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Gay Bars Miami

You're visiting Florida, and looking for which gay bars Miami you should go to. has your back! We have a list of the Miami gay bars to check out. Many are open every night of the week, with lots of the bars and clubs offering drag shows. Most of the clubs and bars in the area are designated gay locations, but straight patrons are always welcome!

History Of Gay Bars Miami

Miami has had gay bars and a nightlife scene for gays since the 1930s, and it's only improved and grown since then. Although during that time, it was a roller coaster of progress; gay bars were shut down constantly by police and raided on grounds of illegal gay activity, but the community persisted. Miami gay bars kept popping up and the police couldn't keep up. Currently, the area is a hot spot for gay tourists and locals, bringing in roughly 1 million gay visitors every year. Miami has had its own chamber of commerce to deal exclusively with the gay community, and this has been since 1997.

In the 1970s, the fight to have equal rights and places for their own community to gather really started gaining traction. The very first organized pride event took place in Miami Beach in 1972, including a pride march down the main street. Banners were flown and many men dressed in drag, which was illegal at the time, in protests of the laws against cross dressing and gay activity. It was effective, and the law was made ineffective a couple of weeks later. After this, gay bars and clubs opened in Miami like never before. There were lots of places for gay men to congregate and party with other gay men.

By the 1980s, Miami was known as the gay capital of the country, where hundreds of gay bars were open for business and wanting their patronage. The following 2 decades only saw more growth in the gay nightlife and culture in the city.

The 1990s, known as the "Versace Era", was a pinnacle, which brought in gay celebrities and musicians who felt safe being with other in their community in Miami.

Miami gay bars, and the area of Miami Beach itself, was improved tremendously thanks to the gay community. It had previously been a hot spot for crime and criminals, as well as a destination for elderly retirees. In the early 1990s, the gay community began transforming Miami, and particularly Miami Beach, into a colorful and glamorous location. MTV filmed reality shows like the The Real World in Miami and brought further attention to the burgeoning gay scene there. Dozens of gay bars and restaurants there catered specifically to the gay community, which wasn't possible even 5 years prior. The gay nightlife and bars cropping up earned Miami it's fabulous and glitzy status.

Miami has a huge community of drag performers and people. As a result, many of the Miami gay bars have drag performances going on at their venues, and special events for amateur drag contests. The Palace is a bar that became an increasingly popular hangout for gay men since it opened originally in the 1980s as The Fruit Palace. "Fruit" was added to the name in an attempt to appear gay friendly, and it worked! Now, it goes by Palace, and is a full restaurant and bar. They feature nightly drag shows, and the biggest one is held on Sundays as an homage to the original drag shows at the venue.

Miami has ranked extremely high on the Municipal Equality Index, meaning that it's extremely inclusive of gay rights and services. City officials are openly and proudly gay, and the city has been an inspiration for other gay friendly areas that want the same equality. So it's no surprise that the gay bars Miami scene is so popular. There are literally dozens of gay bars and restaurants to go to where you can celebrate gay culture and enjoy a friendly and accepting environment. The gay community has changed Miami drastically in the past few decades, and for the better! The economy is booming, thanks to the popularity and success of the many gay bars in the area, and the large number of tourists coming in to visit them.

Gay Bars Miami: Best Day And Time To Go Out To

In terms of going out to Miami gay bars, if you want a busy night with lots of events then the weekend is when you want to venture out. Most of the gay bars and clubs in Miami have special events on Saturdays and Sundays, so the venues are sure to be packed both nights. There are lower-key bars around as well, if you're in the mood for a quiet drink with friends. Lots of gay pubs with outdoor terraces are around for a chill evening of drinks, but there is no shortage of clubs to get your dance on. A lot of the bars open at 9pm, unless they're more casual or serving food, in which case they're likely open from noon. They're all open late into the night, the common closing time being 4 or 5am. There are after-hours venues available as well, so if your club closes earlier, you can continue to party into the night at one of these clubs or bars.

Gay Bars And Clubs Miami: Directory


Type: Dance club
Space: 7 different areas including upstairs dance floor, and strippers in the back cabana.
Crowd: Mostly young men, drag queens
Address: 1057 Washington Ave., Miami Beach
Any Notes:

Brief Description: Twist is a huge dance club with the majority of patrons being gay men. It's a great cruise spot as well. With 7 different areas in the building, you're sure to find something to your liking at this club.


Type: Bar/restaurant
Space: Comfortable open space with lots of seating. Expands out onto sidewalk Saturdays and Sundays
Crowd: Mostly men, drag queens.
Address: 1200 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach
Any Notes:

Brief Description: Palace is one of the original and more famous gay bars in Miami. It has a full restaurant and bar, and is open for business every day of the week. The busiest days are weekends, when the restaurant expands its seating onto the sidewalk, and drag queens parade the pedestrian street and joke with tourists.


