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Gay Test That Determines If He Is Gay Or Not


The Gay Test That Determines If He Is Gay Or Not

Hey, it’s 2016! Shouldn’t we just be able to go up to a guy and ask him if he’s gay by now without being afraid that we’re going to offend him and in turn be upset that being gay is still somehow offensive? We should, and in a perfect world we can. While the times are changing, there’s still a level of tact people might want to employ when attempting to determine whether the office stud is gay or not. So if you have a crush on that office stud but aren’t comfortable enough to flat out ask him? MANPLAY.COM has a gay test to help you determine whether he's gay!

Gay Test #1: How Does he Act Around Other People?

You can perform your own gay test without him even knowing it’s happening! How does he act around other people? This is one of the easiest ways to determine whether your crush is gay or not. Be watchful over the way he acts and reacts to women and to men. Sometimes when a person is still in the closet the way they act around people is a huge indicator to suggest their sexuality. It only makes sense that they would want to be around and be more attracted to the same sex, so keep your eye out for that! Reversely, it might also be a signal that he’s gay if he goes out of his way to avoid men.

Here’s some great questions to ask yourself while you’re keeping an eye out on his behaviour:

Does he talk to men more than women? Does he chum it up more with with men? Have you caught him eyeing other men? Does he avoid making passes at women? Does he avoid most women? Does he seem more engaged when talking to men? Does he go for drinks with the boys but not the women? Does his eyes always seem to be more focused on men? Does he avoid men completely (and it seems to be driven by anxiety or shyness)? Does he make obvious efforts to shy away from men? Does he make himself seem unauthentically masculine?

Tally them up and keep track of that number while we move on to the next segment.

Gay Test #2: How Does he Talk About People?

Another great way to test whether he is gay or not is to observe how he talks about men and women. It’s just natural that a gay man will talk more about men than women, and be more interested in men than in women. In studies, it’s been discovered that when a man is out scouting they don’t even notice women around them. It’s not a slight against either gender at all, it’s just the way it works!

Here’s a quick gay test you can perform! Ask these questions to yourself while you’re observing that crush of yours:

Does he talk about men more than women? When he talks about men, does he sound really engaged and happy? Does he often gush about his favourite male character on a show but not about a female character? Does he often gush on about how great his favourite actor is but not how hot an actress is? Does he avoid talking about dating women or experiences with women? Does he avoid making comments on the appearance of women? Does he often comment on the fashion and appearances of men?

Tally up your answers and keep track of that number while we move on to the next segment.

Gay Test #3: How Does he Talk About Sex?

This question might be a little more difficult to analyze. Often closeted men might stray away from the topic of sex and their sex life all together. Just that alone doesn’t mean that he is gay, though. There could be a number of reasons why someone doesn’t want to talk about sex at all. However, if your crush does talk about sex (or explicitly doesn’t) then there’s a few things you can check in on.

When performing this gay test, keep an eye out for: If he talks about men being sexy or made lusting comments over a male body If he’s ever made an offhand ‘joking’ comment about gay sexuality like, ‘he’s cute, I’d bang him’ If he avoids talking about his sex life all together even when asked and comfortable If he avoids talking about sex with women If he admits to having curiosities about gay sex If his current (opposite-sex) partner says their sex life is dull If he makes comments about men’s bodies (i.e. look at those guns!)

Keep track of these answers while we move on to the next segment.

Gay Test #4: What Are His Thoughts On LGBT People And Issues?

This doesn’t mean to say that someone who is pro-LGBT must be gay themselves or that someone who is anti-gay isn’t extremely closeted. In fact, it’s often downright untrue! Several studies have implicated most extremely homophobic people are in fact gay, and let’s be honest… if you’re Pro-LGBT and care deeply about LGBT issues, it doesn’t have to mean you’re gay. It could just mean that you’re a decent human being. However, the way someone answers questions when in a conversation about LGBT rights or their overall thoughts on gay people can sometimes indicate whether they are gay too.

