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Understanding The Causes Of HOCD At wants to give you the rundown on what the leading causes of HOCD are without any sort of gay test. You might have had a few sleepless nights or moments of restlessness over some uncontrolled and unwanted thoughts. You might be fearful about what these thoughts might mean. Below we have provided you with a list outlining some of the leading causes of HOCD. is not just a place for people to date, but is also a place where you can learn and know what types of thoughts you are dealing with. Also, if you want to read up on some more stuff that has to offer just take a look at our articles about Gay Tests.

What is HOCD?

HOCD is an acronym for Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and affects many males of all ages. It is commonly classed as another form of obsessive compulsive disorder and it is often called primarily obsessive compulsive disorder. Maybe you have just found out about it and trying to figure out what causes it. We’re here to tell you just that. People have been worried sick about HOCD for some time. Many people experience feelings towards the same sex, which of course is not abnormal, but it is a cause of concern whether or not they actually have feelings for the same sex because of how they feel about the opposite sex. There are plenty of health centres and therapists dedicated to helping people understand their HOCD. won’t make you take a gay test or anything, we're here to talk about what the leading causes of HOCD are to help you get rid of that stress.

HOCD And OCD Are They Related?

Typically people who have OCD feel the need to check things again and again, wash their hands, perform certain routines and have the same thoughts in the same fashion in a repeatedly. These are similar features that coincide with HOCD, but HOCD is a lot more thought related and doesn’t carry some of the burdens that we might associate with OCD. A sufferer of HOCD will be preoccupied with their sexual orientation and doubt their choice in partners and so on. For example, they will go online and take a gay test to see if they are gay. Many men with HOCD are attracted to women sexually, but still have repeated and intrusive thoughts relative to gay sex and men in general. If you have repeated thoughts about gay sex even and you’re already in a relationship or you’re attracted to women, you probably have HOCD. If you have been staying up late trying to decipher your own sexuality based on these recurring thoughts and fears, you are not alone.

What Makes You Gay And What Makes You Straight?

One of the best ways to really understand the causes of HOCD is to understand some of the aspects that might define someone as a homosexual and what defines someone as straight. More often than not someone who is gay will be sexually aroused by people of the same sex, have had feelings for liking the idea of a romantic relationship with someone of the same sex, you feel emotionally attached to someone of the same sex; and the list goes on and on. One recurring theme of all these aspects of being gay involve control of one’s thoughts. Feeling emotions and arousal over someone of the same sex is often a feature of channeling and understanding your thoughts. When you suffer from HOCD you have uncontrollable thoughts that are a cause of dread. HOCD sufferers have controlled and arousing thoughts about the opposite sex which is what separates them from being defined as homosexual. Whereas an HOCD sufferer will often have feelings of dread from homosexual thoughts as oppose to thoughts of pleasure.

The Causes Of HOCD

Let’s talk about some of the causes of HOCD because there are so many. It is often difficult to asses what causes HOCD but there has been some information that outlines exactly what are the causes of HOCD:

1. HOCD can be caused by unusual brain waves.

Brain waves are defined by two different forms of waves that are called beta waves and alpha waves. Alpha waves are present during relaxation, happiness and essentially anything positive. Beta waves are associated with terror, adrenaline and recurring/uncontrollable thoughts. A beta wave can be found with someone who has HOCD, because more often than not their thought patterns are uncontrolled and impulsive. Consider this as a possible cause for HOCD.

2. When you are having a fit of HOCD you might feel a recurrent set of feelings and ways of thinking.

The feelings you experience might be an increased heart rate, butterflies, nausea, uncontrollable bowels, sweating and trembling. Naturally not all of those feelings happen at once, but these are examples of how your brain is sending messages to your body to react in this way. The messages are moved through your neural pathways which then translate orders to the rest of your body, but also your brain.

The constant fear of gay sex or naked men, might bring about feelings of fear, but also more thoughts of gay sex. This is because your thought processes are being affected by neural triggers often associated with a flight or flight routine. Our ancestors used this fight or flight pattern of thinking to stay safe and stay alive. Your mind is functioning much the same way when you have HOCD out of fear, therefore leading to more thoughts about being gay and so on.

This is a simple evolutionary cause of HOCD. This is also called sympathetic over activation, where hormones like epinephrine and cortisol (brain chemicals) will often stimulate your brain and bring about obsessive thoughts of being gay.

3. Low levels of the brain chemical serotonin have been linked to people with HOCD.

Many people with depression and anxiety have this problem. Low serotonin levels often lead to thoughts of sadness, helplessness and fear. Serotonin is the chemical that is released when we are happy and relaxed. Due to a constant influx of unwanted thoughts about being gay or gay sex, your serotonin levels will be unbalanced or low because you will constantly be battling the fear of being gay. Doctors have battled low serotonin levels with anti-depressants and more often than not HOCD sufferers are anxious or depressed. Once they take drugs like antidepressants their HOCD symptoms subside.

4. On a more simplistic level, another cause of HOCD is a general fear of becoming gay.

Many sufferers of HOCD are eternally preoccupied with being gay. This leads them to being depressed and in a constant state of panic over suddenly one day being gay. This fear of becoming gay might arise out of obsessive thoughts about gay sex and the same sex, yet you still are very attracted to the opposite sex.

5. Anxiety is also a cause of HOCD.

Homosexual obsessive compulsive thoughts might also lead to anxiety. Anxiety has many forms but one of its main problems is how people react when they are experiencing anxiety which often leads to certain thought patterns, which are often negative and might lead to panic. Bouts of panic and anxiety might lead to unwanted thoughts or might lead to attempts to suppress negative thoughts. These might include thoughts about homosexuality which of course cause of HOCD.

6. Traumatic experiences often lead to obsessive compulsive disorder.

This is the same case for HOCD in which a traumatic or terrifying experience might lead to unwanted thoughts that don’t only centre around gay sex, but the appearance of such thoughts might make people wonder whether they are gay. This is similar to the effect that the fight or flight routine can have on your body. Perhaps a thought about gay sex was particularly traumatic for you and this eventually lead to you trying to turn of this thought pattern only to make you think about it more.

7. Obsessive thoughts about gay sex by someone who is not gay will often lead them to into performing research in order to find out if they are in fact gay.

This is a cause of HOCD because any little unwanted thought about gay sex will lead to an all night or all day research session of someone trying to combat these thoughts by assuring themselves through research.

8. Sometimes we might find ourselves disappointed by some of our sexual endeavours and we are seeking something more.

This will lead us on a journey to satisfy our desires. However, sometimes these feelings and thoughts emerge that may be unwanted. For example a simple thought about gay sex might ignite a response of fear or disgust.

Then suppressing these thoughts leads to more HOCD. Even with all of this information of HOCD, if you enjoy these thoughts - meaning if you take pleasure in them - and yet you fear them, you’re probably gay. Case settled.

Some External Links About HOCD

If you’re looking for more information on HOCD, all you need to is check out some of these other links that explain HOCD and all of the issues that come with it. We have also included a link or two to clinics that deal with HOCD symptoms.

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