Type: Gay bar
Space: Massive dance floor with large disco ball, large outdoor terrace, and a private lounge area
Crowd: Mostly younger men in their 20s and 30s
Address: 1437 Washington Ave., Miami Beach
Any Notes:

Brief Description: This is a great dance club for mostly younger men in their 20s and 30s. The huge dance floor boasts a massive disco ball over top to really get you in the groove. There's a big outdoor terrace if you want to chill outside, and a private lounge area if you want a quieter space for other, more private, activities.


Type: Club event
Space: Score Nightclub
Crowd: Mostly black and latino men
Address: 1437 Washington Ave., Miami Beach
Any Notes:

Brief Description: Club Boi is a club event that takes place at different venues. Most recently it has been taking place at Score Nightclub. The event brings in and is geared toward mostly black and latino men, but all are welcome. Get down and dirty with the guys at this dance event.


Type: Club
Space: Dance floor with laser lights, stage for performances and shows, large bar
Crowd: Mostly latino clientele, mostly men, all ages
Address: 2301 SW 32nd Avenue
Any Notes: Drag wars, cabaret, and DJ shows

Brief Description: This is a busy and rowdy dance club that hosts a variety events throughout the week. They have amateur drag war shows for men who want to compete for best drag outfit, and cabaret shows as well. Dancing is always happening here.


Type: Nightclub
Space: Glamorous and elegant club space, large dance floor and bar
Crowd: Mix of gay and straight, men and women
Address: 24 NE 11th Street
Any Notes: Legendary mega-club

Brief Description: Space is a famous nightclub that is elegant and glamorous. It's a large space with a booming dance floor that gay men and women have enjoyed for decades.


Type: Gay strip club
Space: Big club space, stage for dancers and go-go boys
Crowd: Mostly men, women permitted with male escort. Younger, 20s and 30s
Address: 7020 Biscayne Blvd.
Any Notes:

Brief Description: This gay strip club is usually full of younger men, in their 20s and 30s. Male dancers and go-go boys take the stage and dance into the audience at this energetic strip club. There's a dance space to patrons as well.


Type: Dive bar
Space: Dimly lit, minimalist decor, steel gate for a door, you need to be buzzed in
Crowd: Mix but mostly men, all ages
Address: 7005 Biscayne Blvd.
Any Notes: Beer and wine only

Brief Description: This self-proclaimed dive bar is a very low-key place to spend your evening. The door is a big steel gate where you need to be buzzed in for entry, which is unique. The lighting is low and the decor is minimal, so you can focus on your company and drinks. No hard liquor here, only beer and wine served.


Type: Club
Space: Clubby atmosphere, male strippers on stage, fully stocked bar and extensive lighting
Crowd: Mixed, mostly men on Saturdays (gay event nights)
Address: 7020 NW 72nd Street
Any Notes: Burlesque and drag shows

Brief Description: Bailo is a popular nightclub that has a mixed crowd throughout the week, with the exception of Saturdays. Gay events are hosted on Saturdays so the clientele is mostly gay men on that day. There are male strippers on stage performing, extensive lighting, a dance floor and a fully stocked bar, so you'll never have a dull moment here.


Type: Male strip club
Space: Large party atmosphere, laser lights and big stage for dancers, fully stocked bar
Crowd: Mostly young men in their 20s.
Address: 950 NE 2nd Avenue
Any Notes: Big parties on holidays

Brief Description: Evo is another male strip club, but the clientele is even younger. Mostly men in their 20s take in the dancers and dance under the laser lights, but all are welcome at this upbeat and lively club.


Type: Sports dive bar
Space: Standard sports bar with pool tables and music
Crowd: Mixed, all ages.
Address: 217 71st St., Miami Beach
Any Notes: Very friendly local bar, open 8am-5am 7 days a week

Brief Description: On The Rocks is a sports dive bar that's open almost all the time. With pool tables, music, food and drink, it's the perfect place to spend your evening in a relaxed and friendly environment with friends.

Summary Of Gay Bars Miami

Miami has a booming gay bar scene, and the nightlife can't be matched by many places in the country. The venues are all welcoming to every walk of life, but many of them are geared toward gay entertainment. With the boisterous atmosphere throughout the entire district of gay clubs and bars, it's infectious and nearly impossible not to have a good time. You'll meet tons of new people and maybe you'll even have a few new experiences in some of the hottest Miami gay bars.

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