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Are you gay-friendly or just kidding yourself? Take a pseudo gay test to find out how you can better understand and relate to gay men here at is here to help you answer these questions and help you understand your own feelings. You could even take a loot at some our other articles: Gay Tests to learn more about gay dating and homosexuality in general. You might be wondering whether you’re a little homophobic or maybe you’re trying to understand what it takes to be gay-friendly. Perhaps you own a business and you’re trying to find out exactly how you could make it more gay-friendly. Maybe a family member or your best friend recently told you they were gay - and you just don’t know how to deal with it. There is no such thing as a gay test and just because you are gay-friendly doesn’t mean that you are gayer or anything. You won’t be kidding yourself anymore and you won’t be wondering if you’re homophobic once you read this article.

Embrace Who You Are

Embracing your gay-friendliness means embracing a version of you from another life where you can imagine and understand the concept of love and sex with a man who you would love. You might not ever fantasize about guys, but a good way to get gay-friendly is by imagining yourself with another man. Who would he be? What would he do? This wouldn’t make you gay, nor would it be strange - all it has to do with is understanding exactly who you are and what would define you. Some men have claimed that after attending lectures on sexuality and going through some hypothetical tests regarding their own sexuality - they found that their own priorities in their straight relationships had been focused. So, in conclusion understanding how you could love someone like a man - means that you understand what you seek in a relationship. You may soon see that you won’t have to ask yourself whether you should even be put into a category when it comes to defining your own sexuality. Instead it has to do with understanding that sexual preferences can sometimes change.

What It Means To Be Gay-Friendly

For thousands of years, men and women have dabbled with each other in many ways, but they have also dabbled amongst themselves over countless centuries. Ancient Greece was known to encourage gay relationships. Rome had many gay emperors. Some of the most brilliant minds in the world have been gay. Yet, many great minds over time have also been bisexual. In fact many animals in the wild are naturally bisexual and it’s apart of their social hierarchy. This is much the same for humans. Bisexuality is something you have to understand when it comes to being gay friendly because it sets the wheels in motion being able to identify as someone who is truly gay friendly. You will dabble in the essence of bisexuality by asking yourself some questions about man on man intimacy. You won’t become bisexual or ask yourself if you are gay upon understanding how to love a man.

Bisexuality and Being Gay Friendly

Men’s sexuality is on an ever shifting spectrum. Some days guys are more attractive, some days women are more attractive. This is how sexuality works for both men and women. This is one of the things you have to understand about being gay-friendly - you have to have an open mind and firm grip on the reality of homosexuality. You must be aware of its history and its prevalence in society and culture. Being gay friendly isn’t simply about saying yeah I got gay friends - it has to do with support and not even thinking twice about their sexuality. You might have noticed rainbow stickers around town in shop windows and storefronts. These sticker promote a gay-friendly attitude from establishment staff. This doesn’t mean they cater to gay men but it means they don’t even think twice. Being gay-friendly has a lot to do with acceptance and if you categorize yourself as gay friendly, you have to be totally accepting of gay men and their lifestyles. In fact, it might be easy to accept gay people but you mustn’t think twice about it. Thinking twice and being aware of their homosexuality and their lifestyle is kind of suggestive of being a little uncomfortable with it. You have to look at it as though it is totally normal. Are you gay-friendly or just kidding yourself? Let’s open your mind by helping you get an understanding of what it would be like to be gay.

Some Scenarios To Understand What It Means To Be Gay-Friendly

Think about a few of these scenarios and try and imagine yourself as a gay man. This will help you open your mind to what it could be like to be gay.

1. At the bar, a scantily woman across the room gives you the bedroom eyes and moments later a very good looking rich guy gives you his number with a proposition to go to his place. What do you do?

If you prefer women, you will go after the woman. If you prefer men, you’ll go with the guy. If you’re a discreet gay guy, you’ll find a way to go home with him no matter what.

2. Would you prefer a hot repairman to fix your pipes or would you prefer an hour in class with a hot female teacher?

The answer to this question is obvious.

3. Breasts or pecks?

How do you like them?

4. Would you rather listen to a woman talk about her problems or deal with a guy complaining about his problems?

This one says a lot about your preferences because emotional connections are a defining feature of many sexual relationships, especially online. Many guys suppress their emotions and try not to talk about their problems, while women are known to talk a great deal.

5. Do you get butterflies when you see a naked man? Do you get butterflies when you see a woman in a bikini?

The answer to both these questions might seem pretty different, but they both answer a lot of questions. If you like guys you will go after the guy. If you’re a quiet/closeted bi-curious guy, you like the idea of the naked man. If you like the look of the woman in her bikini and you can’t help but imagine certain things about her - well - it’s pretty obvious you’re straight.

6. Do you fantasize more about men than women?

This answer is yours.

How Does These Questions Make You Gay-Friendly?

