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0’s Listing Of Gay Bars Toronto Style has plenty of the information that you need to know about gay bars Toronto. We all know it as the six or that place where Drake is from - but Toronto is also one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. With one of the biggest gay pride festivals in the city and a superior bar and restaurant scene - gay bars Toronto style might be described as places where diversity and sexuality meet. Toronto has a huge concentration of gay friendly bars and businesses that cater to gay men. wants to hook you up with hot guys from round city, but we also want to give you ideas for a night out with our gay bars listings. There is plenty to read about when it comes to gay bars, so why not take a look at our Gay bar information page for some more info. There is even more to read about gay bars in Canada.

Gay Villages In Toronto: The Center Of The Gay Bars Toronto Scene

Gay villages are known to be the centre of gay lifestyles in cities around the world and Toronto is no different. This is where many of the gay bars in the city have been centred for years and even these days; one would find that many of the gay bars have stretched across the city. For example, Toronto’s West End has become a haven for gay men and women to hang out with endless amounts of gay friendly bars and restaurants that cater to both a straight clientele and a gay clientele.

Church And Wellesley

Toronto’s gay village is called Church and Wellesley. Named after the main intersection of Church Street and Wellesley Street - the gay village flourished for many years and became a pinnacle of high class living in the city. Church and Wellesley got its start after a Victorian era man known as Alexander Wood was caught in a homosexual sex scandal that tarnished his reputation. Wood was titled the forefather of Toronto’s gay community. There is a statue of Alexander Wood in the village. Church Street itself had always been a place for underground cruising and it was where many all male spas were located. For a while, many gay men were on the down low and cruised the area discreetly. Initially Church Street was very run down and had been an area without much financial stability. The rents were low and this meant that many young gay bar owners could afford to open up. In the 70s, Yonge and Wellesley was where gay men hung out and where many famous bars such as the St. Charles and the Parkside Tavern that catered to gay men for many many years. Toronto’s gay village was also home to one of the first gay bookshops in North America, called the Glad Day Bookshop, which opened in the mid 1970s. With the influx of gay residents in the area, more and more gay businesses began to open up that entered on St. Joseph’s street, Charles Street and St. Nicholas street. Apartment blocks were built in the late 60s which also brought in a huge amount of new residents to the area. Pretty soon this was when gay bars Toronto scene began to really flourish.

Gay Bars Toronto History

In 1981, there were the Toronto Bathhouse raids which were an extreme form of backlash by the city. As a result, the first openly gay city council member was elected with his main office at Church and Wellesley. With the backlash from the Toronto police, as well as many other problems gay business owners faced - the gay bars moved to Church and Wellesley. Being one street East of one of the city’s main streets - the gay village was in a way out of sight but also more suited to its new location at Church and Wellesley where cozy streets and nooks could house much cooler bars. The proximity to many of the new apartments that popped up also meant that more gay bars could flourish. This is when Woody’s (a very famous gay bar) rose up and became a premier gay bar.

Gay Bars Stretch Across Toronto

However, recently the gay scene has steadily declined in the Church and Wellesley area. Much of this has to dow with the lack of youth living in the area as well as the fact that the various rent increases that have been exponential, have moved many smaller business owners out. Yet, due to the general appeal of gay life and how much of the city has embraced the pride festival - gay bars have popped up all over Toronto. More often than not these are bars that cater to both gay and straight people, though the concentration of gay bars in one specific area has fallen dramatically. The Annex, Parkdale and Bloor West village have become hubs for gay youth and the overall appeal of meeting someone in a bar has also decreased. This has much to do with the internet being a way for gay men to hook up - is just one of those examples.

The Best Times For Fun In Toronto

Toronto has a very vibrant restaurant and bar scene and when it comes to gay bars Toronto style, you are going to find some pretty hard to turn down deals. Toronto is notorious for starting things late. Music doesn’t start until at least eleven or midnight. Tuesday is a party day because the famed twoonie Tuesday has invaded many Canadian’s consciousness and has become a national day for cheap eats and drinks. Thursdays are popular in Toronto for starting the weekend early. From about 6 until 9, many bars will have a happy hour(s) where you can have plenty of cheap drinks and something to eat. Many of the small gay bars in the city that aren’t centered in the more touristy Church and Wellesley area will be open a select few days of the week, such as only the weekend. Like everybody knows, the weekend is the best time to play and gay bars in Toronto are no different. On any Friday night from about 8 o’clock onwards you will find shows happening in every single bar or club. Theme nights and costume parties always happen on Fridays and Saturdays and this is no different. Places like the famed Woody’s have theme music nights and dance parties catered to specific artists. The weekend is also the best time for out of Toronto gay men to hang out and date in the city, which means that there are plenty of deals so that you can get your drink on.

