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Mississippi Gay Marriage History At will not only ensure that you can stay connected to hotties like yourself in the state, but you can also check out or confirm anything that you would like to know about Mississippi gay marriage. It has been a contested subject for some time, but gay marriage is here to stay, but we all know that many people have chosen to stand in its way or simply not acknowledge it. is here to tell you that you don’t have to worry about a thing, because we are here to give you a taste of some great gay marriage history. While you are at it, take a look at gay marriage history in Kansas. Come upon all the information you need to know about gay marriage with us.

Mississippi Gay Marriage: A History

Mississippi is internationally and nationally known as an extremely conservative state that the idea of Mississippi gay marriage might throw some folks in the state into a frenzy! It is in fact so conservative that there is not a Wikipedia page dedicated to gay marriage in the state. Many other states have such pages dedicated to such things, but Mississippi has no such page. We have to remember that gay marriage does not only involve the union of a man and a woman, but it also involves the various rights afforded to straight married couples. We have to remember that when we talk about gay marriage, it is not simply about two gay people kissing and everyone throwing rice and having a party. The point is life, insurance, finances, health and cultural well being. Straight couples face no scrutiny regarding benefits, insurance, healthcare and much more. Gay couples in domestic relationships, those in civil unions and much more are constantly facing questions, bureaucratic nightmares and much more. You must remember that the United States Supreme Court’s decision was a decision that was not a simple, "yeah, gay marriage is fine". It was a decision based on ethics, on the rights guaranteed in the constitution and a ruling made out of reason. Why should life be different for those who are gay? Why should they not be able to receive the same benefits as a straight couple when all they do is love someone of the same sex. It doesn’t make sense does it? Since June 2015, gay marriage has been legal in Mississippi, but it wasn’t without any sense of futility before the federal ruling. Mississippi gay marriage is here to stay thanks to the supreme court, and is here to tell you about what it took to make gay marriage legal.

Mississippi Gay Marriage - Let’s Not Discuss It

Mississippi gay marriage was not a welcome topic in the Mississippi legislature, nor was it a welcome addition to any sort debate on the senate floor. We should consider that gay sex was considered sodomy until 2003, when the Supreme Court ruled that these sodomy laws, specifically aimed at homosexuals were totally unconstitutional and inherently unreasonable. We should also note that as early as 1996, the Governor enacted a law banning same sex marriage in the state. We should remember that this was a continual stance when it came to opposers of gay marriage. They figured amendments to the state constitution would be able to deter any opposition regarding gay marriage. We should also note that in 2004, this law was amended again to ensure the wording for a union between a man and a woman was absolutely clear. This was voted into the Senate and signed as an executive order of sorts. This essentially banned any same sex marriage and even any hope of same civil unions. Gay couples from out of state would also face challenges when it came to collecting benefits, receiving healthcare and simply being recognized legally by the state. One feature of banning gay marriage meant that gay couples in domestic relationships were unable to file their income tax legally because they could not define themselves as single. Mississippi lawmakers, so driven by supposed tradition and morality couldn’t consider some of the practical applications that would come with gay marriage being legal. We should consider the various economic benefits of gay marriage, so that we may be able to counter arguments such as these.

One Step In The Right Direction

These oppositional stances were met with staunch resistance by gay rights advocates who had been proposing gay marriage. We can imagine the absolute horror of some gay rights activist who were campaigning gay marriage. We can also imagine the despair involved in such an aspect of being unable to live without the same privileges as others. This was a feature of many gay people’s lives in Mississippi. Despite these setbacks that were simple bureaucratic blocks against same sex marriage that boiled down to simple wording; Carlton Reeves of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, ruled that a ban on same sex marriage in the state was unconstitutional. With imaginable pressure from lawmakers in the state, Judge Reeves held back from enforcing any actual decisions. The state court continued to hold back Reeves’ ruling and face pressure from various conservative groups and traditional family groups.

The Supreme Court Steps In

Finally, on June 29th 2015, the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage by ruling that banning same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. Like we have already mentioned, this meant that gay couples could enjoy full rights much like many straight couples throughout the state. This meant that Mississippi could no longer defy any form of reason when it came to the debate about gay marriage. Gay marriage was here to stay. However, this decision was met with much opposition from groups advocating for traditional family and so on.

Gay Marriage And Adoption In Mississippi

Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, Mississippi still acted in a discriminatory manner when it came to such aspects of family life as adoption. One of the most common features of banning gay marriage, came with the concept of family. Many conservatives do not necessarily understand the concept of adoption and what makes a good family. Much like Mississippi’s discriminatory law, many lawmakers defined family as being headed by one man and one woman This caused an absolute bureaucratic nightmare for many gay couples who were looking to adopt a child. It should be noted that Mississippi had the highest rate of gay parents with children in the United States. Finally in March 2016, Mississippi finally declared that banning gay couples from adopting children was unconstitutional. Any appeals against this court order and ruling will not succeed. Mississippi was the only state that still enforced a law that banned any same-sex couple from the rights that many straight couples enjoyed.

Mississippi Gay Marriage Statistics

Mississippi statistics regarding gay marriage do explain a great deal about why Mississippi is one of the most difficult state in the U.S. to be a homosexual. According to the New York Times poll based on almost 1500 voters, determined that only 36% of people in Mississippi support gay marriage. A recent survey by GLAAD, determined that, despite the holdout on gay marriage from various lawmakers, Mississippi had the highest average of gay parents with a child under 18. The nationwide average is approximately 20%, while in Mississippi the number is a whopping 29%. This is a surprising figure for such a conservative state and for a state that makes it so difficult for gay couples to adopt.

The Current And Future Status Of Mississippi Gay Marriage

We might imagine that the Supreme Court’s ruling would change the face of the state, but this is simply not the case. We all know that when there is action, there is a reaction. In this case, the reaction is a law that has been signed into the state legislature that ensures that no religious individual may face scrutiny should they wish withhold their services nor acknowledge gay individuals and gay couples. This is a step back for activists because it essentially means that anyone choosing to discriminate against a homosexual could use the defence of religion and that it was their beliefs. This gives many people a frightening amount of power that could offer gay couples little to no rights. For example, they might be able to not negotiate an insurance claim or healthcare benefit simply because that agent for that organization didn’t believe in gay marriage and did not want to serve a gay couple. This is a terrible step back for gay rights in Mississippi and means that many couples will face much scrutiny when it comes to facing the various bureaucratic hurdles that the state will likely impose on gay couples.

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