Here’s some things to look out for while conducting this gay test:

He takes anti-LGBT comments very personally He has very heated opinions about gay politics He keeps up with gay news He is invested in politicians that have LGBT rights agendas He often talks about gay rights He doesn’t seem confused or off-put by gay politics He often sticks up for others who are LGBT He actively supports LGBT lobbying groups or support centers

Tally these up and keep track of that number while we move on to the next segment.

Gay Test #5: Is he Leading the Double Life?

When someone is closeted, there are plenty of ways to tell whether he is living a double life or not. While there might be several other reasons why someone is secretive about themselves, with the combined observations from the above segments it might be one more reason to suspect your crush is gay.

Gay test to track his secret life? Here’s a couple signs on how to determine that he might not be showing you his true rainbow colours:

He never wants to go out to the pub for a brew after work

He very rarely talks about himself or his personal life
He never mentions his relationships or sexual interests
He conveniently seems to be busy when Pride type celebrations are happening
He is difficult to reach outside of the usual time you see each other
He doesn’t post many photos of himself or update much on social networks
He never introduces his other friends to you
He never or rarely talks about interests
He doesn’t seem to make many friends at work

Tally up these answers and keep track of that number while we move on to the next segment.

Gay Test #6: What Does Science Say About Looks?

Again, we’re not about to say that all gay men are fashionable and you can tell a gay man by his eye color. Every man comes in different shapes and sizes, and they dress differently, and they have a different way of taking care of themselves. Putting this list with the aforementioned lists together though, the chances he’s gay definitely increase!

Several studies have said there are a few ways to tell that someone might be gay based on their appearance. Here’s a quick gay test:

His pupils widen when he speaks to men but not to women His index and middle finger are almost the same length His facial structure is more round and short than oval and long His hands are smaller than what seems ‘normal’ He walks more with his hips than with his shoulders His fingerprint is more dense than usual

I’ve Done the Gay Test. What’s Next?

Now you’ve tallied up the results. What do they say? Does it seem from the answers that there is a good chance he’s gay?

There’s only one more step for you to truly know whether he is gay or straight and it’s this: Ask him!

You can look for all the signs. You can find out all there is to know about the signals and tells that someone has which might identify him as gay. You can take every gay test and listen to every bit of scientific evidence on ‘gay traits’. There is really only one way to know for sure: ask him.

Remember: sexuality is not something that people choose, but it IS something they express in many different ways at many different points of their life. There isn’t a black or white answer. Several men might not identify as gay but enjoy sexual encounters with other men. Some men might be romantically attracted to men but not sexually attracted to them. There’s such a huge spectrum on the sexual identity scale that regardless of how many gay tests you take, you’re not going to know 100% whether he is gay from any of them (although they might for sure help!). You just have to take that chance. Ask him.

When you decide to take the chance and approach him, here’s some ways you might want to consider doing so:

1. Approach Him In Private.

But DON’T corner him. When you approach him, you want to make sure that he is in a comfortable state. Don’t grab him when he seems to be having a bad day. Don’t get creepy! Keep your usual casual distance.

2. Mind Your Wording.

Most men like to be complimented on their bodies. Even straight guys say things like ‘You look good’, ‘have you been lifting?’, and other physical compliments. Chances are, even if they turn out to not be gay they will appreciate any compliment you give them. If you want to ask him out, try saying something like "I don’t know if you’re into guys, but if you are I’d like to ask you out.”

3. Be a Good Sport.

Nothing is more of a turn off than someone who gets weird, angry, or whiny when they’ve been rejected. It happens, and just because it has happened doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Keep your chin up! If he turns out to not be interested (either because he is not gay or because you’re not his type) DO NOT make a big deal out of it. Be friendly and gracious. You never know what could happen in the future!

We hope that you enjoyed this article and found the gay test useful for you in your quest to figure out whether your crush is gay or straight. If you find yourself wondering whether YOU are gay, check out this article!

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