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Gay Marriage in Alabama

Gay marriage in Alabama can be stressful for the ones who are seeking to get married. Most of the time they feel as if they cannot tell their right-winged families, and feel that they will disown them if they do choose to marry and in more than a few cases, that is exactly what has happened to some of these people. Feeling safe is not what the LGBT community in this state feel right now, and the last thing they want is for their families to disown them and have to be without their them forever. Sneaking around isn’t what most people enjoy doing. Sure, at first there may be a rush, but after awhile, you get sick of it and want to settle down. You want to show your partner off to your family and you want them to be a part of your family. It’s sad that a lot of the LGBT community cannot come out and be themselves. However, all is not lost, because things have changed and at MANPLAY.COM, we have all the information you need about Alabama gay marriage.

Alabama Gay Marriage - History

Alabama Gay Marriage is last on the list when it comes to accepting same-sex marriage. Here on MANPLAY.COM, learn how to make dating in Alabama bearable. In 1996, the state of Alabama banned same-sex marriage. On June 26th, 2015, same-sex marriage in Alabama was legalized. After same-sex marriage was legalized in Alabama, there was a long fight against it which lead to the Alabama government taking away marriage licenses to anyone in 11 counties, even straight couples. They wanted to ensure that nogay couple would ever be married in their county. In February in 2015, 67 counties in Alabama began issuing marriage licenses, but not all. On March 3rd, all of the counties that priorly changed their laws, changed back and made their laws against same-sex marriage once again. In that month, there were more than 550 same-sex couples wed. On May 21st, all judges were told that they weren’t allowed to further refuse marriage licences. Just after the 2016 new year, it was said that judges were now allowed to say no to same-sex couples looking for marriage licences, so in other words, the Alabama government found some loop holes. They said that they didn’t want to give out marriage licenses to gay couples because it went against their constitution. Now, to this day, in 11 counties, you can be declined a marriage license and wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

Alabama Gay Marriage Statistics

0% of the LGBT community has chosen to travel to Alabama for their wedding. The population of Alabama’s majority is still against same-sex marriage even though every other state has a majority vote for gay marriage. From 2004-2014, 20% of the Alabama population changed their mind about having same-sex marriage in their state, that 20% are now for instead of against. Today - there are still 60% of people in Alabama who are against same-sex marriage. The population of Alabama who are for same-sex marriage are under 35 years of age. Only 12% of residents older than 35 are forsame-sex marriage.

The Current Status of Alabama Gay Marriage

The current status of Alabama Gay Marriage is exactly what you would expect based on the history of Alabama and their constant fight against same-sex marriage. Even though gay marriage is legal in Alabama, there are still to this day, 11 counties that don’t issue any marriage licenses just so that they won’t have to give any to same-sex couples. Even though there are 11 counties that don’t support same-sex marriage, there are still 56 counties in Alabama that allow same-sex marriage. Discrimination is still a huge issue in Alabama for the LGBT community, but that wont stop them from being with the person they love. A lot of LGBT residents in the state have moved or are living with their significant other. Since a lot of people who don’t live in Alabama don’t agree with same-sex marriage, that means that a lot of parents don’t agree with their children having a partner who is the same gender as them. Thousands of young adults continue to come out to their parents and hope that they will understand and love them no matter what - but sadly, at this point in time, that is not the case. There are many religious groups living in the state of Alabama who still say that marriage is a bond between a man and a woman - nothing more, nothing less. A larger population in Alabama or in the south, are more closed minded when it comes to gay marriage. The current status of Alabama gay marriage is that it is legal and marriage licenses can be accessed whenever wanted. There isn’t much acceptance when it comes to gay marriage in Alabama, but it will one day get to that point. Right now, it is hard for most people to come out in Alabama and there are good reasons why coming out has been such a hard things to do for most people. Some say that it is just easier to leave the state altogether with their partner and start a life that none of their families know about. This is heartbreaking for these couples because of course you want to be able to bring your significant other to family events and have them be a part of their family. Some of the LGBT community in Alabama say that they have waited years and years to come out and eventually did so when they moved out of state somewhere that they felt more comfortable being themselves. Right now isn’t the best time for same-sex couples in Alabama, but there is hope for the present to become a better future.

The Future Status of Alabama Gay Marriage

In the last 12 years, the population of Alabama has become slightly more accepting of same-sex marriage, which means that it can only continue getting better and better. At the moment, Alabama isn’t the most welcoming place for same-sex marriage, and it won’t be for a very long time. Since only 12% of the population over 35 are forsame-sex marriage, there are probably still a lot of young people who feel the same way their parents do just because they have been taught this way. As soon as everyone opens their minds and realizes that everyone is the same no matter who they love, things will get better in Alabama concerning gay marriage.

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