looking into gay identities, you will want to start here in this section of ManPlay’s gay test guide.

Here, we will cover basic sexuality inquiries, the very first questions you should ask yourself if you suspect you or someone you know are gay, as well as the accuracy, validity, and importance of both gay tests in general and the gay tests we have here on

Check out these gay test articles and find out things like: Does A Gay Test Determine Your Sexuality?, How Gay Are You?, The Top Ten Gay Test Questions to Ask Yourself, and more! Read on...

The Top Ten Gay Test Questions to Ask Yourself

Sometimes things are hardest to see when they are inside us. It can be difficult to always know yourself best and it can take some outside guidance to be able to locate the answers from within. To act as your guide, has a gay test that you can… Read more.

Does A Gay Test Determine Your Sexuality?

Over the last decade homosexuality has become more publicized and men are coming out of the closet at earlier and earlier ages. Since then an online or medical gay test is becoming more and more prevalent to determine whether or not you are homosexual. This has been a controversial technique… Read more.

How Gay Are You? Gay Test

On a scale of 1-10, how gay would you say you are? Are you curious to see how you measure up to gay men across the country? has developed a test that will give you an idea of how gay you are, and give you some information about… Read more.

The Gay Test That Determines If He Is Gay Or Not

Shouldn’t we just be able to go up to a guy and ask him if he’s gay by now without being afraid that we’re going to offend him and in turn be upset that being gay is still somehow offensive? We should, and in a perfect world we can. While… Read more.

After going through the gay test articles above, you should have a better understanding of what kind of things are covered by gay tests and have a clearer idea of what areas of our gay test section you want to explore further. The next three gay test sections get into more specific questions and categories: Am I Gay?, Are You Gay…, and HOCD.

Keep exploring the gay test sections below to learn more and find what you are looking for:

Am I Gay?

"Am I gay?" It is a question that is asked of themselves by most men, at some point or another. Often, it seems like a scary question—Am I gay? How can I tell? What will that mean? Do I have to act differently now? What will people think? Should I keep it a secret?. These questions can bring with them overwhelming anxiety, deep-seated fear, and unparalleled confusion. Many men spend years of their lives pondering these questions and fretting the outcomes and conclusions they may come to. It can become all-consuming and, in some cases, even leave their lives in shambles.

It does not have to be that way, though. As ManPlay will show you through our "Am I Gay?" gay test articles, if you take the time to really think about the question, you will realize that the answer can bring relief, understanding, and a greater sense of self. "Am I gay?" is a question about finding out who you are and where you belong in this crazy world. The more you know about yourself, the better you will be able to come to terms with your life as it is and make the decisions that will make it even better. has several different "Am I Gay?" gay test articles you can read that will help you understand any feelings you have towards men or certain "gay" activities, as well as introduce you to the concept of fluid sexuality and teach you that there is more than just straight and gay (which is why you may never be able to answer the age-old "Am I gay?" question).

Check out these gay test articles and find out things like: Am I Gay Or Just Curious? Am I Gay If I Have Sex Dreams About Men? Am I Gay If All My Friends Are Gay?, and more!

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Am I Gay or Just Curious?

The Kinsey Scale shows us that there is such a huge spectrum when it comes to a person’s sexuality. Almost no one is 100% anything even if they don’t act on their curiosities in their lifetime. Several men experience doubt and confusion throughout their life. It’s natural that they find… Read more.

Am I Gay If I'm Attracted To My Best Friend?

Have you recently had thoughts of a sexual nature towards a male friend? Are you wondering if you’re gay? It’s perfectly normal to have these feelings. Sometimes it’s hard to accept your sexuality when you don’t really understand it yourself. You are not alone. Being gay is perfectly normal, and… Read more.

Am I Gay If All My Friends Are Gay?

It is 2016, the amount of open homosexual people out there, especially in big cities like New York or Toronto where areas of the city are dedicated to fully supporting them. We wear the rainbow triangle with pride. Dating websites and smart phone apps are geared towards the homosexual community… Read more.

Am I Gay If I Have Sex Dreams About Men?

Having gay dreams doesn't meant that you're gay, but there are many interesting reasons that you might be having these dreams. Your subconscious is responsible for the content of your nighttime visions, and it doesn't always make sense at first glance. It might not ever make sense, no matter how... Read more.

Am I Gay If I Like Transgendered Women?

You might have also been asking yourself if you’re gay because you like transgender women. That should not really be a concern when you’re on the website, but never mind. Being attracted to or liking transgendered women has more to do with how you understand the train culture but… Read more.

Am I Gay If I Don’t Want To Be A Bottom?

