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History Of US Gay Marriage

On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court declared US gay marriage a constitutional right. What that means is that it is now illegal for any state in the US to deny marriage licences to same-sex couples and that they must legally recognize same-size couples' existing marriage licences, regardless of which state they were acquired in. The fight for equality in the United States is not over, but this is a huge step up from where we were as a country before this court ruling.

Gay marriage was rarely mentioned at all in this country before the 1970s, except for three weeks in 1953 where the US Post Office delayed the delivery of ONE Magazine, which bared the cover "Homosexual Marriage?", because they thought the contents might be obscene. At this time, there were no rights regarding US gay marriage, but there were no bans on US gay marriage, either.

In 1969, the Gay Activists Alliance was formed. In June of 1971, they demanded that US gay marriage be granted to same-sex couples at New York City's Marriage License Bureau. It does not work in their favor. Shortly after that, Jack Baker and James McConnell applied for a marriage license in Minnesota, but are are turned down. They decide to take it to state court. In October of 1971, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that the state's laws prohibiting US gay marriage did not violate the federal constitution and would therefore be upheld. They decided to take it to the Supreme Court. In October of 1972, the US Supreme Court formally refused to consider the case. In the mid to late 1970s, several states in put bans on US gay marriage within their states, including California, Florida, Virginia, and Wyoming.

On June 11th, 1992, the District of Columbia updated their laws to allow unmarried couples, whether straight or gay, to register as domestic partners.

On September 21st, 1996, the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA)—which allowed states to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages performed under laws of other states—was enacted and signed into law by President Bill Clinton. In November of 1998, Hawaii voters approved an amendment that allowed their legislature to ban US gay marriage, and Alaska voters approved an amendment banning US gay marriage and defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

On June 3rd, 2000, California started allowing same-sex couples to register as domestic partners. On March 7th, 2000, California voters approved Proposition 22, which reinforced the idea that marriage should remain between a man and a woman only. On July 1st, 2000, Vermont became the first state to take real steps towards US gay marriage—they began performing civil unions for same-sex couples. On November 7th, 2000, Nebraska voters approved an amendment to their state constitution for banning gay marriage. Almost two years later, on November 5th, 2002, Nevada did the exact same thing.

On February 24th, 2004, President George W. Bush announced his support of an amendment that would ban US gay marriage across the country. But, 2004 was a year that we saw a lot happen in this country, too. Massachusetts becomes the first state to legalize and recognize US gay marriage. New Jersey and Maine allow domestic partnerships. Missouri, Louisiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Montana, Arkansas, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, and Oklahoma ban US gay marriage.

In 2005, Connecticut legalizes civil unions for same-sex couples. A federal judge voids Nebraska's ban on US gay marriage. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoes legislation for US gay marriage legalization. Kansas, Texas, and Alabama ban US gay marriage.

In 2006, Nebraska's ban on US gay marriage is back in place. Arizona rejected an initiative for banning US gay marriage. Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin ban US gay marriage.

In 2007, New Jersey legalizes civil unions for same-sex couples. Washington allows registration of domestic partnerships. Governor Schwarzenegger again vetoes legislation for US gay marriage legalization.

In 2008, Connecticut legalizes US gay marriage. New Hampshire legalizes civil unions for same-sex couples. Oregon and Maryland allow registration of domestic partnerships. California Supreme Court legalizes US gay marriages, but ends it six months later with the passing of Proposition 8. Arizona and Florida ban US gay marriage.

In 2009, Iowa and Vermont legalize US gay marriage. Maine Governor John E. Baldacci becomes the first US governor to sign a US gay marriage bill into law, but has it overturned six months later. Wisconsin and Nevada allow registration of domestic partnerships.

In 2010, New Hampshire and D.C. legalize US gay marriage. President Barack Obama signs legislation allowing gay men and women to serve in the US military.

In 2011, President Barack Obama declares his position against DOMA. New York legalizes US gay marriage. Illinois and Rhode Island legalize civil unions for same-sex couples.

