Am I Gay If All My Friends Are Gay?

It is 2016, the amount of open homosexual people out there, especially in big cities like New York or Toronto where areas of the city are dedicated to fully supporting them. We wear the rainbow triangle with pride. Dating websites and smart phone apps are geared towards the homosexual community. Last year it was determined that almost 10% of the worlds population was gay and that is only growing due to our society becoming more and more open with our homosexual friends. There are approximately 9 million individuals in the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community. Not to mention both men and women a like are experimenting with their sexuality and finding out new discoveries about themselves according to a recent gay test. You will end up having several friends who are gay. You will go to bars with them, both gay or straight bars. You will shop, eat dinner, confide in. But having all of these gay friends, does that mean you yourself are gay too? Am I gay?

Defining The Gay Test - Being Yourself

Gay by association has become a very popular area of topic. If all my friends are gay, am I gay? This has been the subject of many debates and discussion groups. The answer could be as a simple as you just happen to have a lot of gay friends because you enjoy their company. It could also mean that you are homosexual and have not discovered it within yourself. Elton John was married to a woman for years before he was open about his true sexual feelings. Going out with a gay crew often can sometimes lead you to think that you yourself might be experiencing some homosexual feelings. You are often drawn to people who are like you in that they have the same interests. These interests can include such things as movies, music, books, education, etc. When you surround yourself with people with similar interests, you begin to realize what you like and the type of person you want to be. Surrounding yourself with good, hardworking friends can give you the boost you need to more diligent. You are in control of your own life and just because you spend time with people who are homosexual does not mean that you yourself are homosexual as well.

Define the gay test. Do not assume that this is a reflection of everything in your life. Your sexual orientation is your own personal identity and cannot be decided by anyone else. Enjoying and relating to the lifestyle that homosexual men partake in can be fun and exciting. You may relate more to them than what you would assume is "normal” because all homosexual men are basically just men. The friends you choose are also the family you create for yourself. Whether you have the same sexual orientation or you differ in more ways than one. Your friends do not define who you are. Just because your friends are all homosexual does not mean you are as well. A good friend will accept everything about you from your family to your employment to whomever you may be attracted to. If they are willing to accept you, and you are willing to accept them, then who cares what everyone else says?

Am I Gay? What Scientists Have To Say About This

In several recent gay tests involving the topic of "Am I gay if all my friends are gay?” has proven that in fact you are not gay just because you associate yourself with gay individuals. Using the age old question "If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do that too?” Another example could be, just because all your friends might be African- American does not mean that you yourself are also African-American? So, why should this apply to your sexual orientation? Associating yourself with homosexual people can do a lot of different things for you.

You become more accepting of different people, you are more open to certain activities and do not dismiss them right away. You might even feel that you learn more by associating yourself with a culture that has overcame so much. You even become a straight defendant of the gay community, showing that you are not only comfortable with your friends, you will fight for them to have the same rights and opportunities as the ones a straight individual might have against gay bashers or prejudices people. Showing your support for the gay community, walking in their parades, defending them when they are bullied by society teaches you that you should not take your opportunities for granted, or judge people based on their sexual orientation or skin colour. You look at them as the beautiful people that they are. Not all of us are blessed with the perfect family, but we all have the option to have the friends we have. Friends are the family you choose.

How To Deal With The ‘Am I Gay’ Gay Test Question

In several cases, people who often associate themselves with homosexuals find that they are too subject to gay ridicule or prejudice statements even though they themselves are not gay. Often times, a heterosexual’s family or friends will assume they are gay due to their friends and their lifestyle. This is not the case. The most simple way to deal with this situation is to sit down your parents and explain that even though your closest friends might be gay, that does not mean you are gay. While you still have a strong attraction to the opposite sex, you find that you enjoy spending time with homosexuals because they are your friends and you love them. Not only do you love them, but you support them and their personal choices. The same way they support you. It shows character to be confident in situations like this, you have the power to ignore hatred and embrace friendship.

In the same sense, reversing this question and saying, "if all my friends are straight, does that mean I am straight?” It does not matter what everyone else’s sexual orientation is, if you are straight than be straight and embrace it. If you are gay then be gay, no gay test will prove your emotions wrong. Your friends, while they can help you through a lot of things in your life, they can not tell you whether or not you are gay or straight. This is a personal decision for yourself, but having a good group of friends or family can help you through whatever you might be feeling. Be with who you want to be with and do not worry about what anyone else thinks. You choose your own path in life, so do your friends, as long as you support each other that is all you need.

If others view you as homosexual because you are involved with them, do not let it bother you as they are not your concern. When they make comments, you defend your friends and make sure it is known that you are friends with homosexuals because they are people too and they are no different than anyone else. While defending against people you do not know can be scary, sticking to your beliefs and defending your fellow man is always the right and good choice. Bravery is sticking up for the people you care about. In the long run, we know that the good people will come out on top, while the ones who mocked and criticized you for your choices in life will come to their inevitable end. We make the future what it is; every defence and act of bravery counts, no matter what any gay test might say. Be the person others learn from. Supporting your friends and family is of the upmost importance, no matter what their sexual orientation is. If they do not judge you on your choices, why would you judge them? Being open-minded and caring is all it takes.

If you would like to learn more about answering the question, "Am I gay because all of my friends are gay?”, is the perfect place to have a discussion with people who understand your conflict. We care about our customers and want them to have a secure and reliable place to discuss whatever is on their minds while meeting local men. We are the number one spot for open discussions on topics like this one. While you might be straight, talking to other gay men about what it is like to have straight friends, or tips on talking to your parents or friends about the gay community, there is a solid support system here.

We encourage you to check out our web page for more information, Does A Gay Test Work to answer any questions that you might have from your own personal sexuality to how to tell your friends and family that while you are not gay, you still support your friends who may be homosexual.