You are still a gay man, even if you only want to be on top. Statistics say that 92% of gay men are bottoms, but it's a preference and not everyone can be a bottom. Without tops where would the bottoms be? Which position you prefer doesn't define your sexuality… Read more.

Why You Might Never Be Able to Answer the Question "Am I Gay?"

Am I gay? This question will have your head spinning for days. You can churn it around in your brain for hours and still walk away confused. So why is it so hard to answer that question? Can't you just take a test that can just tabulate a score and… Read more.

Have any of these gay test articles opened your eyes to some new ideas or helped you understand some of the thoughts or feelings you have been having recently, then we are on the right track! Having an understanding of the question "Am I gay?" and what it means will help you to better understanding of the answers you will find here on the gay test of

Next, see our "Are You Gay…" gay test section and learn the answers to some specific questions you might have about being gay:

Are You Gay...

Have you always wondering about whether someone starts out gay or whether they become gay? Do you need to know the effects of being gay in the workplace? Do you need to know how to be a supportive friend or parent to someone who was determined to be gay by a gay test? Do you need to accept your own homosexuality? If so, then this "Are You Gay…" gay test section is definitely one you want to check out.

Each gay test articles in this section is highly unique, so be sure to read through the titles and excerpts blurbs of each gay test post and decide if it is one that applies to you or not. For example, many of the articles below deal with tips and tricks for situations that arise once you have determined that you are, in fact, gay, while others are there to help you further explore your potential homosexuality if the last section did not give you a solid, straight answer.

Check out these gay test articles and find out things like: Are You Gay From Birth, Or Do You Become Gay? What You Should Do If Your Boss Asks ‘Are You Gay?’ Are You Gay Friendly Or Just Kidding Yourself?, and more!

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Are You Gay or Just Curious?

You can be at any point in your life when you might first feel that question creep into your mind. Sometimes it's in the warmth of camaraderie, realizing the smile of a dear friend stirs more than just friendship inside you. Or maybe it's when learning from someone you admire… Read more.

Are You Gay From Birth Or Do You Become Gay?

While very controversial, this topic raises some interesting points. Evidence has been exhibited on both sides of this question. Some homosexual men identify themselves as gay from birth while some men just find love with a man later in life. They may have already experienced a loving heterosexual relationship before… Read more.

10 Ways To Tell If You Are Gay

You might be wondering where you are on that sexual spectrum. Perhaps you have had some long standing desires for the same sex or you have been experiencing thoughts that you find are very arousing that involve other guys. In any case these are typical features of being gay. But… Read more.

Are You Gay If You’re Into Group Sex?

Are you really into group sex, or been thinking about it recently, and you're wondering "are you gay"? You probably pass this gay test. Manplay has some reasons. Being into group sex or having an interest in trying it does not necessarily mean you're gay. There are many different reasons… Read more.

Are You Gay Friendly Or Just Kidding Yourself?

You might be wondering whether you’re a little homophobic or maybe you’re trying to understand what it takes to be gay-friendly. Perhaps you own a business and you’re trying to find out exactly how you could make it more gay-friendly. Maybe a family member or your best friend recently told… Read more.

Are You Gay? Accepting Your Homosexuality

Are you gay? Who cares? You were born this way, and you should be proud to be who you were born to be. There's no gay test that you can take to confirm it. Being gay isn't something that you can change, and realizing that as soon as possible will… Read more.

Are You Gay And Looking To Hook Up With A Straight Friend?

The percent of men who are 100% straight is incredibly low. Studies show that most heterosexual identifying men have had curiosities or fleeting fantasies of engaging in homosexual activities. Several just don’t know where to turn. Very often they fantasize about their friends, that one guy they know who’s ‘kind… Read more.

What You Should Do If Your Boss Asks ‘Are You Gay?’

If your boss ever asks if you're gay, there could be a few reasons why they'd want to know. Their intentions really indicate whether or not you should be truthful, and how to respond. There are a few possible ways to answer your manager if they should ever inquire about… Read more.

Are You Gay And A Parent?

Are you gay and a parent? The parenting gay test might be the hardest one you have to master. gives you some tips to help you balance both. It might be tough sometimes to accept that you're a parent, and that you're not just a parent, you are… Read more.

With these gay test articles, hopefully you have been able to find answers to some of your more specific questions about whether you are gay or what to do if you are gay. Being able to be honest with yourself about your sexuality is important, and knowing how to accept that and what to do once you have accepted it are important too.

However, if you are still having thoughts that you might be gay and they are causing you anxiety and confusion and you are not sure what to do, you should read the gay test articles in our next section, "HOCD":


You are probably asking, "HOCD? What the heck is that?" Well, HOCD stands for Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is a specific kind of OCD (which still stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) which involves the person who is diagnosed with it having frequent and uncontrollable thoughts that make them believe they may be gay. People with HOCD fear the thought of being gay and may have depression and anxiety caused by their inability to stop these thoughts. Those who suffer HOCD often have feelings of insecurity and paranoia as well.

