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The Best Gay Clubs And Gay Bars Glasgow Has To Offer Are All Right Here

History Of Gay Clubs And Gay Bars Glasgow

Glasgow in recent years has been making an argument as to why it could be considered UK's gay capital. That title is usually associated with Brighton and their very gay friendly beach clubs and nude beaches. Glasgow though has the beautiful gay Merchant City neighborhood, sometimes referred to as the Pink Triangle, with its sparkling roof top of lights.

By the mid-20th century Glasgow had a blossoming non-heterosexual population. There were a few establishments early on, such as Top Spot on Hope Street, where gay men would congregate. This was still done in secret as heterosexual patrons were visiting the bars as well. However there were some earlier bars where men didn't have to be as discreet, such as The Stand Bar on Hope Street, where men would not use their own names, instead were given a "nick name", usually of a female film star who's sexual role and personality they resembled. A lot of men in those early days would meet in movie theaters since there was always a level of danger when visiting pubs since men known as "queer bashers" would get a man into an alley with the promise of gay sex, and then would proceed to violently beat them for being gay.

Glasgow has given birth to one of the best gay neighborhood in the UK, and possibly the world, with its infamous Merchant City Gay Triangle neighborhood. The area is dense with great gay bars and gay clubs and you can find the best gay bars Glasgow has to offer all with a few block radius. Check out all of the best gay bars and gay clubs Glasgow currently has to offer right here and find the best spot for you, there is probably more than one though.

Best Times To Hit The Gay Bar Glasgow Scene

Going out to gay bars and gay clubs in Glasgow is always a good time, but there are times where it is much busier and you are guaranteed to have a great night out! Any time during the Glasgow Pride festival is optimal since the city is filled not only with the gay residents of Glasgow, but with gay tourists from all over the UK and the world. Any time during the Glasgay Festival is also a great time to visit gay bars in Glasgow, the festival has a ton of events happening though out the festival including comedy, music, film, theater, live performance arts, and literature. Glasgow has its more popular gay bar nights as well where you can attend with confidence knowing it is going to be busy and fun. For example, Delmonicas, hosts a legendary trivia night called "Lets Get Quizzical" that is always well attended and is guaranteed to be a good time since it is hosted by local legend Darren. On the opposite end of the gar bar spectrum is NMFA at Bacchaus Cafe Bar, this is a massive dance party featuring great alternative indie music that happens on the second Friday of every month. They avoid the typical hits since the acronym title for the night stands for No More Fucking Abba, we can all get on board with that can't we? Another interesting night for older gay men is DILF Scotland @ The Poetry Club which is a monthly dance party for mature men. They describe themselves as a "dark and dirty" club, and they attract all types of mature gays such as bears, cubs, leather and rubber enthusiasts, and many more.

Gay Clubs And Gay Bars Glasgow: The Directory

The Polo Lounge

Type: Gay bar/Gay club
Space: Very large gay bar with a big dance floor
Crowd: All types, a lot of younger gay men
Address: 84 Wilson St, Glasgow G1 1UZ
BREIF DESCRIPTION: Located in Glasgow's gay triangle, the Polo Lounge is one of the cities largest gay bars. They have a large dance floor that is usually packed with gay men. Since its opening in 1996 the bar has attracted a lot of Glasgow's young gay men and there friends, so you will typically find a majority younger crowd at the Polo Lounge. With the bars high level of camp, cheesy top charts music, and its large dance floor, the place is always packed on weekends. They are open every day and it still a popular spot during the week as well.

The Underground

Type: Gay bar/Gay club
Space: Gay bar with a large dance floor and karaoke stage
Crowd: Mixed crowd of locals and tourists
Address: 6A John St, City Centre, Glasgow G1 1JQ
BREIF DESCRIPTION: The Underground is one of Glasgow's friendliest gay bars. With its large dance floor and cheap drinks they attract a ton of local and tourists looking to make friends and have a good time. They have a ton of regular karaoke events. The bar is open daily right in the heart of Glasgow gay triangle.


Type: Gay Bar
Space: Gay bar with private booths
Address: 68 Virginia St, Glasgow G1 1TX
BREIF DESCRIPTION: Delmonicas, known locally as Dels, is a very fun gar bar located in the heart of Glasgow's gay neighborhood. Opened in 1991 Dels has been entertaining local gay men and tourists with nights of entertainment including their popular karaoke nights. You have to visit on Thursdays to attend their famous quiz nights "Lets Get Quizzical" hosted by the legendary Darren. They are open only until 1 am daily.


Type: Gay Bar and Lounge
Space: Classic cocktail lounge with private booths
Crowd: Mixed crowd with a lot of hipsters
Address: 10 John St, Merchant City, Glasgow G1 1JQ
BREIF DESCRIPTION: Speakeasy is a hipster filled gay lounge that prides itself on its atmosphere and friendly ambiance. They do some great classic dishes and cocktails with a modern twist in the sprawling space filled with great music and crowds. The bar is always busy on the weekends and they are open Wednesdays through Saturdays.

