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Gay Bars LA has everything you need to know about gay bars Los Angeles. When it comes to gay clubs in Los Angeles, these are the hottest, most iconic gay bars and clubs in the whole entire world. Whether you are re-locating, visiting from out of town, or live here and simply have never been to these clubs. recommends you to visit the gay bars that are listed in our directory below. The first Los Angeles gay bar has come and gone, but so many more have then it’s place. There are more than 40 gay bars in the Los Angeles area and the number just continues to grow. This is the first city to have a gay bar in the world and continues to have not only the best bars, but also the best guests. It is always a fun time when you head to a LA gay bar. There are so many types of gay bars that Los Angeles has to offer - yes there are more than one.

Gay Bars Los Angeles: History

In the 1920’s, gay bars started popping up all over Los Angeles. Silent movie stars often went to gay clubs and bars because they were said to be the most lavish. Later on, all of the biggest names in film, television and music joined in the fad of going to gay bars LA spots and gay clubs. It was said that there was better service and that everyone had all in all a better time. A lot of these stars also had a huge following of gay men which made their visits to these clubs and bars even more special. One of these actresses who had a large gay following was Judy Garland also known as Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz. On the day Judy died of a drug overdose (June 27th 1969), police raided a gay bar in New York called Stonewall, now, the people who were in this bar at the time (listening to classic Judy Garland songs) had had enough. They were so unhappy about this death that they decided on fighting the police. To this day, Judy Garland is implanted in everyones mind as one of the reasons the Gay Pride Movement began.

In the late 50’s, local gay bars were called into court to be put on trial. Some local groups tried to get their liquor licenses taken away but it didn’t work. There was no chance that the liquor licenses of these bars and clubs would get taken away just because their clientele was gay. In the mid 1950’s, the first gay bar was opened in LA. Although these bars were constantly ridiculed and bothered by the police and hate groups, these bars and clubs continued to stay open.

Gay Bars LA: Best Times and Dates

If you have been going out to gay bars and gay clubs for a long time in Los Angeles, you probably know what the best days are to go out. For anyone who is new to the scene, the prime days and times to go out in LA are Thursday-Saturday from 11:30pm-3am.

Gay Bars LA Types

Twink Bar

A twink bar is exactly what it sounds like, young men getting drunk and hooking up is pretty much all. A twin bar is just for younger men who are looking to get some.

Neighborhood Haunt

The gay bar that you go to where everyone knows your name - kind of like Cheers - but gay! The staff in neighborhood haunt bars have great memories, seeing as they can remember everyones drink and everyone’s first and last names. This makes it hard for people not to come back because they feel so comfortable. Once you get to know a place and feel welcome there, there isn’t a reason to leave, or cut yourself off from it.

Mega Club

A mega club is pretty much exactly what it sounds like - a club times 100. The music is so loud you will be yelling "what?!" for days after, and the men are so hot that they literally start taking their clothes off, like, literally. If there is sweat dripping, drinks being spilled and gyrating, you are definitely in a Mega Club.

Leather Bars

Leather bars have a lot to do with heightening masculinity. The bars themselves can be a bit tacky, but the clientele believe that they are making a difference in the gay community by setting an example.

Backroom Bar

A backroom bar is a bar where gay men can go to get there physical needs taken care of - enough said.

Queer Bar

The difference between a gay bar and a queer bar is that a queer bar usually has people from the whole LGBT community there instead of just gay men. Of course other people do go to gay bars even when they aren’t gay men, but the clientele of a queer bar are a lot of different people rather than having majority gay men.

Piano Bar

A piano bar is a very class gay club where you can sit down, enjoy a glass of wine and listen to some live music, usually including a piano (which is where the name ‘Piano bar’ came from.) A lot of celebrities will go and either preform or enjoy the music at piano bars when they have the chance. There are so many piano bars in LA that it is really hard to keep track. Piano bars were the first gay bars. Even people who weren’t totally into the idea of homosexuality couldn’t stay away from these venues, they were just so enjoyable that no matter who the person was or what they thought, they would have to come take a look, or even come back for the fifth or sixth time.

Gay Strip Club

A gay strip club is a gay strip club. There are men dancing instead of women and it is just a much more fun environment.

Gay Bars Los Angeles: Directory

There are tons of gay bars spread all over Los Angeles today. Though all of the gay bars and clubs in the LA area are great, the gay bars LA spots you will read in this article are said to be some of the best in the world. If you are looking to get out for the night and leave your troubles behind, going to the following bars and clubs will certainly help you out.