It usually starts out as small, simple thoughts about the same-sex, such as: "Wow, that guy is really good looking" or "Oh, that guy is more attractive than I am". Those thoughts slowly lead you to wonder if you are now gay, since you have been having thoughts about men being good looking. Although this does not make you gay, it could mean that you have HOCD. If you are feeling like something is off or not quite right, if you have persistent thoughts and fears about being gay, and if you have anxiety, stress, confusion, and depression, you could be suffering from HOCD.

If you are worried that you or someone you know may have HOCD, then take a really good look at the gay test articles below. ManPlay will help you to better understand HOCD and give you the best gay test to help you determine whether you or someone you know have HOCD. We will lead you through the complete signs and symptoms of HOCD, the causes and effects of HOCD, the treatment and cure for HOCD, and how to support someone you know with HOCD.

Check out these gay test articles and find out things like: Do I Have HOCD Or Am I In Denial?, What Are The Leading Causes Of HOCD?, What Are Your Options For Treatment for HOCD?, Is There A Cure For HOCD?, and more!

Read on...

Are You Suffering From HOCD?

HOCD stands for homosexual obsessive compulsive disorder. It's a form of OCD, or an anxiety disorder, where you begin to obsess over your sexual orientation. Your once solid grip on your sexuality is somehow weakened and you begin to stress over every small thought that deviates from the norm. Though… Read more.

Do I Have HOCD Or Am I In Denial?

A man can begin questioning his sexuality at any age and any stage of his life. A tiny curiosity during high school could creep back in during mid-life and cause a whole bunch of confusion in its wake. What if, though, this ‘curiosity’ isn’t the least bit pleasant. What if… Read more.

The Gay Test For HOCD Symptoms

Find out from this if you are suffering from the top 10 HOCD symptoms. If you're curious about HOCD, will give you the info you need. Are you experience thoughts that make you anxious about your sexuality? Are you looking for answers to understand why you may be… Read more.

What Are The Leading Causes of HOCD? wants to give you the rundown on what the leading causes of HOCD are without any sort of gay test. You might have had a few sleepless nights or moments of restlessness over some uncontrolled and unwanted thoughts. You might be fearful about what these thoughts might mean… Read more.

Why You Think You May Have HOCD

HOCD occurs in gay men when they begin to fear the thought of being heterosexual. They experience thoughts of being in heterosexual relationships and obsess over relationship statuses. The fear of not feeling fulfilled causes anxiety and confusion. Can you relate to any of those feelings? Know that you're not… Read more.

How To Overcome HOCD In 30 Days

Some doctors might recommend an OCD medication to you to help relieve the stress and anxiety. This might work for some, but not for everyone. Letting your mind settle and connecting back to how you truly feel as a man may be a more effective strategy. We here at ManPlay… Read more.

What Are Your Options For Treatment for HOCD?

If you have HOCD you know it's a difficult disorder to overcome. There is a lot of questioning, checking and rechecking, and overwhelming anxiety. What's worse is that there aren't that many resources out there for where to go for treatment. But has your back. We're going to… Read more.

Is There A Cure For HOCD?

There is a range of responses to HOCD. Some people can live their day to day lives and not have their HOCD bother them. It’s an afterthought that they have either dealt with in their own way or suppressed it enough that they can function without thinking about it. Others… Read more.

How To Inform Your Friends And Family Of HOCD

When it comes to helping you help your family understand your HOCD, there might be a few things that you’re either unsure about, or you may need clarification on. We have a checklist for you that doesn’t involve any sort of gay test, instead it involves some pointers about the… Read more.

How to Date Someone That Is Suffering HOCD

Because sexuality is as complicated as it is, adding in HOCD to the mix can lead to some difficult times. When you love him, it makes it even harder. You have taken the gay test that tells you he has HOCD. How do you cope with it? has… Read more.

If you read these gay test articles and determined that you have HOCD in your life, we hope we were able to give you the helpful information you needed to get started with acceptance and treatment as well. HOCD is a serious mental disorder that needs to be dealt with properly and by a psychiatric professional. Getting some information from us here on should just be the very start of your HOCD journey.

So, here, you have reached the end. Everything you see above is everything that has to offer when it comes to gay test articles and information.

Gay Test Resources

If you want to learn more about gay tests and HOCD, here are some online resources that may help:

American Psychological Association on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns

American Academy of Pediatrics on Sexual Orientation and Adolescents

Kinsey Institute of Indiana University on The Kinsey Scale

US Institute of Health on HOCD