The Waterloo Bar

Type: Gay Bar
Space: Traditional style pub
Crowd: Local Glaswegian gay men
Address: 306 Argyle St, Glasgow G2 8LY
BREIF DESCRIPTION: The Waterloo is the oldest gay bar in Glasgow, running for 50+ years, and it's aways filled with locals looking to have fun and sing some karaoke. Its a popular spot with the locals with its cheap drinks, only £3!, and great entertainment. Karaoke takes place every Sunday is should not be missed since it is always a great time.

The Riding Room

Type: Live Entertainment Gay Bar
Space: Vintage style bar with updated look and a live entertainment stage.
Crowd: All types
Address: 58 Virginia St, Glasgow G1 1TX
BREIF DESCRIPTION: The Riding Room is an upscale vintage gay bar with a live entertainment stage featuring cabaret, burlesque, magic and more. They have unique and exotic cocktails thats adds to the vintage atmosphere. They are open daily and always have something happening on the live stage. Located right in the middle of Merchant City its always a happening spot any night of the week.

Merchant Pride

Type: Gay Bar
Space: Classic UK pub with a gay flair
Crowd: Eclectic mix of gay men
Address: 20 Candleriggs, City Centre, Glasgow G1 1LD
BREIF DESCRIPTION: Merchant Pride is a classic UK pub in the heart of Merchant City, Glasgow's gay triangle neighborhood. They put on a wide array of events from karaoke to live DJ nights. They have a very friendly atmosphere, and the bar is the perfect place to start your night in Glasgow's gay triangle. The bar is closed on Wednesdays.

Katie's Bar

Type: Gay Bar
Space: Underground bar with a dance floor and pool table
Crowd: All types
Address: 17 John St, Glasgow G1 1HP
BREIF DESCRIPTION: Katie's Bar is a trendy, hip gay bar with cheap cocktails and shot specials all week. They do a ton of different entertainment nights including open mic nights, drag shows, and tribute shows. The bar resembles a basement cellar and the temperature matches the aesthetic, that can be a good thing though when it gets busy and the bar is filled with bodies.

The Gallery

Type: Gay bar
Space: Straight forward pub with live entertainment
Crowd: Mixed crowd of all types
Address: 101 Brunswick St, Glasgow G1 1TB
BREIF DESCRIPTION: The Gallery is one of the newest gay bars Glasgow has to offer in the gay triangle area. It should be considered as more of a pub/restaurant than a club with the table seating and tasty food and drink options. They do the occasional live entertainment night and regularly show sporting events on the televisions. A particularly unique feature is the local art displayed on the walls that really give the spot a great vibe and energy.

AXM Glasgow

Type: Gay Club
Space: Sprawling, darkly lit club with a big dance floor
Crowd: Large mix of late night partiers
Address: 80 Glassford St, Glasgow G1 1UR
BREIF DESCRIPTION: AXM Glasgow, a sister club to the AXM Manchester, is one of the largest gay clubs Glasgow has to offer. Its massive dance floor is always packed from Wednesday to Sunday. They are open late, usually from 11pm to 3 am on weekends, and they regularly have celebrities in attendance. They also do musical performances, but it's mostly high energy, dance and pop music, dance parties.

The Flying Duck

Type: Gay Bar
Space: Intimate alternative basement bar
Crowd: Mix of artsy gay men
Address: 142 Renfield St, Glasgow G2 3AU
BREIF DESCRIPTION: The Flying Duck is a small art-centric gay friendly bar on Sauchiehall St. A highlight is the "All The Young Nudes" life drawing sessions. Other great features are live fold music, dancing and cheap drinks.

Club X

Type: Underground Gay Club
Space: Dark underground gay club with group showers
Crowd: S&M, Alt, and Leather Fetishists
BREIF DESCRIPTION: Club X is a dirty little secret tucked away in the basement of the Polo Club. They boast that Club X is where anything, and everything goes. You can loose yourself in the dark areas in the club and find yourself any type of fun you are looking for, you can also get wet in the group showers where you will experience the full extent of their everything goes policy. A highlight of the week is "Sinsational Saturdays" where you can get a shot special for £1.50, and you can get a half priced entry pass from Delmonicas.

Closing Notes For Gay Clubs And Gay Bars Glasgow

Glasgow has one off the best gay scenes in all of Europe with its famous Merchant City Gay Triangle neighborhood. You can find all of the best gay bars Glasgow has to offer all with a few block of each other. This part of the city is beautiful and should be seen my anyone visiting the city, straight or gay. There are plenty of tourists in gay clubs and bars in Glasgow since men travel from all around to experience a night of fun in one of the best gay neighborhoods there is. Wether you want a relaxed night of casual drinking featuring free pool and karaoke, or a wild night of shots and staying up dancing till the sun comes up, Glasgow has something to offer for everyone. is the information centre for every subject of gay lifestyle living. You can find out everything you need to know about gay marriage, gay porn, gay dating, and gay sex toys right here. You can find information on any major city in the world you're traveling too, and where the best spots are to experience the cities gay culture. Has The Best Gay Bars Las Vegas Guide

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