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It's easy to find the bestgay bars Portland when you have a list at your finger tips from Read our article to find exactly what you need. We promise that if you take our advice, you won't be disappointed at all, in fact, you will start to have the best time ever and your social calendar will be overflowing!

History Of Gay Bars Portland

The Stark Street area is known for housing the largest amount of gay bars Portland over the years. Although many bars have closed or moved to a new location, this Stark Street area seems to be the hub for gay bars. In the 1990Õs, there were a large number of gay bars on Stark Street, which gave the street a very festive air. In recent years, it has been said that their gay bar is dead or dying, with so many gay bars in Portland closing in the last couple of years. This is because the LGBT community doesn't need gay bars like it once did since the gay community is widely accepted now in Portland. Up until recently the need for gay bars was high because LGBT people need safe spaces to be themselves, now that 'being gay' isn't seen as something 'bad' or 'unacceptable' gay bars aren't in as high demand.

Out And About: Gay Bars Portland

Gay bars in Portland have so much going on every day of the week. Karaoke seems to be very popular right now in gay bars Portland with most bars offering it at least one night of the week. So, if that's what you're looking for, you'll want to check out Stag PDX or Silverado on Monday nights or Scandals on Tuesday nights. There are always some great shows that are worth checking out, Crush always have some sort of interesting and fun Burlesque show to entertain and Local Lounge offers something that no other bar does on Sunday nights - Ping Pong with host Jeff! Of course the best day of the week to go out to any Portland gay bar is still Saturday nights.

Gay Bars Portland: Directory

Portland is home to many great long standing gay bars that are worth spending some time at. Why not plan a pub crawl with a group of friends and really make a night out of it. Here is the best list of gay bars Portland:


Type: Gay Bar
Space: Large Patio, stage, large bar and seating area
Crowd: Chill crowd welcoming to all gay and straight men and women
Address: 1125 SW Stark Street, Portland, OR 97205, United States
Phone Number: 503-227-5887
Any Notes: Open 7 days a week from 12pm until 2:30am
  • Last Sunday of the Month: Sunday Afternoon Jazz from 2pm until 4pm

  • Monday Nights: Absolut Country of Scandals Monday starting at 8pm with Drag, Trivia, Games and more, Absolut Specials

  • Tuesday Nights: Ton Def Tuesday karaoke with KJ Suzanne starting at 9pm, Drink Specials

  • Wednesday Nights: Mid Week Lounge from 9pm until 12am with Micro Brew Specials, Monthly Talent Showcase with Pagan Holladay

  • Thursday Nights: Chill with DJ Robb starting at 9pm, Drink Specials

  • Friday and Saturday Nights: Absolut Weekend Upgrade with DJ Robb, Absolut Drink Specials

  • Sunday Afternoons: Mattie Mae's Bloody Mary Bar from Noon until 4pm Sunday Nights: S.I.N. - Service Industry Night from 9pm until 12am

  • Happy Hour: Everyday from 4pm until 8pm and until 12am on Thursday and Sunday


Type: 2 Bars - Dance Club and The Lounge
Space: Dance Club - Male Entertainers, Dance Floor, Modern Sound System, 2 Bars, VIP Club Q The Lounge - 6 Video Poker Machines, Full Video Bar, Live Keno, Pool Table
Crowd: Gay men who are looking for a great night out
Address: 318 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR, 97204, United States
Phone Number: 503-224-4493
Any Notes: Open 7 days a week from 9am until 2:30am
  • Sundays: Sunday School & Beer Bust from 3pm until 10pm, Happy Hour from 9am until 9pm, Dancers from 6pm until 10pm and 10pm until 2am

  • Monday Nights: Monday Amateur Dance Night - tryouts at 9pm and Dancers start at 10pm, Karaoke starting at 9pm in the Lounge

  • Tuesday Nights: Bear, Beer, Bust - Bear, Cub and Otter Night

  • Wednesday Nights: Latino Night starting at 9pm hosted by Mesha Peru and Bartenders Jeremy and Adam with Dancers at 10pm