In 2012, President Barack Obama become the first president to endorse US gay marriage. Washington, Maine legalize US gay marriage. Hawaii and Delaware legalize civil unions for same-sex couples. North Carolina bans US gay marriage.

In 2013, DOMA is repealed. California, Maryland, Delaware, Minnesota, New Jersey, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Rhode Island legalize US gay marriage. Colorado legalizes civil unions for same-sex couples. A federal judge voids Utah's ban on US gay marriage.

In 2014, Federal judges struck down bans against US gay marriage and ordered recognition of gay marriages in Kentucky, Michigan, Arkansas, Idaho, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Indiana, Utah, Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Wyoming, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Virginia, Alabama, and Alaska (the oldest ban on US gay marriage in the country). Arizona, Florida, and South Carolina legalize US gay marriage.

In 2015, the Supreme Court declares US gay marriage a right anywhere in the United States. The remaining 14 states with bans in place against US gay marriage stop enforcing their bans and start recognizing legal same-sex marriages.

US Gay Marriage Statistics

Here are some statistics about US gay marriage:

  • Approximately 9 million Americans are a part of the LGBT community.
  • Approximately one in 100 American women and two in 100 American men identify as homosexual.
  • A survey of 2,314 millennials (those born after 1980) found that 88% identify as heterosexual, 4% identify as bisexual, 2% identify as gay, 1% identify as lesbian, and 3% refused to identify their sexual orientation.
  • 63% of Americans believe that US gay marriage is morally acceptable.
  • Those with no affiliation to religion are more likely to identify as LGBT and/or support US gay marriage than those who are religious.
  • Those who are Democrat-leaning are more likely to identify as LGBT and/or support US gay marriage than those who are Republican-leaning.
  • When it comes to race, there is no difference between which races or ethnicities are more likely to identify as LGBT and/or support US gay marriage.
  • US gay marriages are more likely to be interracial than US straight marriages.
  • California is home to the most US gay marriages, with 92,138 and counting. New York comes in second with 46,490.
  • There are more US gay marriages between men (51%) than women (49%).
  • 61% of Americans believe same-sex couples should be legally allowed to adopt children.
  • 22% of US gay marriage couples are raising adopted or foster children.
  • 78% of Americans believe partners in a US gay marriage should be entitled to inheritance rights.
  • There are 19 other countries in which gay marriage is legal: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales), and Uruguay.

US Gay Marriage In Every State

If you're looking for US gay marriage information on a state by state basis, this is where you will want to be looking:

Alabama Gay Marriage

Gay marriage in Alabama can be stressful for the ones who are seeking to get married. Most of the time they feel as if they cannot tell their right-winged families, and feel that they will disown them if they do choose to marry and in more than a few cases… Read more.

Alaska Gay Marriage

Alaskan towns are extremely small which means, naturally, there will be a lot of controversy when it comes to Alaska gay marriage. Read all of the facts on Here are some things you didn't know. Alaska was the first state to ban same-sex marriage in the United States... Read more.

Arizona Gay Marriage

Arizona is hot, but we’re not only talking about the weather. The Arizona gay marriage scene is one of the hottest in America. So many individuals have married in the past few years due to the acceptance that Arizona as a state has shown and there are more supporters now... Read more.

Arkansas Gay Marriage

Things started off badly in Arkansas for gay couples, and eventually got better and better, bit by bit. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to be on the level of other states in America. It is great that gay marriage is legal here, but... Read more.

California Gay Marriage

From February to March 2004, the mayor of San Francisco (Gavin Newsom) issued marriage licenses to about 4,000 same-sex couples even though it was highly illegal. Couples began traveling from all over the country to be wed. On August 12th 2004, the Supreme Court of California ruled that all of... Read more.

Colorado Gay Marriage

There were a lot of ups and downs when it comes to the history of gay marriage, but I guess you need to go through the storm to get the rainbow! Today, the attitude towards same-sex marriage is great. There is a huge gay married population in Colorado, and that... Read more.

