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How To Overcome HOCD In 30 Days


How To Overcome HOCD In 30 days?

So to recap from a previous article we posted,HOCD is homosexual obsessive compulsive disorder. It means you have thoughts that you might be attracted to the same sex and obsess over it to the point where it takes over your life as proven by a gay test. Many men have feelings of this nature and find themselves questioning their own sexuality. This does not necessarily mean you are homosexual. It may not even mean you are bi-curious. However, we understand feeling this way can be quite debilitating or stressful. As with common OCD traits, you will feel obsessive and stressed out; some might get depressed. Some doctors might recommend an OCD medication to you to help relieve the stress and anxiety. This might work for some, but not for everyone. Letting your mind settle and connecting back to how you truly feel as a man may be a more effective strategy. We here at ManPlay want to give you some tips and tricks that have been proven to work in helping you get overcome your Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in 30 days. Let’s defy the gay test.

Tips To Help You Overcome Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

The best way to overcome HOCD is to alleviate your stress level and focus on yourself. Take some time to yourself: Go for a walk, do yoga, hang out with pets, go for a swim. Activities like these are known to help calm yourself down and really take the time to think, ‘Am I gay?’ In a recent gay test study, it has been proven that physical activity can increase happiness and well being. It can also decrease stress levels and allow your body and mind an outlet for releasing whatever your feelings you might be bottling up. Yoga has been proven to help center one’s self and bring clarity to the mind and body. However, if yoga is not something you yourself are not interested in then running or weight lifting might be the right call for you. Running is one of the most popular ways of letting go of stress. The physical motion of running and burning calories and using your energy towards going that extra mile can greatly improve your attitude and clear your mind. Not to mention the endorphin kick that comes with running long distance. In the wise words of the character, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde"Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy”.

Constantly being flooded with opinions, photos, websites, etc of other people can be hard to deal with if you are having confusing and frustrating feelings yourself. Giving yourself some time out from these platforms can let your mind make decisions for itself on whether or not, deep down, you are homosexual. Support groups or finding a close friend or family member to confide in can be a great help as well.

Talking your feelings and thoughts out with someone you trust can allow you to answer your own questions about your HOCD. Support is the number one way to overcome anything. Having someone to talk to is an important part in overcoming any mental disorder. Knowing that you have that support in someone else will allow you to feel more comfortable when confronting your emotions. Sometimes you must face the issue head on. Ask yourself why am I having these thoughts? Why am I thinking about men? What does this truly mean? Facing your situation head on, putting aside any negative judgement about yourself allows you to really just reconnect with your true emotions. Don’t think about what others might think. What do you think? HOCD is something that you can cope with and overcome. You only get one life and you should be spending your time doing what you love and what makes you happy. You need to concentrate on putting your energy towards the things that matter to you. ManPlay is designed to connect instantly with local men in your area. Being with men who have gone through the same experiences as you have can drastically improve your overall wellbeing. Managing your time and doing what you love can be a big help when trying to overcome HOCD.

Make yourself focus on having a routine. Create set meal times for yourself. Plan your wardrobe in advance and enjoy yourself while doing it. Training for a marathon has found to be a proven method of dealing with stress and getting in shape. Feeling good about your body can help you feel good about yourself. Not to mention, feeling good about yourself in itself is a proven stress reliever. Don’t shy away from the things that make you excited about life. Surround yourself with what brings you joy. Your mind will clear itself.

HOCD Recovery - Doing What You Love

Most importantly, make time for doing the things that you love. Setting aside even an hour every day to work on a pet project or focus on a hobby can help you feel more in control of your life and take your mind off what is bothering you. If there has been a project you have been neglecting because you just do not have the time for it, now would be the perfect opportunity to accomplish this. Try taking up a new hobby, learn how to play the guitar, try your hand at learning a second or third language. Learning any sort of new skill, or taking up a new hobby can really handy in helping you calm down your HOCD. Doing group hobbies or activities can also aid your dilemma. Getting a group together and doing activities like archery dodgeball, going to a theme park, grabbing a few beers, or even just watching the game together can help you focus your thoughts. Surrounding yourself with positive energy can clear the mind and allow for some clarity.

A recent study with a gay test has shown that that people who get connected to spirituality find themselves having clarity in their lives. Whichever religion you choose to reconnect with or focus on is your choice. Find or come up with a mantra for yourself and in times where you feel the stress beginning to boil up, repeat it to yourself to help calm down. A mantra is your own personal prayer. It can be a few words or a few sentences. It has been proven to reduce stress, focus the mind, and increase levels of happiness. Whether you go to church, or find spirituality in nature, go to that place that makes you feel welcome and find clarity for yourself. A few minutes of meditation using your own personal mantra is a good way to find calm in the storm of your life. This is especially true for dealing with those obsessive thoughts. Here at ManPlay we strive to offer you a safe haven for you to explore whatever desires that you may have. We offer a safe and open network of men to communicate with. It is secure and private and can allow you to find whatever it is you are looking for.

The HOCD Answer - Yes Or No, You Choose

There is nothing wrong with answering ‘yes or no’ to this question. What you feel on the inside, making your own decisions about your sexuality is entirely your choice, no matter what any gay test says. Letting the stress of the world get to you can pile on the anxious feelings. We know that not letting other people’s opinions affect you is very hard. We here at ManPlay truly understand what that is like. Disconnecting from social media has been proven to lower your stress and/or anxiety levels. Getting away from these contacts even for a short period of time can be a great help in figuring out why you may be having these feelings of HOCD. ManPlay has been the number 1 place to meet local homosexual single men, even if you just want to touch base with someone who has been through what you are going through, you will not meet more supportive and knowledgable people anywhere else.

If any of these worked for you, we would love to know your experience. We would also love to hear your feedback about your tips and tricks that have worked for you. Overcoming HOCD is important and our readers would love to hear your feedback and experiences.

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