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Indiana Gay Marriage has all the information you need to keep you updated with the most recent and interesting info concerning Indiana gay marriage. We start at the past and end with the future. Things are getting better all over the U.S, but what does Indiana have to offer when it comes to same-sex marriage? There is a deep history concerning same-sex marriage in Indiana. This leads us to believe that they didn’t have too much to offer then and even now. Unlike many other states, the majority of people living in Indiana are against same-sex marriage, while the minority are for it. Even with same-sex marriage being legal in Indiana, it sometimes feels exactly the way it was years ago.

Indiana Gay Marriage History

In 1997, there was a law in Indiana which forbid any recognition of gay marriages. No one was even allowed to talk about it or they could be arrested. Only a male could marry a female and only a female could marry a male. That’s how it was and there was no swaying anyone’s opinion. Especially the government’s. On November 26th, 2012, The Indiana Equality Action exposed a study done by law students from the LGBT project at Indiana University School of Law. This study showed the rights and responsibilities of being part of a marriage that was found in a code of law right there in Indiana. This law shows that denying anyone the right to be married goes against public protection and simply goes against the conflict of interest. This goes for same-sex marriage and opposite-sex marriage.

On December 23rd, 2013, The state court ruled that if someone receives a marriage license and later on “decides to change his or her sexuality" the license cannot be taken away from them, and you can only imagine what this meant for the same-sex couples of Indiana. There was a lot of lying just to get their hands on a marriage license, do you blame them? In September of 2014, there were several new petitions wrote and signed by the people of Indiana. The petitions were all against same-sex marriage. The state asked the U.S. Supreme Court to give them a hand in banning gat marriage - this wasn’t even a consideration. To everyone in Indiana’s surprise, gay marriage became legal the following month in October 2014. There weren’t many celebrations when same-sex marriage was legalized back in 2014 due to the fact that a lot of people weren’t comfortable with it, and a lot of the people who are gay sometimes find it difficult to connect with certain people who are against their way of life.

It is hard to be friends with someone who doesn’t understand you or who is against you. It is practically impossible - so there weren’t many people wanting to celebrate. There were a lot of people banning together to try and get same-sex marriage illegal again, which can easily make members of the gay community uncomfortable. You can’t party and celebrate when you’re uncomfortable knowing that there is still a long way to go until things are truly right and truly equal.

Indiana Gay Marriage Statistics

75% of same-sex couples in Indiana chose to get married in another state due to the uncomfortableness they feel in their own state. 35% of Indiana same-sex couples admit to not having told their parents about their partner yet, because they are scared of what will happen to them. 8% of gay married couples admit that they are married and haven’t told their parents or families yet. 45% of same-sex couples have moved from Indiana to a different state so that they can feel more safe and comfortable. They also feel that they fit in better in their new homes than they ever did in Indiana. Only 30% of same-sex couples in Indiana have children. 50% say that they are worried to have children because they are scared of what could potentially be done to them. The other 20% don’t wish to have children.

The Current Status of Indiana Gay Marriage

The current status of Indiana gay marriage isn’t the best. A lot of the gay couples currently living in Indiana don’t want to get married there, and the straight community aren’t happy with the fact that things are now equal. Getting married in Indiana for a same-sex couple can be difficult. Since there is so much hate towards the situation, it’s hard to feel comfortable in a place that is supposed to be your home, and there’s nothing alright about that. There aren’t many businesses or companies that make getting married as a gay couple comfortable, and there aren’t many support groups or even support in general from many people.

The Future Status Indiana Gay Marriage

How far in the future are we talking? If we are talking about the near future, things are going to be the same and people are still going to continue fighting against same-sex marriage. Decades from now, things will be a lot better than they are now if same-sex marriage continues to be legal. If we begin working backwards by banning same-sex marriage again, things will stay the same and even get worse. Hopefully, that isn’t the case when it comes to Indiana or any other state in the United States. As older generations begin moving out and newer generations begin to take their places, things will slowly get better and better. It is a lot easier to teach the untaught than teach the taught. This means that it is easier to help someone make their mind than try and change someone’s set opinion. As times go on, schools will eventually teach about same-sex marriage history and will also teach children that being gay is totally normal and okay. There are barely any places to go to have a same-sex wedding in Indiana. There are a few wedding services that cater to same-sex weddings, but there aren’t many. In the links below, you can find out how to get in touch with some of these wedding services to start planning your Indiana gay wedding.

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