Connecticut Gay Marriage

We start with the past and end in the future. In Connecticut, there are a lot of great things happening when it comes to gay marriage, but there are still a few things that need to be broadened or changed. There is a lot of pride in this state, but... Read more.

Delaware Gay Marriage

In 1973, same-sex activity became legal in Delaware, but that doesn’t mean that there was no discrimination. From then till now, there have been some huge changes. In the early 90’s, there was a rally FOR same-sex marriage and the right to be with the person you were in love... Read more.

Florida Gay Marriage

Since gay marriage has become legal in the state of Florida, the LGBT community has been ecstatic about the change, but also know that there is a long way to go. Having said that, the population of gay, lesbian bi and transgender people currently living in Florida has risen to... Read more.

Georgia Gay Marriage

Things are getting better and you will soon see why. Here in Georgia, things may not be where they necessarily should be, but it is said that time heals all, including ignorance. We have to give these Georgians some time to open up. Unlike other states, there aren’t many choices... Read more.

Hawaii Gay Marriage

Marriage licenses were first challenged in 1991, and at that point there was a small amount of success until some Hawaii voters realized that the idea of same-sex marriage went against the constitution. It was said that granting same-sex couples marriage licenses was “discriminatory”. In 1999, the Supreme Court of... Read more.

Idaho Gay Marriage

Idaho has a long and complicated history when it comes to same-sex marriage. Things were very hot and cold, but on October 15th 2014, same-sex marriage finally became legal for good. After that date, there hasn’t been a problem since. In 1993, after certain States in the United States were... Read more.

Illinois Gay Marriage

Illinois is a great place to be gay! Finding the person you want to spend your life with is tough, but you know when you find the one. In Illinois, more than 2000 people have found that one person who they are willing to spend their life with, and didn’t... Read more.

Indiana Gay Marriage

There is a deep history concerning same-sex marriage in Indiana. This leads us to believe that they didn’t have too much to offer then and even now. Unlike many other states, the majority of people living in Indiana are against same-sex marriage, while the minority are for it. Even with... Read more.

Iowa Gay Marriage

Iowa has a long history of same-sex marriage. The state has been pushing for it for a long time, and have been practising gay marriage since 2009, before a lot of states were even thinking of the idea. Equality was always important for the state of Iowa, but were stopped... Read more.

Kansas Gay Marriage

Kansas gay marriage has had a very long debate. There had been many attempts to legalize gay marriage as well as recognize gay marriage outside of Kansas state law. Though Kansas did not legalize gay marriage until June 26th 2015, due to the famed Obergefell v. Hodges case that was... Read more.

Kentucky Gay Marriage

Kentucky has been under the spotlight recently regarding its stance on gay marriage with the county clerk Kim Davis who upholds her religious beliefs by not issuing marriage licenses to same sex couple. Both the Governor and Attorney General of the state adopted the Supreme Court’s ruling instantly in June... Read more.

Louisiana Gay Marriage

Louisiana is a state with a vibrant culture and large gay community. However it has some obstacles that have made the pursuit of gay rights extremely difficult. Once Louisiana was annexed by the United States, in 1805, gay sex and gay relationships were considered to be sodomy. This law stayed... Read more.

Maine Gay Marriage

Maine gay marriage enjoyed legality before the supreme court ruling in June 2015 as it is one of the most progressive states and has had an opportunity to enact bills that are forward thinking, ethical and based on human rights. For example, unlike many other states that changed their laws... Read more.

Maryland Gay Marriage

It seems that the discussion for Maryland gay marriage has been long. Maryland was amongst the earliest states to legalize gay marriage, however there were many battles, lawsuits and debates on the subject. It seems to have been a very intense debate with support and opposition from all sides. The... Read more.

Massachussetts Gay Marriage

Massachusetts gay marriage has had a long battle since the early 1970’s. The '70s were the beginnings of the gay rights movement moving across the United States. Several figures in office and out of office have campaigned for Massachusetts gay marriage for at least three decades. However those who have... Read more.