Akbar Cocktail

Type: Gay Bar/Nightclub
Space: Large Room, patio
Crowd: 21+ Mixed
Address: 4356 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

Brief Description: Located on Sunset Blvd, Akbar gay bar and nightclub was founded in 1996 and is still one of the best gay joints in all of LA. This is a very retro, juke box kind of place, where everyone loves rock and roll and disco. The walls are covered with beautiful art and there is a red glow throughout which gives a very laid back feel. The employees and clientele all believe in the same thing - everyone is equal. If a celebrity is coming for the night, there is no special treatment. No velvet lines, red carpets or anything fancy like that. Akbar loves the regulars and don’t want anyone to feel that they are less than. Akbar is open every Thursday-Saturday.


Type: Restaurant/Lounge/Drag
Space: Small, patio
Crowd: 21+ Mixed
Address: 131 E 6th St, Los Angeles

Brief Description:Redline Lounge is a small, hidden venue that is anything but boring. If you are wanting to go out to a lounge just to hang out and talk, Redline isn’t the place. The music is always booming, making it almost impossible to speak. If you are interested in dancing the night away and maybe getting lucky at the end of the night, then this is the place. Not only the staff is good looking, but so is the clientele. This restaurant/lounge is open from 5pm-2am from Monday’s-Saturday’s, and is open on Sunday from noon until 12am. Redline is open so early on Sundays to serve breakfast which is absolutely incredible, but make sure to make a reservation early since it takes sometimes months to get in (especially since Redline brunch is only served one day of the week). For drag shows, make sure to check out the redline website for dates. Shows vary every week.

Bar Mattachine

Type: Lounge/Gay Bar
Space: Small, outdoor seating
Crowd: 21+ Mixed
Address: 221 W 7th St, Los Angeles
Phone: (213) 278-0471

Brief Description:Bar Mattachine is definitely a favorite when you ask which gay bar people go to most in LA. People come from all around the Los Angeles area just to visit, and that must mean something. Mattachine has a very friendly and homey feel. Staff tend to know all of the regulars by names and drinks. They also get to know new clientele within just a few visits so whenever you go you will always feel comfortable and welcome by all. Even the people who hang out here are always friendly and warm. The interior is modern and chic like most Los Angeles lounges, but doesn’t have the same cold feel. Everyone knows everyone and if you are new you will be treated as if you have always been there. Bar Mattachine is open Monday-Saturday from 5pm-2am and on Sundays from 11am-2pm.

Eagle LA

Type: Leather bar, adult entertainment
Space: 2 Large rooms
Crowd: Older crowd
Address: 4219 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles

Brief Description:Eagle LA is one of Los Angeles’ first leather bar. Here, there are the sexiest older men from around the country who have come to work at one of the top leather bars in all the world. Eagle LA is a place for leathermen to bond and have a great time. There aren’t many leathermen, so it’s always nice to have a place to go where there are likeminded, and ‘like dressed’ people. Eagle LA is open Monday-Friday from 4pm-2am and is open from 2pm-2am on weekends. Check out the events section on the eagle LA website

The Edison

Type: Lounge, Gay Bar, Piano Bar
Space: Large room, stage
Crowd: 21+ Mixed
Address: 108 W 2nd St Apt 101, Los Angeles

Brief Description:The Edison is the favorite gay lounge and bar by all of the hottest celebrities and people of LA. It is easy to understand why the moment you step in. Once you pass the doors there is a complete "back in time" feel. You are in the 1920’s. There are flapper dancers. If you chose to come here, make sure you are dressed up or you will be told to leave. The dress code is very strict. While you watch the different shows that The Edison has to offer, you can have drink and even a meal. The food is unexplainable delicious and fresh and the drinks are mixed to perfection. The very friendly servers are always around and ready to leap if you need anything. The Edison is open from Wednesday-Saturday. Wednesday-Friday from 5pm-2am and Saturdays from 7pm-2am. This will easily become your favourite bar in LA once you step inside.

The Bullet

Type: Gay Bar
Space: Large room, private rooms, small patio
Crowd: 21+ Mixed
Address: 10522 Burbank Blvd North Hollywood

Brief Description:The Bullet has a very easy going crowd and the strongest drinks in LA. The bar looks sort of sketchy from the outside and in, but all of the employees and clientele are very friendly and kind. The Bullet is the local for tons of young people living nearby. There are tons of events every single week that anyone would enjoy. There are a ton of musical guests including DJs, drag shows, karaoke nights and even $2 drink Sundays. This is one of the most under rated bars in all of Los Angeles. The Bullet is open everyday from 12pm until 2am.

Gay Bars LA: Concluding Thoughts

Now that you have learnt all the GAY BARS LA and GAY CLUBS LA information you need, it’s time to go out and play! The next time you have a night off or are feeling down, check out Manplay’s gay bar guide and hit up your best friends and go out to one of these awesome venues!

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