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Are You Gay And Hooking Up With A Hetero?


Are You Gay And Looking To Hook Up With A Straight Friend?

Are you gay and want to hook up with a straight friend? MANPLAY.COM has several gay tests, tips, tricks, and advice on how you can hook up with your guy! The percent of men who are 100% straight is incredibly low. Studies show that most heterosexual identifying men have had curiosities or fleeting fantasies of engaging in homosexual activities. Several just don’t know where to turn. Very often they fantasize about their friends, that one guy they know who’s ‘kind of cute’. There’s even been evidence that men give other men better sexual satisfaction based on the fact that they already know what they like and how it works. There’s never been more opportunity to take a chance with that friend you’ve had your eyes on for years and years. Are You Gay And Looking To Hook Up With A Straight Friend?

Gay Test or Simple Observation?

Are you gay and looking to score with that straight friend? Fact is, straight men that have sex with other men is far more common than you think! You can take a gay test to try and determine if he fits the profile of someone likely to hit the sheets with you, but you might not need to after you’ve read this! There is something exciting about being gay and hooking up with another man that identifies as straight. Somehow, you’re special. You’re that one man. He shared a moment, fulfilled a curiosity, enjoyed a fantasy with you and only you. It might be only once, or it might be on and off, but that one moment full of heat, and passion, and thrill is all it takes to make you want to come back for more. Even just thinking about it might be enough to drive you mad! Heteroflexibility is when someone is, for the most part, straight and enjoys heterosexual sex but gets off on a fling or two with their gay pals. Not everyone wants to identify as gay and participate in gay culture, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have some fun every once in awhile. Most straight men simply identify more with the straight culture and stereotypically straight activities. That doesn’t mean they are only attracted to women. Sexuality is so fluid these days its hard to know what ‘kind of straight’ your man is, or if he’s even straight at all. Can you hook up with your straight friend? Absolutely! Can you hook up with straight guys that are looking for a little variety in their sex life? Totally! If you’re interested in your straight friend, maybe trying to find a man you aren’t close with first is a good step. Wait until you’ve experienced sex with a straight man before you try and approach your friend and ask him the big question. MANPLAY.COM can cater to you, whatever you need. There’s plenty of men that are looking to experiment out there waiting for you. Tones of straight men have gay fantasies. They just need the right guy! If you’re the straight man who is looking for a little something, There are plenty of places where you will find you exactly what you’re looking for to give you the best experience. Experiment and feel the thrill of being with another man before you approach your gay friend. No strings attached. No awkwardness afterwards. No need to go through any gay tests. Just pain good fun.

Gay test #1: Hey, Are You Gay?

Whoa, slow down there! Most guys talk about sex all the time, but if they aren’t explicitly comfortable about their own sexuality or sexual fantasies they might not ever stray from the heteronormative. Asking them, "Are you gay?” right off the bat might not be the best move. Your straight friend could very well have been wanting to experiment with you for years without you even knowing it! Better than asking the question so explicitly, consider a more modest approach. When you go out, make some offhanded comments and ask a couple of vague questions about sex and sexuality. See what their reaction is. See if they’re comfortable with a brush of shoulders or a nudge. Assess their comfort level around you and around sexuality. If you have a mutual gay friend, why not ask him ‘did you know he’s gay?’ and see what his reaction is. Test the waters. Find out whether homosexuality makes him uncomfortable or not.

Gay Test #2: Horseplay is Your Friend

Most guys are physical and sexual beings. They love to DO and EXPERIENCE. They enjoy getting out there, getting their hands dirty, tumbling around and goofing off. You can use this to your advantage. If your straight friend is one of these guys, suggest a cottage trip in the summer that’s jam packed with all sorts of activities. Fool around and have fun. Get a feel for his interest level or flexibility on the matter while you’re out there being messy. See how comfortable he is with you being close to him. If you play sports, you probably know this already: guys roughhouse and ‘flirt’ with one another all the time. Push each other into lockers, slap one another with towels, and generally get physical and silly around one another. Use this to your advantage! If you play your cards right, you can plant that little seed of curiosity and cultivate it in good time. Then when the time strikes, you’ve got the answer you want to the big question. Want to experiment? Absolutely!

