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0’s Best Gay Bars Ottawa Has To Offer has everything you need to know about the gay bars Ottawa has to offer. You won’t find yourself scratching your head when it comes to picking a place to go and grab a bite or have a drink after checking out our listings for some of the hottest gay bars in Ottawa. Gay bars and queer friendly bars are a staple of any cosmopolitan city and Ottawa is no different, but for a while, gay bars were secret places where men could connect and have a bit of fun. Gay bars no longer mean quite that and that has a lot to do with sites like ours,, these are sites that help you connect and hookup with men. The gay bar is no longer necessary, yet it still represents a gay positive space or a place in which being gay is what it is all about.

The fact that one can openly go to a gay bar these days, means that we and Ottawa have come a long way. Gay men and women in Ottawa faced a severe community backlash that tore apart many gay people’s lives. Whether it was bathhouse raids or anything else, one would have found that being gay in Ottawa was difficult. Even the local media joined in on the witch hunt against gay men and women in town. More often than not, many people in Ottawa whose sexuality was outed found themselves alienated and without work. However, Ottawa might not be too visibly queer - it does have a thriving gay bars Ottawa scene that is a wild mix of people from all rev the country and plenty of high power politicians who love to join in on a bit of fun. might be a dating site, but we are also a site dedicated to helping you get everything you need to know about the gay bars Ottawa has to offer. If you want to know about Canada’s gay bars, it’s just takes a click. While you’re at it, why not take a look at some the info bout Edmonton’s gay scene so you can see what’s out there. Gay bar information is where you can take a look at what gay bars Canada has to offer.

Gay Bars Ottawa: History

Ottawa gay bars have proven to be a place with a rich history of a gay subculture. There are plenty of rumours about what street served as a crushing strip or whether something naughty happened in a park somewhere in town. Nonetheless, Ottawa has had some considerably interesting history when it comes to gay bars, because more often than not, many of them were hidden away from people.

Gay history in Ottawa itself has been very repressed and many have discussed just how private one had to be in order to practise their homosexuality. The police and government did plenty to battle open gayness and displays of affection. This was acted upon many times in other parts of the country; where the police would condemn and/or raid places where gay people were gathering. In essence the police would terrorize patrons. One can imagine how this would make having a gay bar extremely difficult. Many of the gay bars in town were fronted with a typical facade, yet there was an understanding that these were places where gay men could hang out and cruise. The first real gay bar in Ottawa was the Coral Reef. Yet despite the fact that it was an openly gay bar and it did not hide away in being known as that - it was totally hidden away. One would have had to walk through a parking garage, down a few flights of stairs and through several narrow hallways in order to get in. This was a reflection of how many in Ottawa were not really ready. Even to this day, there is not a huge representation of gayness in Ottawa. Despite the recent establishment of the gay village in downtown Ottawa, one might find that Ottawa’s gay scene is typically unseen. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no gay scene in town.

The Best Times For Fun In Ottawa

Some of the best times to go out in Ottawa are obviously the weekends. Though there are plenty of deals going on day to day. Tuesdays are known as Canada’s national day of cheap eats and cheap drinks are also on the menu. Happy hour is everyday because we all know those government workers could use a drink here or there. Fridays and Saturdays are when things get rocking in town. Every gay bar in town will be hopping with people from Gatineau and these surrounding Ottawa area who have flocked into town to have some fun and meet someone new. If you’re on a date, you should consider some of the places we will be listing below.

Gay Bars Ottawa: Directory

Centretown Pub Complex

Type: 3 Floor Nightclub
Space:3 Floors of Music. Modern finishes and design
Crowd:Young gay crowd
Address: 340 Somerset Street West.
Website:Centretown Pubs Blogspot Page
Any Notes:A perfect gay pub that welcomes all.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:They call themselves Ottawa’s original gay pub. They have been around for years and have proven to be a staple for locals, but most of all the gay community. They have plenty of live shows. This bar seems like it would be a perfect place to go on a date with someone and to have some fun listening to some of the live DJs that are invited to spin.

The Lookout

Type: Bar/Club
Space:Dancefloor and Bar
Crowd:Gay men and women. Popular with a younger crowd.
Address:41 York Street
Website:The Lookout Homepage
Any Notes:A staple of the Ottawa gay scene
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:Listed as one Ottawa’s favourite gay bars, The Lookout pub complex boasts a rich history of steadily gaining a foothold in the community. You can dance, drink and mingle with whoever you like. Thursday night is men’s night and Saturday nights feature drag shows that have become wildly popular. Let’s say you connected with hot somebody on and you are looking to dance - it seems that The Lookout really is the one to look out for.


