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Gay Marriage In Colorado has all the information you need to keep you updated with the most recent and interesting info concerning gay marriage in Colorado. Below, you will find everything from history to the future status of Colorado gay marriage. There were a lot of ups and downs when it comes to the history of gay marriage, but I guess you need to go through the storm to get the rainbow! Today, the attitude towards same-sex marriage is great. There is a huge gay married population in Colorado, and that won’t change anytime soon. Colorado is a very peaceful place to settle down if you are looking to start and raise a family. It is quiet, safe, and accepting. What more would you want?

Colorado Gay Marriage History

In Colorado in 1996, same-sex marriage was banned. That same year, the ban was taken away. The following year in 1997, the ban on same-sex marriage was back, and again was taken away. In the year 2000, same-sex marriage was banned once again - confusing stuff. On November 7th 2006, the State of Colorado voted in favor of the recognition of same-sex marriage in the constitution. The vote was 56% to 44%. There were 5 different cases dealing with same-sex marriage in Colorado. All of them had one thing in common, every single couple just wanted to be heard, and they all wanted their rights. They were unhappy with the way they were being treated and the discrimination they went through. They needed gay marriage to be legalized, not only to show people that they were the same as everyone else, but to be equal to the opposite sex couples that were getting more than these same-sex couples were. Plenty of gay couples tried getting marriage licenses throughout the years and haven’t been able to get one. Good thing that this has finally changed! There was a Boulder County clerk who had been issuing same-sex couples marriage licenses without anyone knowing, (except for the gay population of course). Once the police caught onto what she was doing, she was taken to court and was told that she had been engaging in a type of "civil disobedience". She did not get in too much trouble, and got off with just a warning. She was also under watch so that the court and the government could make sure that no one was getting a marriage license if they were gay. Since 2011, not a year has gone by when the majority of Colorado has wanted same-sex marriage to be banned. The majority of Colorado is for gay marriage. Same-sex marriage was legalized on October 7th, 2014. The gay marriage ban was taken away on July 9th 2014, which was only 4 months before it was legal.

Colorado Gay Marriage Statistics

Colorado gay marriage has been a rollercoaster ride. It was banned and unbanned 3 times in the 90’s and early 2000’s. The first time that gay marriage was unbanned in Colorado, 4,000 same-sex couples received marriage licenses. The second time gay marriage was unbanned, 2,500 same-sex couples received marriage licenses. 60% of the gay married couples who live in Colorado have children. 30% of them hired surrogates, while the other 70% adopted. Colorado was voted 4th most gay-friendly place to live in 2015. Since same-sex marriage was legalized, there have been 40,000 same-sex weddings in Colorado. Every pride week in Colorado, 12% more people attend. Within the last 12 years, more than 100,000 people have attended.

The Current Status Colorado Gay Marriage

The current status of Colorado gay marriage is great. There are a lot of couples getting married and there are also a lot of couples coming from outside the state to be married. Since Colorado is such a beautiful place, for the last 2 years it’s been one of the top places to get married for gay couples. There was a lot of ups and downs when it came with same-sex marriage history in Colorado, but now, things have smoothed out. Colorado is a beautiful place to live, and is also very inviting and welcoming to same-sex couples. A lot of gay couples have moved to Colorado because of its reputation of being a humble and quiet place. A lot of the States in the United States that are extremely accepting of same-sex couples and marriage are loud and busy. If you think about California and New York, sure, both are accepting of the gay population but both are big and loud. Not everyone likes big and loud, which means that there has to be another option, and this option is Colorado. Sometimes Colorado can get cold, but that’s a good trade when it comes to being extremely quiet and tranquil, and having spectacular scenery. There are many businesses that cater strictly to same-sex couples. This shows that there are a lot of gay couples being married in Colorado. Colorado is also known for their hospitality. The residents of Colorado are very accepting people. If you are in a gay relationship or marriage, you will be happy with the vibe of this state. You most likely won’t feel any judgement and will always be made comfortable wherever you go. There are lots of gay bars and clubs where you will find people from all around the world - these bars are world famous. A few gay couples were actually married at the pride week events in Colorado.

The Future Status of Colorado Gay Marriage

The future of Colorado same-sex marriage is great. They really can’t do a better job than they are now. Everything will continue going smoothly, and the attitude towards gay marriage will continue being a good one. There are going to be businesses for gay weddings popping up all over Colorado. It will be extremely easy to find and get in touch with the people who can give you everything you need to plan your perfect gay wedding. It has been said that the pride events that they have every year continue to grow and grow as the years go on.

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