Gay Test #3: Take it Easy on Him

Straight guys are far more open to gay experiences than you think. It’s very common that men will have passing or reoccurring fantasies about sex with another man, but because they more commonly enjoy sex with a woman the fear and doubt surrounding this desire may make them emotionally fragile and unsure of themselves. That’s not a bad thing and it’s certainly not a shot at their masculinity! Homosexual desire does not mean that someone is gay (even thought they could be closeted bisexual or gay). It might mean just a simple curiosity or flexibility toward the idea. Don’t come barrelling out ‘are you gay’ at him! Just because you desire cake, doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you eat, does it? Let’s be honest, sexuality is far more flexible than that and that’s OKAY! We’re not here to tell you what’s wrong and what’s right. If you’re a gay man looking to hook up with your straight friend, take it easy on him. Don’t rush it (unless it’s in the moment, then go for it!). When you ask him, let him know it’s just between you two. Make sure you ask somewhere private. Make sure he’s comfortable! Let him know that you’re ‘just curious’ and ask him if he’s curious too. Reassure him that everything is alright and don’t nag him about it! From the perspective of the straight guy? Even if a straight man is comfortable and confident in wanting to experiment with another man, approaching a gay friend can be nerve-racking as much as it can be thrilling for them. A thousand questions might run through their mind. What will happen after? Will our relationship be awkward? Now that I have experimented and enjoyed myself where will it go from there? Or, what if I do find myself enjoying gay sex more than I thought I would? When you’re approaching your straight friend to test the waters, think about two things: caution and care for the existing relationship and care for his uncertainties and fears even if he says yes. You have to make sure he’s comfortable and just as excited as you are.

Seducing the Hetero Pro-tip: Play it Cool

The tension can get high when you’re in the heat of the moment. Don’t look back now. You’ve had a couple of drinks, you’ve made your move, it started with kissing and now you’re moving to the bedroom. Go with the flow. Let it happen. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it? This can be both a thrilling moment and an incredibly emotional moment for both parties so don’t make it weird. Sometimes, the straight man might think nothing of it, but the gay man who has been waiting for years to hook up with him feels insulted that the sexual act was just a one time physical release of curiosity sated. The worst thing you can do is try to force your emotional feelings down the throat of your straight friend. You’ve hooked up, you’ve done your thing, don’t ruin the moment by making it a bigger deal than it needs to be! If you play it cool, it just might happen again.

Scrap the Gay Test. Here’s Tips to Go Get Him!

Now you have some ideas, some advice, and a couple of things to think about that will help you along your way into getting that straight friend to bay for your team. Before we wish you well on your adventure, there’s a few more things we’d love to tell you to help you along your way…

1. All Men Love Oral Sex

Let’s be honest here. Have you watched porn? Have you noticed that it doesn’t matter whether it’s straight or gay, oral sex is always a huge component of it? That’s because all men love oral sex. It’s just a fact.

2. Don’t be Obvious

Picture this. You’re an average guy and all of a sudden one of your best friends comes up to you and asks, "are you gay?” completely out of the blue. You want to seduce your straight friend. That’s all fine and dandy, but please don’t make that the first thing that comes out of your mouth the second you decide to go with it. You have to have a little class, a bit of patience, and when it all aligns the time WILL come.

3. Give Him Room

After you’ve done your flirting and put it out there, give him the room to think about it. Sometimes the heat of the moment isn’t the best approach. You might want to step back just enough to make him even more curious than he was before.

4. Assess His Body Language

Everyone has a different way of speaking with their body. Now, not to get stereotypical but often time gay men are a little more effeminate with their body language. That’s fine! But here’s the thing: a straight guy is probably not going to flirt with a gay guy that walks, talks, and acts a lot like their ex-girlfriend. Make sure you know how he talks with his body and return that.

We hope this has proved helpful to get you the man you want!

Don’t forget to check out some of the studs at MANPLAY.COM if you’re looking for some fun and check out our other articles while you’re at it! Did you come to this because you’ve been wondering if you’re gay yourself? Take this gay test to help you determine whether you’re actually gay or just curious.

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