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Are You Gay From Birth Or Did You Become Gay?


Are You Gay From Birth Or Do You Become Gay?

So, let’s take a moment to talk about the number one most common question that almost all gay men have been asked. Are you gay or did you become gay? Are you gay? While very controversial, this topic raises some interesting points. Evidence has been exhibited on both sides of this question. Some homosexual men identify themselves as gay from birth while some men just find love with a man later in life. They may have already experienced a loving heterosexual relationship before this time. The very concept of "sexual orientation" is only about 150 years old. For centuries men have engaged in sexual acts with other men as a form of praise worthy relationship.

The ‘gay gene‘ as scientists have labelled homosexuality genomes more recently as it has become more prominent in our media centered world because of a gay test. While the research behind the fact that there is such thing as a gay gene is not conclusive, studies have shown that some males are born with an inherent attraction to other men. Through blood, saliva or mental testings there have been some recent studies involving gay testing discussing whether or not this question can be answered. So, let’s take a look at the scientific proof we have gathered to help us better understand the question are you gay by birth or by choice? We want to make sure that you have all the details when it comes to this topic.

The Scientific Proof Behind The Theory Of The Gay Test

Throughout history there have been many homosexual acts long before the gay test was a thing. Starting in Ancient Greece, it was common for men to be with other men sexually. This was not considered to mean that the man was seen as gay or straight, there was no asking ‘Are you gay?’ It was just viewed as the norm. Meanwhile, sex with wives or women was closer to having sex with a slave. There was no evidence of power shown in sex with women since they were considered as being less powerful than a man. Having sexual relations with another man on the other hand, showed that they had power, they had control. A lot has changed since then with the gay test. Now sleeping with as many women as possible seems to be a demonstration of power, while homosexual relationships are looked upon as taboo. Why did this change? Why has something that used to be considered a powerful statement now considered illegal in most states? We agree that this doesn’t seem right.

Are You Gay Or Maybe You’re Born With It?

So, let’s talk about being born with a sexual preference. No one asks were you born heterosexual? So why does it seem to be the norm when asking gay men if that is how they were born? When you were born, you had your own feelings and your own needs. Every child is different. We here at ManPlay have created a very safe and open environment for you to thrive as a homosexual man and hopefully help you answer the question ‘Are you gay?’ This applies whether you want to share your experiences with like-minded gentlemen over coffee or find yourself someone special to share your life with. You will not feel judged or discriminated against for your choices or your birth right.

There are people on both sides of this argument stating whether or not you are born gay or can choose to be gay later in life. Lindsay Lohan happily dated men for years including That 70s Show Wilmer Valderrama before falling for Samantha Ronson while Ellen Degeneres has been openly gay for many years and married her long-time girlfriend Portia De Rossi from Arrested Development. With these very publicly open couples, the discussion seems to thrive on whether or not you are born gay or become gay. Celebrities, while yes they are regular people too, their relationships get torn apart and criticized to a tee for the entire world to see. This allows a more open discussion and for people to speak out about their choices or beliefs.

Are You Gay? Is It A Choice?

In 2012 Cynthia Nixon, who famously played Miranda on the hit HBO show Sex And The City, reported that she chose to be with a woman after many years of happily dating men. In this article from The Huff Post, she states that "For me, it was a choice and you don’t define my gayness for me". This sparked controversy amongst the gay community and triggered the debate "Am I gay from birth or did I choose to be gay?" It also asks the question: who is she hurting? Can she be just as happy with a man as a woman? In her words, "Why is that less legitimate?" She wanted to be respected for her choice to express herself as she saw fit. If she is happy then why should it matter if she chose to date a woman? Even in an episode of Sex And The City, Kim Cattrall’s character Samantha Jones starts dating a woman artist, Maria and she states that she chose to date her, even though she has had many sexual relationships with many many men. "This is not about being gay or straight. Maria is an incredible woman. She's got passion, talent, intelligence."

Even good ol‘ Sam Jones knows what is what when it comes to being gay or straight. It is about the other person and it is about being happy. Plus, who better than to get advice from than HBO’s most powerful woman?

The evidence about the gay gene that scientists have discovered through gay tests is that while in the womb, a male baby might absorb more estrogen than a regular male baby causing them to feel a bit more feminine. If there are two twins in utero, one might absorb the majority of the estrogen and less of the testosterone than his brother. The theory is that then the first twin would come out more feminine than his identical twin. This has been observed frequently in western culture.

In an article from DailyMail by Dr. Tuck Ngun from the University of California and his team conducted a 2015 twin study. They looked at 37 pairs of twins where only one of the brothers was a homosexual and 10 pairs of twins where both brothers were homosexual. Using a process called ‘Methylation,’ they compared DNA amongst the men. They found distinct patterns in the DNA that are associated with homosexuality. This may well prove the theory that there exists a "gay gene". This study was done in the hopes that we as a whole can understand ourselves as humans better. However, in the same article Gay and Human Rights activists Peter Tatchell states "Some people fear the research might be abused by homophobic parents or regimes to test and abort foetuses that have genetic markers for homosexuality....Any bid to exploit this research for homophobic ends is doomed to fail. Homosexuality has existed in all societies and all eras. It is part of the natural spectrum of human sexuality."

Helping You Understand The Gay Test

Understanding how you feel and how the body works can lead to a breakthrough in science aspect of sexual orientation and aid with answering your personal question of ‘Are you gay?’. We can give the support young homosexual boys need to feel more comfortable in their skin at an earlier age. Hopefully, this can decrease the amount of hatred towards the gay community and increase the happiness levels among those who are gay.

There are ups and downs to both sides of the argument are you gay or did you become gay? However, we do believe that it is your life, and you should feel free to love whomever you want to love without feeling judged. We vote that you choose happiness with a person who is right for you. If for thirty years you were happy in a heterosexual relationship, but one day found comfort in the same sex and fell madly in love, who are they to tell you it is right or wrong? If you found happiness, be it with your own gender or the opposite than why does it matter what some gay test says? Happiness and love are what you make of it. It does not matter what your sexual orientation might be. We are in charge of making our own happiness. If you are happy in yourself then this argument is rendered moot.

Whether it’s a choice or a birth right is the perfect spot to meet up with local like-minded men in your area. For more information about Gay Test, Manplay has been the leading website for hooking up local men together for friendships or relationships. So, whether chose you have made in your own personal life we are here to help you find what you are looking for. Love who you love and be happy doing it. We hope that this article gave you more information to help you answer the question ‘Are you gay’?

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