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Gay Bars Boston

Boston is a sports town for sure, with all the success of the Boston Bruins and the Red Sox. IUt’s hard not to be. It’s no joke; people die in Boston sports riots. So, if you want sports, check out a different website. If you want to experience the Boston Gay Bars, then you have come to the right place. Manplay will be taking you through a tour of some of the best Gay Bars Boston and Gay Clubs Boston to make your decision of where to spend your time ten times easier. You have got way more important things to worry about while you are here, like where to eat and where to shop, let us worry about the nightlife. Gay Bars Boston is proud to team up with Manplay to be your guide through the city to all the best gay bars and clubs that Boston has to offer. Have fun.

History of Gay Bars Boston

Boston has a beautiful history of sports enthusiasts, baked beans, and the infamous tea party, but what you don’t hear much about is the Boston Gay Bars nightlife history. While they may not always have been the most accepting of the gay community they have come a long way.

You might not think of the McCarthy Era as being very gay-friendly, but the variety of gay night life has not been equaled since then. Scollay Square was home to many bars, burlesque houses and theatres. These bars were regularly visited by sailors in the port for some shore leave. Park Square also had a bunch of bars where lesbians and gay men could get together. Liberace often dropped in for a drink at the Napoleon Club, a popular gay bar. The Chess Room served an older, dressy clientele and Playland was more relaxed where blue collar workers mingled with college students.

In the late 1960s when the gay community started to become more prominent, certain bars in Boston would be known as ‘gay friendly‘ bars even though it was not advertised. It was a secret that the gay community knew about, so that they would have a place to go and be among people with similar interests. This was not just for gay men, but also for Lesbians. While these bars did not last as long as we would have liked, they did pave the way for future bars, restaurants and whatever you can think of to begin springing up.

During the 1980s, Haymarket had several gay friendly bars and restaurants that thrived with the growing population. GladDay Bookstore, while it is not a club or bar it is the longest surviving gay bookstore in Boston, it is still there today.

Gay Bars Boston is paving the way for future generations of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual and Transgendered people to live and play in in this city. Every year new bars, new stores, new development communities are going up that support the local gay community. Next time you take a walk through downtown Boston, know that you are in good hands. They have come a long way.

Gay Bars Boston: Directory

Alright, no more of the boring history lesson, let’s talk about Gay Bars Boston and where to go, what to do, who has the cheapest drinks and the best drag show. We have made it our mission to help you have a great time and meet a hot guy. This list is compiled with some of the best and brightest gay bars Boston and we want you to check them out.

Alley Bar

Type: Gay Bar, lounge
Space: Large space, seating available, dance floor, large full bar
Crowd: College and young adult
Address: 14 Pi Alley, Boston MA 02108
Any Notes: Cash bar, parking available, Coat check

Brief Description: This unpretentious dive bar is a favorite among the gay community. While the bar caters mainly to Bears, there is room here for everyone. The bartenders are hot with a great sense of humor, and there’s live TV playing Boston sports channels for your viewing enjoyment. Karaoke every Sunday night at 9pm and pool tournaments every Thursday, there is always something going on at The Alley Bar. Drop by on the weekend when the place is packed and the men are mingling. Drop a twenty on a corner hole game and see how the night plays out. Luck may be in your favor tonight. This bar might be right up your ALLEY.


Type: Gay bar
Space: Huge space, three building, two stories, 4 bars, limited seating area, dance floor, pool room, patio
Crowd: College to young adults
Address: 1256 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02215
Any Notes: Three bars combined to make one epic bar, close to transit, cash bar, parking available

Brief Description: This place is very interesting because it’s actually three bars directly next to each other and they have combined to create the world’s best experience possible in Boston Gay Bars. This bar has a dance floor, a pool room, two stories, with 4 large bars for all your drinking pleasure and an outdoor patio. The Friday night DJ is reason enough to head on out to drink and maybe even dance your night away. Be there around 9pm when the party gets going. With options to both get rowdy or stay chill you can not go wrong with this bar. Kick off your weekend with a bang, do a shot, meet a guy, whatever your heart desires. You are sure to find it here.

The Boston Eagle Bar

Type: Gay Bars, lounge
Space: Medium sized, full bar, lots of seating
Crowd: College to middle aged adults
Address: 520 Tremont St, Boston MA 02116
Website:The Boston Eagle Bar
Any Notes: Cash only, no coat check, wheelchair accessible, street parking, close to transit.

Brief Description: One of the oldest gay bars in Boston and they are very proud of this. This nitty, gritty dive bar is what makes America and Boston so great. It has become widely recognized as the institution or rite of passage to those in the gay community. It does not have flashing lights, or a huge dance floor, or exceptional parties. This place is a simple bar to relax and enjoy a good conversation and a pint of beer. This laid back style is helped by the bartender Jack, who has been serving there for many many years and does not plan on retiring any time soon. This down home feel reminds us of ‘Cheers‘ because sometimes you ant to go where everybody knows your name. Plus, Jack is always glad you came. On a night when you want to go out but you are not in the mood for rowdy dancing or drinking the night away, come and share good conversation with the local gay community and see why Boston is the best. Fridays around 10pm is THE time to go.