Gay Bars Toronto: Directory

Here is a listing of some of the premier gay bars Toronto spots. All it takes is a subway ride or cab ride to really get into the action.


Type: Gay Club
Space: seating area and stage for performances
Crowd: local regulars, drag queen enthusiasts and tourists
Address: 72 Carlton Street
Website:Zipperz Facebook Page
Any Notes Wet, wild and fun.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Zipperz has been round for many, many years and is a local staple of the gay bar scene in Toronto. It features drag nights and various drag contests. Patrons are local regulars and tourists looking to have a bit of fun and explore Toronto’s wild side.


Type: Bar and Nightclub
Space: 5 bars, huge DJ space and dance floor.
Crowd: Locals and non-Torontonians have heard about Woody’s from far and wide.
Address:467 Church Street
Any Notes Porn plays on TV screens all over the club. A highlight of Toronto’s gay bars and an extremely popular place.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:Woody’s boasts a regular clientele and has been a staple of the Toronto gay bar scene for years. It has five bars, dancers and various competitions on weekends. It’s the perfect place to take a date to have a bit of fun.

Flash On Church

Type: Bar/Club/Male Stripjoint
Space: Bars, dance floor and stage
Crowd: Huge weekend crowd. Locals and male body enthusiasts. It is a club so you need to join the place.
Address: 463 Church Street
Website:Flash On Church Homepage
Any Notes A club where you can watch men dance, you need to join the club to get the full experience.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Hot men dancing and a private VIP feel, Flash will make you want more. From drag shows to themed dancing nights, this private feeling club will keep you coming back for more. Outdoor dancers attract visitors walking up and down the street. The perfect place to take a guy on a date.

El Convento Rico

Type: dance club
Space:small stage, two bars, huge dance floor
Crowd: Busy and Bustling on the weekends. Young university students and plenty of Latino hunks. Tons of older couples looking to spice things up and dance a little.
Address:750 College Street
Website:El Convento Rico
Any NotesA great place to break the ice on a date. Be ready to get involved with performers who love to bring club goers into their routine.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:This place has been a staple of the drag queen community in Toronto but had proven to be extremely popular with young people. Gay couples love the place on the weekend where you can see drag shows and much more.

Beaver Cafe

Type: A comfort bar with art.
Space: cozy and with a patio.
Crowd: younger gay crowd and art enthusiasts. Very popular with straight couples.
Address: 1192 Queen Street West.
Website:The Beaver Toronto
Any Notes Great quiet place for a first date. Plenty of trivia nights and live music.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Beaver Cafe is one of the hippest gay spots in Toronto, where you will find young gay men and art enthusiasts mingling and taking advantage of their amazing comfort food. This bar is out of the way of the usual gay village of Church and Wellesley but packs a punch for being one of the most welcoming spaces in all of Toronto.

The Black Eagle

Type: bondage and leather themed bar/club
Space:indoor dance floor and outdoor patio
Crowd: beefy gay guys and leather enthusiasts.
Address:457 Church Street
Website:Black Eagle Toronto Homepage
Any NotesOne of the hottest gay bars in Toronto with plenty to do when it comes to be a bondage or niche enthusiast.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:This is a bar that is light and bright. A welcoming atmosphere, during a date or a night out you will find plenty of hunks with jockstraps and simply guys looking to have some fun. The bar is also open late almost every night of the week. It’s also open during the day too.

Fly 2.0

Type: A world class dance club
Space: club space with a massive DJ booth and plenty of space for dancing.
Crowd: plenty of young people and hot buff guys looking for a good time.
Address: 6 Gloucester Street
Website:Fly 2.0 Website
Any NotesGreat place for hunky guys to show off their bod.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: An internationally recognized staple of Toronto’s hot gay club scene. It is the perfect place to go out dance to your heart’s content. There are plenty of shows and it’s a great place to look and admire some of Toronto’s hot local guys. DJs from round the world do battle with sonic melodies that will really get your juices flowing.

Gay Bars Toronto: Concluding Thoughts

As you can see, there is plenty to do in Toronto with some of the hottest gay bars that are recognized internationally. Whether you’re going on a date or just looking for some cool places to bar hop, use our list and you will find that there is plenty to do in and around the town. Gay bars in Toronto are some of the most open and welcoming spaces in the world. Whether you are closeted or open - it doesn’t matter everyone of the bars on this list will let you have the fun you want and the fun you deserve. Don’t settle for anything else. Thinking about travelling to the West Coast - see what gay bars are on offer in Vancouver.’s Hot List Of Gay Bars Ottawa Raves About

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