  • Thursday Nights: Thursday Night Weekend Kickoff Party with Dancers from 5pm until 8pm and 10pm until 2am, Drink Specials

  • Friday and Saturday Nights: Dance Party! Newest Dance and EDM, Happy Hour Dancers from 5pm until 8pm, Drink Specials, Silverado Studs every night from 10pm until 2am

Stag PDX

Type: Gay Gentleman's Club and Lounge
Space: The Main Bar - Large bar area, comfortable and relaxed seating area, stage The Annex - full bar, pool table, video lottery machines, tons of seating in a casual setting
Crowd: LGBTQ community
Address: 317 NW Broadway, Portland, OR, 97209, United States
Phone Number: 971-407-3132
Any Notes: Open 7 days a week from 3pm until 2am
  • Monday Nights: Stag Karaoke starting at 9pm hosted by Nae Nae Dominatrix in the Annex

  • Wednesday Nights: Amateur Night starting at 8:45pm hosted by Godiva DeVvne in the Main Bar, Stag Karaoke starting at 9pm hosted by Nae Nae Dominatrix in the Annex

  • Thursday Nights: Throwback Thursday hosted by Drexler with house DJ playing the best pop, hip hop, and R&B hits of the 80's, 90's and 00's

  • Sundays: TESTIFY! Brunch hosted by Alexis Campbell Starr from 11am until 3pm, Show starts at 12:30pm

  • Happy Hour: Everyday from 3pm until 7pm

  • Live Dancers: Monday - Saturday starting at 9:30pm, Sundays starting at 5:30pm

Crush Bar

Type: Gay owned and operated restaurant/bar/event space
Space: Seating for 90 comfortably, stage, area for dancing
Crowd: broad range of clientele
Address: 1400 SE Morrison Street, Portland, OR, 97214, United States
Phone Number: 503-235-8150
Any Notes: Open 7 days a week, Monday to Friday from 12pm until 2am, Saturday from 11am until 2am and Sunday from 11am until 12am
  • Happy Hour: Everyday from 3pm until 7pm and 3pm until 12am on Mondays

  • First Tuesday of every Month: Bingo from 6pm until 8pm

  • First Friday of every Month: Burlesque S'il Vous Plait! A classic burlesque show with a contemporary variety twist, Doors open at 8:30pm, Show at 9pm

  • First Saturday of every Month: Pants OFF Dance OFF - Body positive, bare-as-you-dare dance party starting at 9pm with a clothes check available

  • Second Tuesday of the Month: Bi Bar - Bi/Pan/Fluid/Queer Dance Party starting at 8pm, Happy Hour until 12am

  • Second Saturday of every Month: Death of Glitter: Genderf*ck Glam Cabaret starting at 9pm Third Saturday of the Month: Burlescape - a tantalizing temptation of burlesque and boylesque wrapped in a taste of tease, Doors open at 9pm, Show at 9:30pm

  • Third Sunday of the Month: Rare Vintage Burlesque - burlesque produced and performed by women over 40, Doors open at 8:30, Show at 9pm

  • Last Friday of every Month: A People's Choir - Karaoke and Choir combined where everyone sings together starting at 9pm

  • Last Sundays of every Month: Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School - live art drawing with posed models starting at 7pm

Local Lounge

Type: Lounge
Space: Relaxed atmosphere, bar, intimate seating areas
Crowd: Local neighbors - Men and women, gay, straight and everything in between
Address: 3536 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR, 97212, United States
Phone Number: 503-282-1833
Any Notes: Open 7 days a week, Monday to Thursday from 3:30pm until 12am, Friday from 3:30pm until 2:30am, Saturday and Sunday from 11am until 2:30am
  • Sundays: Ping Pong hosted by Jeff starting at 1pm