Michigan Gay Marriage

Michigan has had a vibrant history with cars and music, but the history of Michigan gay marriage is also of note. Gay marriage is currently legal in the state thanks to the Supreme Court in June 2015, however this was obviously met with much opposition from groups that propose traditional... Read more.

Minnesota Gay Marriage

Minnesota gay marriage has been legal and recognized since in August 2013. This was due more than half the state voting in favor of it. That means that Minnesota has also recognized civil unions and marriages from other jurisdictions since then. Minnesota was one of the first states to recognize... Read more.

Mississippi Gay Marriage

Mississippi is internationally and nationally known as such an extremely conservative state that the idea of Mississippi gay marriage might throw some folks in the state into a frenzy! It is in fact so conservative that there is not a Wikipedia page dedicated to gay marriage in the state. Many... Read more.

Missouri Gay Marriage

The battle for Missouri gay marriage has taken quite a while, however, since the Supreme Court’s ruling in 2015, gay marriage has been legal. When it comes to gay marriage, there is plenty more to it than two people of the same sex getting together. It has a lot to... Read more.

Montana Gay Marriage

The history of Montana gay marriage is similar to that of many other states, however it was one of the few states that did legalize gay marriage before the Supreme Court’s decision in 2015. Montana gay marriage has been legal since November 19th, 2014. There have been many battles that... Read more.

Nebraska Gay Marriage

The debate about Nebraska gay marriage has gone on for some time. It finally became legal in June of 2015, when the Supreme Court determined that banning gay marriage was unconstitutional. During the late 90s, many states put forth laws and constitution amendments that determined that marriage was only between... Read more.

Nevada Gay Marriage

Gay marriage in Nevada has been legal since 2014 when it was ruled unconstitutional to ban it. The campaign for Nevada gay marriage didn’t come without its battles. Typically straight couples enjoy benefits such as work benefits, insurance coverage and so on. Gay couples could not enjoy these simple aspects... Read more.

New Hampshire Gay Marriage

New Hampshire gay marriage has been legal since 2010 when it was signed into law by the governor. This law ensured that civil unions would also be turned into marriages. We might not be able to understand exactly what gay marriage might stipulate and we might not be able to... Read more.

New Jersey Gay Marriage

New Jersey has stood up for gay rights ever since they recognized that state sanctioned discrimination of an individual based on their sexual orientation was a human rights violation and laws that enacted such discrimination have been steadily amended to provide for the New Jersey LGBT community. New Jersey has... Read more.

New Mexico Gay Marriage

New Mexico has always been a gay-friendly state, and their progressive attitude toward gay marriage in the 21st century has roots going back to the 1970s. "Gay activity" was legal in all of New Mexico in 1975, so nobody was legally punished for living their own lifestyle how they wanted... Read more.

New York Gay Marriage

New York is one of the busiest states in the country, and with so many people you'd think the state would be current before any other. While gay couples could be together freely and have civil unions in many parts of the state, New York gay marriage was something that... Read more.

North Carolina Gay Marriage

North Carolina has historically been against gay marriage, however this is no longer the case. With the US Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage came changes in attitude in this southern state. Slowly but surely, attitudes are starting to reflect the times, and support the idea of North... Read more.

North Dakota Gay Marriage

People in North Dakota may have been slow to come around to accepting gay marriage, but it's slowly and surely happening. Citizens and state officials were both hesitant to recognize that same-sex couples were the same and deserved equal rights as them. For a long time, residents of North Dakota... Read more.

Ohio Gay Marriage

When it comes to legalizing Ohio gay marriage, residents of Ohio were reluctant for a long time. While "gay activity" had been legal in Ohio since 1972, gay marriage took longer to become legalized. It took the US Supreme Court to finally change legislation. The Court's ruling in the case... Read more.

