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The History Of Alberta Gay Marriage shares how Alberta gay marriage differs from provinces around the country however, the federal civil marriage act allows gay partners to wed. Unfortunately, Ralph Klein, the Premier of Alberta, has chosen to take an opposing stance on gay marriage in Alberta. The good news for Albertans is that the federal law forces the province to allow same-sex couples to obtain marriage licenses. Although it seems wrong to have to force a province to allow such a thing, the federal government sees the importance of same-sex marriage and equality, and therefore, the province has to uphold the law. If you are living in the province of Alberta and would like to marry your spouse, you will have a few hurdles to overcome. Even with the civil act, officiates reserve the right to deny performing a wedding ceremony on grounds of religious belief. In other parts of the country, this would be discrimination and terms for a civil lawsuit, but because Alberta has an opposing view on gay marriage, it is acceptable for an officiate to refuse.

In Alberta, same sex marriage is not specifically recognized in legislation, but this legislation is overridden by the federal Civil Marriage Act. According to the Act, same sex marriage is legal, but religious officials are free to refuse to solemnize a marriage that is not in accordance with their religious beliefs.

Don't let that deter you in making a matrimonial decision. Your right as a Canadian citizen allows you and your partner to make the ultimate decision. In a country where it's so acceptable to marry your same sex partner, where did Alberta go wrong? It seems that it's hard for politicians like Klein to adapt to the evolving society we live in, and it's too bad. When 95% of the country is enforcing equality, it only takes a few provinces to kill the vibe, and unfortunately Alberta is one of those provinces. That's not to say that nothing has been done. Citizens can still get married regardless of gender, but wouldn't it be nice to have your government on your side? We think so, too. We've got some information that will give you hope that a better future in Alberta is coming, and coming sooner than you think. Hang on tight for a future full of equality no matter what certain politicians might think. Your future is up to you, and thankfully you can make your own decisions when it comes to who you marry, even if it's not as simple as other parts of the country.

Alberta Gay Marriage Statistics

Alberta had a very low approval rate (42%) of gay marriage compared to the rest of the country in the early 2000's, until it became more widely accepted and less taboo to talk about and/or admit to. The younger generation living in the province has upped the number of supporters to 72%, and that number continues to rise. The numbers haven't stopped gay couples from getting married or wanting to get married. There are thousands of gay marriages performed in the province every year. Even if the provincial government hasn't caught up to the rest of the country, the people and the federal law have spoken. The people want gay marriage to be legal on a provincial level as well as on a federal level, and want to be able to wed whenever, wherever they'd like. Everyone should have the same equal opportunity to marry their spouse without any pushback from their government. There are thousands of gay couples in Alberta. Thousands of those couples are getting married every year, whether the Premier likes it or not. The fact of the matter is, the people want what's right, and the statistics are proving what really matters. The stone age thought process of certain, older politicians is becoming tiresome, and Albertans are looking for the necessary changes to move forward. With spiking approval rates, it really is only a matter of time before Albertans can put this fight behind them and concentrate on the future of love and marriage. More importantly, the people can start to feel comfortable marrying their spouses without any sort of negativity associated with it. There will always be naysayers who are afraid of change and will be adamant to fight, but the numbers are showing that same-sex unions are almost just as acceptable as opposite-sex ones.

More Info On Alberta Gay Marriage

If you are a gay couple that's looking for supporters of Alberta gay marriage, or you want to know more about what's happening in the province, there are tons of links to follow. We've listed some sites to get you started, ease your mind, and give you the confidence you need to pursue your gay marriage adventure. Don't let the provincial government hold you back from fulfilling your marriage needs. If you want to get married, you are entitled to do so, and the province has little say. There are some officiants that will deny your request to marry you, but there will be hundreds happy to do so, if you know where to look. Just remember that with the few people that won't support your decision, there are thousands that will. Your day should be special, and the right people are out there to help make that happen. Don't let go of your dreams because of a few caveman-minded individuals who are scared of change. Your relationship is yours to develop in whichever way you and your partner choose to do so. Have the marriage you dream of by allowing the right people to be a part of it. You can also learn about how other couples are overcoming certain boundaries, and how some conservative politicians are moving to remove the ban on same-sex marriage.