  • Monday Nights: Ru Pauls' Drag Race Viewing Party at 9pm, Portland's Grand Drag Show hosted by Alexis Campbell Starr

  • Friday Nights: Randy's Happy Hour from 4pm until 8pm

  • First Saturday of the Month: International Reggae Night - Afro Beats, Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop featuring DJ Solo and DJ MM Second Saturday of the Month: Oregon Bear Bust starting at 8pm

Sloan's Tavern

Type: No-frills gay bar
Space: 70's decor with a semi truck built into the wall, a jukebox with animated band and TV playing current sports
Crowd: easy going older crowd
Address: 36 N Russell Street, Portland, OR, 97227, United States
Phone Number: 503-287-2262
Any Notes: Open Monday to Thursday 11am until 10pm and Friday 11am until 12am, closed Saturday and Sunday
  • Second Saturday of the Month: Goth Bingo - 4 games a night from 8pm until 11:30pm

Darcelle XV

Type: Gay Bar with Drag Show
Space: Stage and seating
Crowd: Mixed crowd of gay men and women
Address: 208 NW 3rd Ave, Portland, Or, 97201, United States
Phone Number: 503-222-5338
Any Notes: Closed Sunday to Tuesday, Open Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm until 11pm, Friday and Saturday from 6pm until 2:30am, Reservations Recommended, 21+ only, Entertainment Charge - $20
  • World Famous Female Impersonators: Show Times - Wednesdays and Thursdays 8pm, Fridays and Saturdays 8pm and 10:30pm

  • Male Centerfold (Strippers) Show: Friday and Saturday Nights only at 12am

Euphoria Nightclub

Type: Gay Night Club
Space: two level night club
Crowd: 21+
Address: 315 SE 3rd Ave, Portland, OR, 97214, United States
Phone Number: 503-222-5338
Website: no website given / listed
Any Notes: Closed Monday and Tuesday, Open Wednesday from10pm until 2:15am, closed Thursdays, Open Friday and Saturdays from 10pm until 2:15am
  • Popular two level dance venue with Branx Downstairs and Rotture upstairs. Massive Monthy Queer party - Blow Pony

  • Branx hosts some all ages shows

  • Rotture is always 21+

The Eagle Portland

Type: Gay Men's Bar
Space: a relaxed hangout
Crowd: Authentic, Masculine, Gay men
Address: 835 N Lombard Street, Portland, OR, 97217, United States
Phone Number: 503-283-9734
Any Notes: Open 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Happy Hour: Daily from 2pm until 7pm

  • Sunday Nights: Bottoms Up BBQ from 4pm until 7pm, Old Skool Sundays from 7pm until close

  • Monday Nights: Brief Encounters - drop trou, hang out, drink cheap, Happy Hour Drink pricing all night

  • Tuesday Nights: Rock Hard Rock 'N Roll from 7pm until close

  • Wednesday Nights: Movie Night with Colin - Fun Flicks and Free Popcorn from 8pm until close

  • hursday Nights: Bearly Naked Billards - Free Pool from 8:30pm until close

The Hanky Code: Guests wear handkerchiefs to signify sexual preference and interests. Common colors sold in vending machine. It is encouraged for you to seek out others that represent you. Events that are Hanky-themed parties occur regularly or you can wear your Hanky on any given night to help other guests know what it is that you're looking for and interested in without having to beat around the bush or make useless small talk. You can learn more about the hanky code at

Gay Bars Portland: Concluding Thoughts

The gay bars Portland scene has everything that you can possibly imagine. Many of these bars have been around for years in one way or another and the owners know what it is that their guests are looking for in a night out, or local hangout after work and they work hard each day to deliver exactly what it is that you want. Portland gay bar owners are always looking for ways to bring more of the gay community out to their bars and they want everyone to be successful and enjoy the experience that is had when 'out on the town'.

If you're planning a trip and are looking for other cities with amazing gay bars, have a look at San Francisco. If you want to learn more about gay bars around the United States, check out our article on US Gay Bars.

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