These might seem like some pretty stupid simple questions, but each question offers a scenario that would answer that question of are you gay?, because each question proposes a whole scenario in which you could go either way and these are important for understanding what it means to be gay-friendly. You have to realize that the issue of being able to understand attraction is important for a gay-friendly man. This issue might arise when talking to your gay friend/brother and so on. Imagine being out with your friend at the bar. You might check out the women around you, but you might also have to check out the guys. You have to find prospective dates for your buddy or even talk about you think is good looking. You might find yourself being bisexual for a night when you’re talking about gay sex with your friend and not because it would lead to sex, but because you would be showing a side of yourself that personifies an open mind. You have to be in your best friends shoes and you have to love your friend or brother or whoever the gay guy is. All you have to do is be supportive and have a fun imagination. These are the keys to being gay-friendly!

Gay And Straight At The Same Time?

You might be wondering what does it mean to be gay? Is it as simple as having sex with another guy? Is it more complex because it involves loving another man and spending a life with them? When thinking about this you might have asked yourself if you there was such a thing as a gay test to help you answer some of these questions, but there isn’t one. That is why when it comes defining your sexuality, you are just kidding yourself. You don’t have answer any questions, because it is totally fine to be heading out there and finding both men and women attractive.

Are You Gay-Friendly? There Isn’t Just One Answer

These are questions that essentially test whether you have an open mind and whether you can in fact be in someone else’s shoes. These are questions that aim to enhance your perspective and show you an alternate angle of reality. Often these are questions that gay men ask themselves. Sociologists and therapists have used these questions to try and get fathers, brothers and friends to work through any relationship pitfalls they may have with their gay son/brother/friend. More often than not therapists have reported that many men do have more of an open mind when they ask themselves questions that contradict their sexual identity such as these questions below:

Do you find yourself being more romantically involved with either sex?

This asks whether you find yourself more emotionally attached to one sex or the other. For example you might be more emotionally attached to men more than women, yet you have sex with women regularly.

Do you find a certain sex more sexually appealing?

You might find women more sexually appealing, yet you still sleep with and date men.

Do you pursue a dating life with one sex and a sex life with the other?

Do you separate your sex life and your dating life. For example, do you sleep with guys, yet date girls and drop the guys once you sleep with the girl?

Compassion Is Key When It Comes To Being Gay-Friendly

You might have noticed that each of these questions are totally interchangeable and really don’t answer anything, but they really get you thinking. According to the American Psychological Association, people’s sexuality is constantly shifting throughout their lifetimes. Sexuality is realistically a very grey area. In fact, most men have had sex or had some sort of sexual experience with another man. In fact, almost half of the male population has engaged in some sort same sex sexual experience. The point is that you don’t have to constantly ask the question ‘Are you gay or straight’. Being gay-friendly requires you think, understand and have compassion. Like we said, these are questions aimed at determining your sexual identity, but they are also questions that delve into ensuring you have compassion and an open mind. Also, it should be noted that these days more and more men are admitting to being bisexual or have claimed to have dabbled in their sexuality, which means that more of the world is accepting of such features in their life. For example, bisexuality has been more prevalent in recent years. Bisexuality is a feature of the ever changing face of society, but it is also a new feature of the dating world. Many members on, for example are men with women who are looking for a man on the side. Some of the men on are just looking for a good time with whoever they find appealing either sexually or emotionally. Dating online let’s gay men and bisexual men throw these gay tests out the window and forget about ever defining themselves and just do what they want to do. A lot of men online at are all about a bit secret gay sex and it’s no big surprise to know that a lot of these guys have wives and girlfriends.

Desires And Being Gay-Friendly

Desires for both men and women are totally natural, the main question is whether you want to embrace it. This is what separates you from being gay - whether or not you want to embrace it. Being gay-friendly isn’t about being gay or wanting to sleep with men, it’s about being open minded and seeing everything with different coloured lenses. Being intimate with a man doesn’t make you gay and intimacy isn’t about sex - it’s about an emotional connection. It’s about feelings and sharing these feelings. Your gay friend or gay brother or gay family member will still hope to maintain that intimacy you had before or maybe you could extend your hand and help them through anything you would have helped them with before you knew they were gay. Or maybe none of this has to do with having a gay friend, instead asking yourself whether you are gay-friendly is just about being able to have an open mind. Being gay friendly is about seeing the world where sexuality is totally fluid.

In Conclusion - It’s All Relative

Are you gay? is a bizarre question. Are you straight is also a weird question. Are you gay-friendly? Well, that is a good question because being gay-friendly is all about having a very open mind. There’s no way to put anyone to a gay test. The only thing we know is that sexuality has a broad spectrum and it has much more to do with what you prefer or what you love at one time or another. Sometimes we maintain an exclusive preference for one sex over the other. can offer you that chance to understand preferences and explore it to your hearts content. Why not take a look at our other articles relative to gay tests Gay Tests.

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