Cathedral Station

Type: Gay bar, sports bar, restaurant
Space: Medium to large space, huge full bar, large seating area, patio
Crowd: Young to middle aged adults
Address: 1222 Washington St, Boston MA 02118
Any Notes: All credit cards accepted, smoking outside, parking available

Brief Description: Cathedral Station is the kind of place where you can enjoy great food, a Red Sox or Bruins game on the TV and meet some very attractive men. This place celebrates the LGBT community in different categories of sports and have been doing that since 1978. Organizations including Outryders, Luquid Assets New England Swimming, Boston Pride Hockey and Boston Gay Basketball League just to name a few organizations are ones that support this local establishment. Many local LGBT teams come here to blow off steam after a game. If athletes are your type, this is the place to be. While the cocktails are a bit pricier ($11.50) the Cathedral Station is worth it. Any night is a great night to come out, especially if there’s a team celebrating a victory. Drinks pour until 2 am but the fun goes on all night. Whether you are looking to watch the game, or just plain hit on some athletes, Cathedral Station is the place to go to.

Gay Clubs Boston: Directory

Whether you want to hang by the bar, be a fly on the wall or the life of the party, these gay clubs will have you swinging your hips and moving your lips. Nothing is more fun than celebrating your pride with Gay Clubs Boston! Call a taxi because tonight we are going dancing.

EPIC Saturdays at The House Of Blues

Type: Concert hall, gay club
Space: Very large space, stage area, outdoor patio, huge dance floor
Crowd: College to middle aged adults
Address: 15 Lansdowne St, Boston MA 02215
Any Notes: All credit cards accepted, coat check, outdoor smoking area

Brief Description: Every major city has a House Of Blues, and each one is different. What sets Boston’s House Of Blues apart from most is that every Saturday this concert hall turns into the most intense gay dance party you have ever attended. With a huge dance floor and main stage filled with half naked men dancing around, what could be better? This establishment offers free covers before 10 pm. After that it is $15 but everyone who goes says it is worth the money. You are sure to meet a hunk to grind up on here. This Saturday make some EPIC plans. You never know where the night might take you.

Hot Mess! Sundays

Type: Gay nightclub, dance party
Space: Large space, dance floor, big couches, limited seating area, outdoor patio, full bar
Crowd: College to young adults
Address: 275 Tremont St, Boston MA 02116
Website:Hot Mess! Sundays
Any Notes: Close to transit, Sundays only, all credit cards accepted, parking available

Brief Description: While this bar is only open as a gay bar on Sundays, it is a bumping place to be. With drag queens, cheap drinks, and so many half naked men, what is there not to love? This is the kind of club where after a few drinks you end up on the bar dancing your little heart out singing to the top 40 mix. Co-ed bathrooms are always a fun plus. Who says you cannot party on a Sunday night? People who are allergic to partying, that’s who! So start making your excuses for calling in sick to work Monday morning and enjoy your day of rest doing the exact opposite.


Type: Gay nightclub, dance club, international club
Space: Large dance floor, stage, seating, private VIP areas
Crowd: College to young adults
Address: 100 Warrenton St, Boston MA 02116
Any Notes: Parking available, close to transit, coat check, no smoking, can get a cake on your birthdayBrief Description: We are going to party like it is 1999, which is conveniently the year this nightclub opened. 6,500 square foot space allows us to have the best possible dance party known to Boston. This stylish and elegant club is a preferred spot among the locals. Sexy bartenders and reasonably priced drinks this place cannot be beat. We would suggest you come out on a Wednesday for Sexy Gay Latino night. The logo for the night is "Dance, Sweat, Get Lucky’. If that does not scream ‘we are here to party,‘ then I do not know what will. The DJ booth is busting out tunes until 2 am and some fierce drag queens are taking over. You will not want to miss Wednesday nights at Venu. Gay Clubs Boston is alive and well here.

Gay Bars Boston: Concluding Thoughts

Boston lives and breathes for its gay community and they have embraced our culture and created a gay district that is alive. Gay Bars Boston knows what’s what when it comes to having a good time. We hope this list helps you plan your next vacation or your next night out. Meet new people, have a good time and if you happen to see a Yankee’s fan, let them know that ‘Yankees Suck’, like the good Bostonian you are. Now, get your shoes on and go meet a hot guy and dance the night away.

We hope we have listed what your favorite Gay Bars BostonManplay! If you want to check out more gay bar listings in cities like Denver, CLICK HERE and spread the word of the amazement that is Boston. We love hearing from our beautiful members.

For more information on Gay Bars Boston and fun things to do check it out here.

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