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Gay Marriage In Georgia has all the information you need to keep you updated with the most recent and interesting info concerning Georgia gay marriage. We start with the past history of Georgia’s gay community and how the people of Georgia felt, and end with the current and future status. Things are getting better and you will soon see why. Here in Georgia, things may not be where they necessarily should be, but it is said that time heals all, including ignorance. We have to give these Georgians some time to open up. Unlike other states, there aren’t many choices when it comes to wedding planning, and there are still a few facts that will blow your mind and make you wonder what people are thinking.

Georgia Gay Marriage History

Legalizing Georgia gay marriage has given Georgia and the U.S. a new platform for acceptance. has all the info you need on gay marriage. Before 1998, same-sex activity was illegal! Crazy, right? If you were seen in your own home engaging with your partner, you could be arrested. Before ’98, there were only a few couples who tried getting married in Georgia who were considered crazy. They ended up leaving the state from all the discrimination they faced. In 1984, a gay man named Gregory Harrison who lived in Georgia, stood up for his rights to be with the man he loved. Harrison eventually got thrown in jail for life. His boyfriend eventually joined him when he began protesting the fact that his lover was thrown in jail for such a silly reason. In 2004, the state of Georgia tested the waters by doing a poll to see how many people would be for and against the idea of same-sex marriage. 12% were for gay marriage, which meant that there was no way that anything was going to change anytime soon. That was until 2015 that is. On June 26th 2015, gay marriage was legalized throughout all of the United States, which meant that Georgia had to hop onboard whether they liked it or not. When gay marriage was legalized, there were a lot of unhappy people in Georgia. Gay couples were shamed more than they were before, and actually were made to feel worse. The LGBT group of Georgia banned together and ended up feeling better about the situation.

Georgia Gay Marriage Statistics

There are 20,000 same-sex married couples who reside in Georgia right now. 15% of the total population of same-sex married couples moved out of state. 14,700 same-sex married couples have adopted children and 950 couples hired a surrogate to have their child. No same-sex couples have moved to Georgia. More than 4,000 employees in Georgia admitted that they had not told their co-workers about their relationships in fear of getting fired or laid off. In Georgia, more than 1,000 gay residents have admitted that they haven’t came out to their families yet in fear of what they will do to them. Half of the gay couples in Georgia have the support of their loved ones.

Georgia Gay Weddings

In Georgia, there aren’t any same-sex wedding venues, but there are places to get wedding rings, there are photographers, musicians, DJs and ministers who cater to same-sex marriages. There are some venues/churches in Georgia that don’t allow same-sex marriages, so when looking for an appropriate place to have your wedding, make sure that you let the person on the other end of the phone or email that you are a same-sex couple.

The Current Status Of Georgia Gay Marriage

The current status in Georgia for gay marriage isn’t the best. There are still a lot of holes in the same-sex marriage law meaning that - yes same-sex marriage is legal, but it isn’t very accepted. Of course, there is a small percentage of people who are for gay marriage, but there are more people who aren’t comfortable with it. The history behind Georgia makes it understandable to why things are still as bad as they are. We hope the future gets better! Sadly, the current Georgia law doesn’t protect any LGBT employees in any workplace from discrimination. The only place in Georgia that does protect the LGBT community from workplace discrimination. Not only are there no laws against workplace discrimination, but there are no laws in general about sexual-orientation discrimination. If someone is being harassed about their sexual-orientation, there is nothing the police can do about it. There is quite a large population of LGBT people in Georgia, but a lot of people have been either cut-off from their families, or they haven’t told them yet. A lot of people still have trouble coming out to their friends and family in Georgia just because the concept of having feelings for the same gender as you is completely upside down to a lot of people in the south.

Lots of the LGBT community have moved to either other parts of the country, or other countries altogether because of the torture they have been put through. Sometimes the gay community believe that no matter how hard they try, people just won’t budge from their points of view. Gay couples dream of moving from their home in Georgia just to feel accepted in their own community. It’s upsetting that everyone doesn’t feel like they can be themselves in their own homes - it’s uncomfortable and unfair.

The Future Status of Georgia Gay Marriage

The future status of same-sex marriage in Georgia has a long way to go until there is more acceptance and understanding. A lot of people who live in Georgia still believe that marriage is between a woman and a man, which makes it hard for things to change. It’s easier to change a law than it is to change a mind. In years and years from now, things will eventually change, but for now things will keep going how they’re going. At least everyone can get married, right? As years go on, everyone will get used to the reality of same-sex marriage and it will become second nature, but sadly, it may be decades from now.

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