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The Story Of PEI Gay Marriage lets you in on the delayed process of PEI gay marriage legislation. It took Bill C-38 to bring the province up to the standard in marriage laws. It was one of only four provinces and territories, with Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut, where same-sex marriage had not already been legalized by court challenges prior to the passage of Bill C-38. In 2004, premiere Pat Binns decided to delay any progress on PEI gay marriage legislation until the federal government decided to change it. Had the federal government not passed bill C-38, who knows what the fate of PEI's gay marriage laws would be today. Chances are, they wouldn't be in favour of the same-sex couples who reside there, forcing them to move elsewhere to obtain marriage licenses. Fortunately for the citizens of the province, legislation was passed that allowed same-sex couples to wed. Former attorney-general Mildred Dover stated that the province decided to wait to issue marriage licenses until legislation was passed, only to delay the process and cause an uproar in the community. The citizens of the province complained that the delay imposed by the province was illegal and violated the legal rights of same-sex couples. They were right and eventually the government stepped up to accommodate all couples who were looking to wed.

PEI Gay Marriage Statistics

Same-sex marriages are growing at 5 times the rate of traditional straight marriages. Why? Well, that number might seem high, but it's only due to the fact that gay marriage is now legal and more same-sex couples are racing to the alter. When there have been decades where same-sex couples could not wed, and were not recognized as spouses at all, it's understandable that gay marriages would be on the rise. Years ago, the number of people living in PEI who were opposed to gay marriage was relatively high. As the government changed its stance, and the country shifted to a new way of approaching what marriage meant, citizens showed their true colours by welcoming PEI gay marriage rights with open arms. Sometimes it takes a village to support the change that's needed.

PEI Gay Marriage Information

If you want to know more about gay marriage in PEI, there are some links that provide historical information as well as information for today's couples about to wed. Find out more about the province that needed a little push to catch up with the rest of the country. Even if it took Prince Edward Island a little while to get on the same page as the rest of Canada, the gay community was pushing for equal rights and showing the government that they wouldn't back down until they were recognized and treated like every other couple.

More Information On Gay Marriages In Prince Edward Island

Get all of the information you need about Prince Edward Island gay marriage so that you can start a new life with your loved one. Everything you need to know is listed for your convenience.

PEI Gay Marriage Vendors

Find gay marriage vendors to help make your day special. Every gay-friendly vendor in PEI is listed so that you don't have to waste time searching for the right people to help. Spend more time enjoying your wedding and less time worrying about it.

Things To Do After The Wedding

There are lots of places to venture to that are fun for gay marriage enthusiasts. Check out what PEI has to offer and enjoy vacations, weddings, and tours as a new married couple or as partners on the path to marriage. You'll enjoy every bit of it.

Prince Edward Island Gay Marriage History

Are you interested in learning about the history of gay marriage in PEI? The island is full of interesting facts on the days before gay couples were treated as legal spouses. It's interesting to see how far the island has come, and to learn about the people that were supporting gay marriage before it was legalized.

The Future Status Of Gay Marriage In PEI

Now that the province has legalized gay marriage, and is issuing marriage licenses without any push back, residents can rest easy. No longer do couples have to re-locate, or find another province to marry in. When there was no other option, gay spouses were travelling out of the province to wed, and often moving out altogether. Now, the population is rising again because gay and straight couples alike know that the province will treat them equally. The island will see a continued growth in population, and will see an increase in tourism as it starts to cater to gay couples looking to wed on the picturesque landscape. There are so many more reasons to visit the island when you're a gay couple now that you don't have to worry about stepping outside to feel like an equal. When the government starts to support its people, everyone wins. This is a major step for the old ways of PEI officials, and the people are noticing.

Although there may be some old order thinkers, the majority of government officials are pushing for continued change and inclusion. This makes the community feel more at one with each other, and therefore wanting to build and grow the economy. When you push people out, especially a large part of your population, there will be repercussions. When there's less interest in a small community, that community eventually suffers. If you build your people, you build business, you build community, and you build a place where more people want to come to live, and/ or to vacation. All of these things are great for a small island like PEI. The last thing that the island should want is to push everyone out and watch the collapse of something that could be flourishing. This is where PEI is heading now that inclusion is a main practice. More people want to stay, more couples that left want to come back, and it's drawing more people that are looking for a change to come and settle in. PEI is doing right by its people now, and with the right government, will have great success in the rise of the province.

What PEI Gay Marriage Means For You

Gay marriage in PEI is on the rise, and if you live there, or are looking for a change of scenery, you'll love it. If you are one of the couples that left to start a life somewhere else, but dream of going back, you'll find that there are more reasons for you to consider living there again. If you're new to the province and maybe looking for a smaller province to call home, you'll love the small community that the island has. The island has made peace with a changing world and changing laws, and wants to move forward with its people. If you want to be a part of that, there are many reasons why you should give being a gay resident there a try. It might be a few years before the whole province adapts to the changes, but there are many residents who have put the old laws and old ways behind them in hopes of a better future. Future generations will enjoy growing up in an inclusive environment and won't have to worry about fighting for equal gay rights. Thankfully there were pioneers that fought the battle for spouses of any gender to get married and have the same family rights as the rest of the country. Anyone can now express who they are and get what they want from a progressive province that has been actively moving in the right direction. Joining a community that has the same goals and objectives as you, to better the future for you and your children, is a great feeling and PEI has finally stepped up.

No matter how long it took for certain provinces to catch up to provinces like Ontario, the first to legalize gay marriage, what's important is that the majority have created an equal environment for all. The wait was long but well worth it. Now couples can wed their spouses without jumping through hoops and over hurdles to get there. No longer do couples have to go to another province to make it official when they aren't official in their own home town. It was a frustrating time back before the federal government pushed provinces to legalize gay marriage and to issue marriage certificates freely. Now any and all couples can feel comfortable knowing they can decide to wed and can do so at their leisure. It's a freedom that many wanted and that only a few were awarded, but the time has come for everyone to marry as they please. Gay marriage will likely continue to be a conversation had by those that will take awhile to catch up to the new age of inclusion, but it won't be long before it's no longer a taboo topic. There are more citizens for gay marriage equality than against, and for that, gay couples can rest easy.


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