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Gay Marriage In Iowa has all the information you need to keep you updated with the most recent and interesting info concerning Iowa gay marriage. We start at the past and end with the future. Things are getting better and you will soon see why. Minds are opening and the states are becoming more comfortable for everyone, including gay couples! Iowa has a long history of same-sex marriage. The state has been pushing for it for a long time, and have been practising gay marriage since 2009, before a lot of states were even thinking of the idea. Equality was always important for the state of Iowa, but were stopped and confronted by certain laws and constitutional differences. It was a long time coming for the people and government of Iowa, but they finally did it! After same-sex marriage was legalized, there were many celebrations and weddings (of course!). To some weddings, people of the government were even invited because of all the things they did to push and push for equality.

Iowa Gay Marriage History

In 1998, the court of Iowa decided to deny the right to marry same-sex couples because of the state’s constitution. A few minutes after denying same-sex rights, two men submitted a marriage application and it was accepted! The day after, a large amount of gay couples went to issue marriage licenses and got denied. To get a marriage license accepted, there is a three day waiting period. During those three days, couples got calls saying that their applications were not accepted. The one couple whose marriage license was accepted, were married on Sunday, September 7th, 2007.

The state of Iowa has tried banning same-sex marriage several times. For this to happen, two separate votes would have to be made in favor of banning gay marriage. Good thing there were more people for same-sex marriage than people against same-sex marriage. In 2008, an amendment was proposed, but was shut down by the legislature. There were not enough votes. In 2009, it was said that the fact that same-sex marriage wasn’t legal went against the Iowa Constitution. It goes against the "equal protection clause". There was one day when marriage licenses were legal for gay couples in April of 2009, talk about being teased! On April 3rd, 2009, It was said that the only thing that really made sense was to make gay marriage" legal because "treating everyone fairly is Iowa common sense". It was also said that if the people of Iowa had any decency, they would vote for gay marriage. Iowa was always the "spokesperson" for civil rights for all. Same-sex marriage became legal in Iowa on April 3rd, 2009. Once gay marriage was legal, it was time to celebrate. There was non-stop celebration in the streets, night and day for 3 weeks until these gay couples decided to get some sleep. The celebrations were wild and unstoppable. There was so much happiness flooding the streets that no one could stop them - except for cars. The streets weren’t even closed down when these parties were going on which means that there was still traffic. Police made sure to head over to where the party was and direct traffic and also join in on the fun.

Iowa Gay Marriage Statistics

From April 2009-March 2010, 2,100 same-sex couples were married in the state of Iowa. There were only 870 same-sex couples who reside in Iowa who got married, while the rest of the percentage came from outside of the state. An astounding 60% of same-sex couples have adopted children in Iowa. 10% of gay couples have hired surrogates and 30% do not have or desire to have children. 78% of Iowa residents are for same-sex marriage which is a great number seeing as in most other states the percentage is usually in it’s 40’s or 50’s. Since 2009, the married population has boomed. There are 5x more married couples in Iowa than before. 20% of same-sex couples living in Iowa say that they are going to be getting married in the next 2 years. Iowa is the safest place to be gay if you look at the outlining states.

The Current Status Of Iowa Gay Marriage

The current status of gay marriage in Iowa" is great. There are more and more people who are getting used to same-sex marriage being legal, and are joining in on the fun. Everyone enjoys a good gay bar every once in a while. There are still some individuals who live in Iowa who aren’t necessarily comfortable with gay marriage, but they don’t bother anyone. There aren’t any noted discrimination charges shown towards same-sex couples like there used to be. If you lived in Iowa 20 years ago or more, there was a huge amount of discrimination against gay individuals and couples. Thank goodness things have changed. Since 2009, wedding businesses have boomed. 20 businesses have popped up since gay marriage was legalized, and there are businesses who only cater to gay weddings. If someone can make a living off of strictly same-sex marriages, it shows how many couples are taking advantage of their rights! If you are walking down the street, holding your partners hands, there is a very low chance that people will give you a double take, or even look. You feel comfortable being yourself in Iowa, which isn’t something you find every day. Being in Iowa with your partner is a very relaxing and painless feeling.

The Future Status Of Iowa Gay Marriage

The future of Iowa gay marriage is simple. Things will continue getting better and better whether some people like it or not. It’s said that some same-sex couples will be moving to Iowa from their own states since living in Iowa as a same-sex family is simply more safe for their children and partner. Iowa is and will continue being one of the most safe states to be in a gay marriage. More and more people are going to come from out of state in order to get married (though same-sex marriage is now allowed in all states) because it feels more comfortable to do so.

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