Type: "Unfussy" Gay Bar
Space:Intimate And Spacious
Crowd: Gay, straight, and all kinds of ages. Popular with younger people due to various drink specials.
Address: 246 Queen Street
Website:The Swizzles Homepage
Any Notes:Cheap drinks
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:One of the best gay bars in the city. On their website, they talk about how they have no bias to anybody. They say you can meet boys, girls, men and women or whoever you like. With plenty of drink options and constant drink specials, Swizzles is a great place to unwind and not burn a hole in your pocket. There’s lots to see and plenty to drink - so why not get online find a hot guy on and get some cheap drinks - you’ll both be able to pay for the drinks.

Mercury Lounge

Type: Lounge/Club/Bar
Space:Intimate and Spacious
Crowd:Young people
Address:56 Byword Market
Website: Mercury Lounge’s Homepage
Any Notes: Live DJs, drink specials and a huge following
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Mercury Lounge is one of Ottawa’s hottest lounges. Boasting some pretty impressive lineups from month to month and with an open atmosphere, Mercury Lounge is a staple of Ottawa’a nightlife. It has been big hit with the younger crowd and music lovers. It’s not a gay bar, but there are plenty of gay men looking for fun on weekly basis. It’s a perfect place to sit and have some drinks and even do a bit of dancing. We will say that when you connect to that lucky guy on, Mercury Lounge is a 2nd date type of place or even a place to hit up after you’ve been to a restaurant. It’s all up to you.

The Buzz

Type: Gastro Eatery
Space:Cozy and Funky with plenty of modern finishes
Crowd: Couples and restauranteurs
Address:374 Bank Street
Website:The Buzz Homepage
Any Notes:Perfect gesture night out
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Buzz boasts one of the best meals in the city and has proven to be a date night staple. It seems that it is the perfect place to go and have a good meal with some world class cocktails. Any guy on would kill for a date night at this fine restaurant. It’s got some of the original architecture in its design and some of the best bartenders in the city will likely prepare your drinks. There has been some Buzz about Buzz for sometime and the two of you will be doing the same when you’re finished your meal. It isn’t a gay restaurant, but they are gay friendly.

Tequila Jacks Ottawa

Type: Bar and Nightclub
Space:Warm and spacious with plenty of funky decor.
Crowd:Younger crowd.
Address:104 Clarence Street
Website: Tequila Jacks Homepage
Any Notes:Total Party Vibes
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:One of the best bars in town, Tequila Jacks has a constant party feel. It’s open to anyone and everyone with constant events. It might be one of the best places to go and have a wild time. If you’ve already connected with a guy on and are looking for some more fun - then all you need to do is head over to Tequila Jacks and shoot back a couple drinks. As they always say "the party lives here". You will probably be saying the same.

Central Spa/Club Ottawa

Type:Gay bathhouse
Space:Spa with plenty of amenities
Crowd:Gay and bisexual men
Address:1069 Wellington Street West.
Any Notes:It’s a bathhouse
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:One of Canada’s favourite bathhouses, Club Ottawa is Ottawa’s gay and bisexual men go to have a bit of fun. There are lockers, private rooms, lounge areas, jacuzzis, saunas and showers. Anything you want is possible at Club Ottawa. If you’re looking fora good time with one of your dates from, why not meet somewhere neutral like the bathhouse. There will be plenty of guys who would like to watch - but there is always the opportunity to go and have some private time too.

Babylon Nightclub

Type: Modern and Poppy Nightclub
Space:Spacious and Initimate
Crowd:Younger crowd
Address: 317 Bank Street
Website:Babylon Nightclub’s Homepage
Any Notes: Open atmosphere with plenty of gay themed events
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Babylon Nightclub is one of Ottawa’s hottest nightclubs. It would be a perfect place to take your date for a night of dancing. Let’s say you’ve already hooked up with that great guy from and now you want to let loose and dance to some throbbing pop tunes - Babylon is totally the place for you. Their wildly friendly gay atmosphere and gay clientele, make this venue the perfect hangout for plenty of gay people across town. There are plenty of DJs who come to visit, so you’ll never hear the same songs twice. Plenty of pop music plays. Don’t miss out on one of Ottawa’s coolest clubs.

Atomic Rooster

Type: Restaurant
Space:Intimate and Warm Restaurant Vibe
Crowd:All ages
Address:303 Bank Street
Website:Atomic Rooster Homepage
Any Notes:An awesome restaurant worth returning to.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:They describe themselves as unbiased and totally open and this seems to be the consensus amongst previous visitors. With one of the most interesting vibes in the city, the Atomic Rooster is the best place to go for a fun date where you can get a taste of some of great dishes that will leave you wanting more. There’s art on the walls and always some live events to spice things up. A favourite amongst locals, it’s the perfect place to take that guy from to.

Gay Bars Ottawa: Concluding Thoughts

As you can see there is plenty to do when you’re in Ottawa. The gay bars Ottawa scene in town is beginning to thrive and with the recent establishment of a designated gay village, one might find themselves slightly overwhelmed with the amount of ideas that there to have fun in Ottawa.'s Best Listing Of Gay Bars Montreal Style

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