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Maine Gay Marriage Information From has plenty of information about gay dating and gay marriage. Relative to Maine’s more progressive laws, you should consider reading more about gay marriage in taking a look at our article about Maryland. When it comes to understanding and outlining how gay marriage has changed over time, can give you all the stuff you need to know.

Maine Gay Marriage History

Maine gay marriage enjoyed legality before the supreme court ruling in June 2015 as it is one of the most progressive states and has had an opportunity to enact bills that are forward thinking, ethical and based on human rights. For example, unlike many other states that changed their laws regarding gay sex, Maine got rid of this law in 1976. Maine had a benefit program for same sex partners from 2001 onwards. This is just one example how gay rights in Maine came about a little earlier than other states. Maine gay marriage itself has been legal since 2012 when the bill had a 53% vote that made it legal. There were some that opposed it, however, the Governor intended to sign the law into effect and bypass any judiciary committees. Gay marriage has been met with some resistance, but for the most part has been welcomed and favoured. can give you an extremely extensive history, series of statistics and external info regarding Maine gay marriage's history and current status. Overall it seems like Maine is a place to visit and a place where you are able to plan a wedding easily and comfortably. is not only about connecting you to other gay men, but we also pride ourselves on being informative and progressive in our attitudes to gay marriage. We have supported it for years and now we would like you to understand our stance on the matter and what Maine gay marriage can be mean for same sex partners planning to visit or live in Maine. Despite the state’s liberal leaning attitudes, no gay marriage law was brought into effect without some sort of struggle. You can read all about it right here.

Gay Marriage Hurtles

In 1997, there was the Act To Protect Traditional Marriage and Prohibit Same Sex Marriages. There was an overwhelming vote of 106-39 that brought the act into effect. It proved to be a severe obstacle for gay marriage in Maine. Despite this law, Maine did allow for domestic partnerships, which proved to be one way in which gay couple could enjoy the some of the same benefits and privileges that straight couples would receive. However domestic partnerships did not guarantee typical benefits of marriage by law.

The Senate Takes Action

In January 2009, Senator Dennis Damon created a bill called An Act to End Discrimination in Civil Marriage and Affirm Religious Freedom - This would ensure that gay marriage could and would become legal in Maine. There was a media firestorm surrounding the case and the public interest was high. This act not only aimed to make gay marriage legal, but it also aimed to clarify religious freedoms and the ability to oppose issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. This bill was supported by lawmakers and judges and soon Governor Baldacci signed the bill. This proved to be an historic moment for gay rights in the Maine, as it was the first time a state had a Governor sign a bill that allowed for gay marriage.

A Petition For Maine Gay Marriage That Exceeds Required Signatures

Despite this victory, the law was repealed by opponents. Gay marriage was no longer legal. However two years later in 2011, EqualityMaine and the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders took action and attempted legalize gay marriage. They proposed a vote that aimed to legalize gay marriage and also protect religious, much like Senator Damon had intended. Soon this petition had an overwhelming response that supported gay marriage. Gay marriage supporters managed to receive over 100,00 signatures, based on the simple question of whether same sex marriage should be legal. This proved to be a very important step for legalizing gay marriage because it managed to truly get the ball rolling and it proved to be a reflection of just what Maine felt about the subject. With this point in mind, it is very clear just how important gay marriage was to many of Maine’s citizens are. Soon Senator Damon’s bill from 2009, that allowed Maine gay marriage, was reinstated and Maine finally legalized gay marriage. in the words of the law in the state of Maine marriage is defined as a legally recognized union between two people. Marriage licenses were issued almost instantaneously when the law was finally passed and took effect on December 29th 2012.

Statistics About Maine Gay Marriage

Statistics in Maine show that the state looks at gay marriage favorably. Support margins are very high. On average, 59% of voters in Maine are in support of gay marriage and its current status and legality. Goodwin Simon Strategic Research determined that 53% of voters are in full support of gay marriage with only 39% who are not in support. Their poll was from 2011, after Damon’s original bill legalizing gay marriage was repealed and put on the backburner. Then Public Policy Polling, also in 2012 determined that gay marriage was supported by voters by 47% with only 45% opposing the law. The Maine’s People’s Resource Center determined that 58.2% of voters supported gay marriage, while, 39.9% opposed it. This poll was from 2012 and is amongst the most reliable, based on the fact that its numbers are based on actual registered voters. In late 2013, Public Policy Polling determined that 54% of voters supported gay marriage while only 37% opposed it. The New York Time and YouGov determined that there is a 63% vote of support for gay marriage amongst voters. One of the most influential newspapers on the planet that reflects public opinion and is a pretty formidable player when it comes to a representation of how the world is seen. These numbers show us just how much support Maine gay marriage had, even before it was officially legalized statewide and nationwide.

Current Status Of Gay Marriage

Maine’s forward and liberal attitude to gay marriage made it one of the earliest states to legalize gay marriage. This proved to be a step in the right direction and it had a domino effect on the rest of national thought. With advent of the supreme court ruling in 2015, Maine has enjoyed even more attention due to its quick and early thinking to adopt the right of gay marriage. The power of public opinion is strong in humanitarian cases such as these and the positive impact of Maine’s action regarding gay marriage proved to have overwhelming support nationwide. Naturally instances such as these do not come without controversy.

The Future Status and Economic Sense Of Maine Gay Marriage

Since the legalization of gay marriage, the current status of many gay couples is that they are able to marry and enjoy any and all benefits afforded to 2 people who are in a civil union. This means that they may file income tax returns together, apply for mortgages, collect insurance and be officially recognized in legal terms, as married. The supreme court ruling only added weight to the ruling in 2013. Many economic studies have determined that gay marriage has an extremely positive impact on the economy. Due to the fact that Maine had legalized gay marriage before many other states, a study determined that marriage licenses and tourism amongst gay couple nationwide would soar. There was an estimate of around $60 million being generated over a 3 year period, which would prove to be an effective way to get visitors and create new jobs. This article: Gay Marriage is Economic Sense from the BBC, outlines everything you need to know about why gay marriage is a good thing for the economy.

More Info About Maine Gay Marriage

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