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Am I Gay Because I Like Trans Women?


Am I Gay If I’m Attracted To Transgendered Women?

There is no gay test that'll answer the question, ‘Am I gay if I like transgendered women?’ Instead, wants to walk you through what you're feeling with ease. You might have also been asking yourself if you’re gay because you like transgender women. That should not really be a concern when you’re on the website, but never mind. Being attracted to or liking transgendered women has more to do with how you understand the train culture but also what your prior preferences are. Many straight men are into transgendered women because some of them are ultra feminine in the way they look and dress. You may be wondering if this is what is attracting you to TG women, except it’s not quite that simple. You see here at, we can hook you up with someone and educate you at the same time. Why not take a look at our list of articles where you can put yourself to the test - Gay Tests.

I Like Transgendered Women - What Does It Mean?

Many men throughout time have asked themselves, ’Am I gay if I like transgendered women?. The answer to that question is not necessarily. It seems as though you have to first have to look at what you originally liked in the first place, but there is a little bit of bi-sexuality that comes with it. You might be a little worried about the prospect of being gay or you might be a little bi-curious if you’re into transgendered women. To answer the question ‘Am I gay if I like transgendered women?’ won't make you take a gay test - instead we will explain how attraction works.

Some Background On Transgendered Women

Ultimately, it’s pretty clear that transgendered women represent a forbidden fruit that challenges everyday norms. Many of us like what we can’t have. Society hasn’t fully accepted transgendered women to the degree that is wanted, however there is a massive following that is more sexual than romantic when it comes to being attracted to transgendered women. Many men who are attracted to transgendered women often are attracted to a certain number of aspects such as the supposed male prowess in the bedroom; this would likely have to do with the assumption that a man knows what another man desires. This might be an attractive feature of a transgendered woman, because many guys assume a man would be better at pleasuring than a woman would. These types of men have often identified themselves as straight. Then there are men who are specifically interested in a transgendered woman’s private parts. Many men who are into crossdressing or becoming transgendered are attracted to transgendered women. Then, many men who are interested in transgendered women are often attracted to the exotic nature of their hyper femininity and masculinity rolled into one. Many reasons men are attracted to transgendered women is because they are often more sexually forward and aggressive than women are. This is a big turn on for many guys. These are just some of the types of attraction one might feel for a transgendered woman.

Transgendered Women - The Third Sex?

Bi-sexuality revolves around liking both sexes and a transgendered woman is someone who you could say is someone that meets in the middle, but this a broad term to apply to a transgendered woman, and it is not correct by any stretch of the imagination. Many transgendered women are still attracted to women and would fail a gay test. Many of them would take exception to this proposition and men who don’t really understand what they’re seeking, would use this term to describe themselves. However psychologists and behaviorial scientists have determined that transgendered women are in a class of their own, and are a reflection of a growing trend in society. Throughout history various cultures including the middle east, pacific island cultures as well as the Samurai, had transgendered figures who were both revered and influential. But a striking backlash against homosexuality and other forms of sexuality in the late 19th century and early 20th century generated a stigma around homosexuality and transgender culture. These days this is changing and many governments have come to recognize transgendered women as regular features of human life and society. It seems that transgendered women are being accepted as a sort of third sex. In places like Argentina, class yourself as a transgendered woman you’re able to on your license and passport. This reflects a growing trend of acceptance of transgendered women.

Am I Gay If I Like Transgendered Women - Do I Have To Take A Gay Test

Everything that we have talked about gives you a whole lot of information about transgender people, but still the main question is: ’Am I gay if I am attracted to transgendered women’ - and isn’t there some sort of gay test? The answer is yes, kind of, but also, no, not really. These days gender fluidity is not enforced. There seems to be a sort of renaissance of societal thinking that has had some big repercussions on how we think about our own sex. For hundreds of years it seems as though masculine and feminine were distinct. Now there seems to be a huge grey area covering this sort of thinking. There are more people embracing hyper masculinity and hyper femininity in equal numbers. Straight rockstars adopting feminine clothes, hair and so on. These are the types of things that have influenced thinking for a long time. What you are likely experiencing has to do with this shift in understanding the world and understanding felinity. It seems femininity and masculinity have expanded into some particularly broad spectrums. Many people believe that the essence of femininity and masculinity are not defined by sex organs, but instead by how you feel and how you act, as well as what body you feel as though you were born into.

A Whole New Set Of Rules For Sexuality Without A Gay Test

Being attracted to transgendered women is not bad and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gay. Yet, much of the gay culture in the world welcomes transgendered women. In any gay village round the country, you will find a bar specifically dedicated to drag queens as well as bars specifically catered to transgendered women. This still doesn’t answer the question of ’Am I gay? if I like transgendered women?’ Based on the fact that transgendered women are considered almost like a third sex, makes am I gay seem irrelevant. Therefore, we can assume that you are probably in a class of individuals known as gynandromorphophiliacs. That word isn’t in your vocabulary and probably will never be, because it is hard to pronounce and far too long. Yet, psychologists have coined this term to describe men who are attracted to transgendered women. But it seems unusual that academics and doctors would use a term to describe what might be considered a perfectly natural feature of attraction and preference. Some doctors refer to attractions to transgendered women as a phenomenon, which might be amongst the poorest choice of words because it carries somewhat negative connotations and paints the picture of some sort of epidemic. As a normal man, you know that this just isn’t true.

Transgendered Women And Hyper Femininity

Yet even with all of these points in mind, you have to wonder whether because transgendered women are typically embraced by the gay community, this makes you gay? No, it doesn’t, it means you are a visitor to the gay community. If you are into transgendered women, yet you still like women, you are probably on the straighter side. Some straight men like various features of transgendered women, especially their embrace of hyper femininity. This might be a feature of what you like about TG women. Many men compliment transgendered women’s ability to heighten their features or bring attention to features that are particularly attractive. Yet some men have been attracted to the notion of a man who has female parts and male parts. Some men have claimed that that is exactly what they desire and do not identify as gay. There is no reason to think of yourself as gay if you are attracted to transgendered women and there isn’t a reason to even wonder that. Based on the way things are going in the world, you are probably in a new class of people who attracted to something new and something different. Psychologists are referring to these features of attraction with no terms or categories and are attempting to accept it as a feature of human sexuality. There are fewer reasons to treat it or categorize it because there is clearly an attraction and it is a feature of human sexuality.

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