What To Know Before You Walk Down The Aisle

Your need to know Alberta Gay Marriage Legal Information guide.

Alberta Marriage Laws - Updated

What's new with Alberta Gay Marriage?

What Do The Numbers Say?

Catch up on Alberta Gay Marriage statistics.

Gay Marriage Vendors

Find an Alberta gay marriage vendor for all of your wedding day needs.

Politicians And The Gay Marriage Ban

Find out who's fighting for your Alberta gay marriage rights.

The Future Of Alberta Gay Marriage

There's light at the end of this discriminatory tunnel! 2016 brings a new wave of conservative government officials who want to remove the Alberta gay marriage ban. That's great news for couples who want to wed without the pressures of a disapproving government. With the way that things are going, gay marriage in Alberta will be as second nature as "traditional" marriage. The first step was re-wording the charter to state 'spouses' instead of a 'man and woman' when referring to a married couple. The next step is allowing same-sex couples to marry with ease. Gay marriage is recognized but not to the full extent that it should be. All around the country, aside from a few provinces like Alberta, provincial governments are avid supporters of gay marriage, as they should be. The pushback comes from an old age way of thinking that marriage should be strictly heterosexual, and that every other union doesn't count. This barbaric way of thinking is setting the country back from fully thriving in a new age, new world, enlightened era. The millennial generation will change this false idealistic way of thinking, and bring the country into the modern day. Gay couples should never have to worry about getting married and taking their relationships to new levels. Like every other opposite sex couple, gay couples should be given fair opportunity, and the country has taken large strides to move in the right direction.

The Alberta Gay Marriage Dilemma

While there are a few things to work out, the good news is that the Alberta people are speaking out and will continue to do so until the province catches up. Getting married is not the problem, since the federal government has made it mandatory for the province to allow same-sex unions. The problem is having gay marriage be widely accepted and allowed to be performed to the degree of opposite sex marriages. There is a huge problem when the country is making the right inclusion decisions, and a few provinces continue to be a part of the problem. The world needs more supporters as the LGTB community is on the rise, millions of Canadians fall into this category. Millions of gay Canadian habitants need to feel that their rights are as protected as their straight neighbours. It's a shame to have to talk about a province that needs to evolve in 2016, knowing that it could be at least another year before full inclusion sets in. The issue lies with the people and the continued fight to change the governments stance on same-sex marriages, and what they mean to the nation. No couples should be left behind when it comes to marriage and relationship rights. Who you choose to love is your business, and should never lay in the hands of your government. There is progress continually being made by those that hold active seats in the provincial government, and Albertans should continue to raise their voices for a speedier amendment to the provincial laws. Knowing that the province is making steps to amend the gay marriage problem is the first big win. Tons of politicians are holding their constituent concerns in high regard, and are actively working for them, not against them. Right now, gay marriage is a huge concern and is at the forefront of the conversation. In the coming year, expect to see major strides in overriding the tired adage that gay couples shouldn't wed. Your fears are being addressed and changes are being made. The hope for a more inclusive province is in site, and the next generation shouldn't have to worry about who or where they choose to marry. The gay community has every right to wed as they please and to have the same rights as anyone else.

What Can You Do For Alberta Gay Marriage?

You can continue to support your friends and family by attending gay weddings and supporting every gay couple's right to wed. The more you speak up, the more open the conversation will become, and the government will listen. There have been major moves this year to overturn the Premier’s decision on banning gay marriage on a provincial level. What will speed up this process is what the people have to say, and the pressure you put on your MP's to make changes. Conversations are happening, but these conversations won't become policies unless pressure is put on the government. Alberta needs to step up to the plate and catch up to the rest of the country. Every citizen should feel validated where they live, and not have to go outside of their own province to feel accepted. If you are contributing to the society you live in, you should be able to live as you please, especially when it comes to who you are with, and who you choose to settle down with and marry. A progressive government is what's needed in Alberta, and thankfully there are many politicians who agree with the same-sex movement. It won't be long now before the status changes, even if it's too bad that it's taken this long. Albertans can rest assured knowing that they will be able to marry as they please without having to obtain a federal 'yes' to do so. Alberta will soon follow suit and catch up to progressive provinces like Ontario. Ontario’s stance on gay marriage is a shining example of where Alberta is headed.

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