Oklahoma Gay Marriage

Same-sex sexual activity has been legal in Oklahoma since 2003 when the United States Supreme Court struck down all state sodomy laws with its ruling in Lawrence v. Texas. Oklahoma Gay marriage has been legal since 2014. is where you will learn about the history and statistics of... Read more.

Oregon Gay Marriage

Gay marriages have been recognized as legal in Oregon from other jurisdictions since October 2013. Domestic partnerships have been considered legal since 2008. Gay marriage became legal in Oregon, on May 19, 2014, when a U.S. federal district court judge ruled that a previous amendment that banned gay marriages... Read more.

Pennsylvania Gay Marriage

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives approved Allan Egolf's (Representative) amendment in September 1996, to ban the recognition and performance of gay marriage, but it was not ruled unconstitutional when voted on. The Republican party always had a majority in either the State Senate or House of Representatives, therefore, there were... Read more.

Rhode Island Gay Marriage

Gay marriage in Rhode Island has been legal since August of 2013. It has been dubbed by many as a refreshing state to live as a gay man with your husband and family if you desire to have one, as it is gay-friendly and welcomes gay marriage as well as... Read more.

South Carolina Gay Marriage

South Carolina has legally recognized same-sex marriage since a federal court ruling on November 20, 2014. Two days before that, on November 18th, the court ordered the state of South Carolina to also recognize gay marriages from other states. As we are very aware, the U.S. as a whole... Read more.

South Dakota Gay Marriage

Many same-sex couples have finally been able to breathe a sign of relief to know that they can finally legally marry their partner without suffering the ramifications of only being legally married in a state that has allowed you to do so and not the state, South Dakota that they... Read more.

Tennessee Gay Marriage

The state laws in Tennessee, state that marriage is that of a union between a man and a woman. It is in fact stated in Article XI that "any law, policy or judicial interpretation," of a marriage as anything other than a legal contract joining one man and one woman… Read more.

Texas Gay Marriage

The state of Texas defined marriage as a union between a couple of the opposite sex, and there were no forms of a gay relationship that were legally recognized in the state. Gay marriage was rigorously forbidden until the 2015 ruling by the Supreme Court for two reasons: first being... Read more.

Utah Gay Marriage

On June 26, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is legal and ordered states to accept this law over all other previous laws that were created independently by the state. This new law is of little consequence to Utah as gay marriage is already legal in... Read more.

Vermont Gay Marriage

This state is one of the most progressive states in all of the United States when it comes to gay marriage and the laws that go with it. Vermont is a state that has truly paved the way for same-sex couples and same-sex marriage throughout the entire country. Many states... Read more.

Virginia Gay Marriage

The road to the legalization of gay marriage and equal rights for gay couples in Virginia has been long and hard. While some states were making progressive acts toward the support of Virginia gay marriage and gay rights since the late 1970's, Virginia was content to hold their ground on... Read more.

West Virginia Gay Marriage

Historically, the public opinion and support of gay marriage has been overwhelmingly negative, but it is changing. Much like its neighbor, West Virginia is a hard nut to crack when it comes to progressive laws and the acceptance of gay marriage. Gay marriage might be legal in West Virginia since... Read more.

Washington Gay Marriage

Compared to many American states, Washington is a very liberal one and has been since the 1970's. While gay marriage continues to be a political debate, the support of gay rights and gay marriage has reared its head time and time again in countless public polls and legislation acts. How... Read more.

Wisconsin Gay Marriage

Wisconsin has a very lengthy history with its people demanding and fighting for fair and equal rights to marry and engage in contenting sexual activity. As early as 1966, the political party then known as the Wisconsin Young Democrats attempted to approve a resolution aborting the restriction on sexual activity... Read more.

Wyoming Gay Marriage

What do you think of when you hear Wyoming and LGBT in the same sentence? It might be a young face that comes to mind. Matthew Sheppard, perhaps? Wyoming seems to be a place of highly split opinions when it comes to gay rights and gay marriage. While there have... Read more.

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