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Am I Gay If I'm Attracted To A Friend?


Are You Gay If You’re Attracted To A Guy Friend?

Are you gay if you're attracted to one of your male friends? has the gay test to help you figure out if your feelings mean that you're gay. Have you recently had thoughts of a sexual nature towards a male friend? Are you wondering if you’re gay? It’s perfectly normal to have these feelings. Sometimes it’s hard to accept your sexuality when you don’t really understand it yourself. You are not alone. Being gay is perfectly normal, and once you pay attention to your true feelings, you'll find out once and for all how you really feel.

Having a crush on a friend could mean that you are either interested in them, or you're interested in exploring your sexuality. If you are hesitant to share your feelings for fear of ruining the friendship, ask yourself if you are really attracted to your friend, or if you're just attracted to the same sex. If you truly feel like it's your friend that brings out these feelings, maybe you should talk about it. If your friend really cares about you, there's nothing to risk and they should accept you for who you are. Being attracted to a guy friend doesn't mean that you're gay, but if you find that there's sexual arousal that goes along with the attraction, you might have answered your own question.

The Gay Test To Figure Out Your True Feelings

Answer honestly yes or no to the following statements to determine how you really feel about your male friend. Are you attracted to him because you're gay? The following statements will help you decide:

-You have body envy-You like the way your friend dresses-You wonder what it would be like to go on a date with your friend-You often fantasies about kissing your male friend-You've thought about asking your guy friend out on a date-You get sexually aroused when you and your friend are together-You often fantasies about your friend in sexual scenarios

As you can see, there's a difference between thinking about your friend in a non-sexual way, and thinking about them in a sexual way. If you find that you are sexually attracted to your friend, have sexual fantasies about him, and get aroused when thinking about him, you are likely gay. The first step is admitting it to yourself that you are attracted to men. The next step is figuring out just how deep your level of sexual attraction goes. If this is a new feeling for you, you might do well to explore your feelings. If you're not sure how to manage your feelings, and need a support system, there are tons of people that you can speak to in your area that will offer support and advice. Realizing that you are gay, and attracted to your friend can be overwhelming all at once, so it's worth talking about it and coming to terms with your feelings.

Passing The Gay Test

If you've passed the gay test with flying colors, you no longer have to ask yourself "Am I Gay?", because you now know. It's such a relief to have the answer that you've been looking for. It's not always easy to accept that you're gay if you haven't always known, especially when you find that your sexual attraction is geared toward a good friend. There might've always been a part of you who knew what your sexual preference was, but you didn't feel like you had enough support around you, or maybe you were genuinely attracted to the opposite sex at one point. There's no right or wrong way to go about coming out, and only you can really say how you feel. Learning and acknowledging that you're gay is the first step in getting what you really want out of love and relationships. The more you accept how you really feel, the more fulfilled you will be.

Maybe your attraction to your friend was more about exploring your true feelings and less about actually wanting to be with your friend. Are you really attracted to them? Think about it hard. Is it the person that you want, or are you more interested in the act of being with another male? These are important questions to ask yourself before taking the next step. If after you have reflected on your feelings, you feel like you still have an attraction to your friend - it's time to face your feelings and talk about them. It might not be easy, but torturing yourself by holding onto feelings about your friend will turn out to be even harder than getting them off your chest. If your friend cares about you, he will listen to what you have to say. You might find out that he feels the same way about you, and you would never know that if you didn't open up. Even if you find out that he doesn't feel the same, it'll help you to move on and put your energy into meeting someone who does share your feelings. If you know where you stand with your friend, you can work on building back a neutral friendship, if that's what you both want.

Accepting Your Sexuality

There are going to be times where you aren't sure about your feelings. Figuring out that you're gay, and/or finally coming to terms with it and accepting it, is going to be a process. If you've never dated men before, you're going to have to get comfortable with the idea. Things will come together naturally, and eventually it won't be so hard to find what you want. Putting yourself out there is what's important. Trial and error is going to help you decide what you want, what you like, and what you don't like going forward. If you're new to a different lifestyle it might take some time to adjust, but like with anything the more you embrace it, the easier it'll become. You'll meet other men who are in the same position as you, trying to find their way with being gay, and you'll get support from others that share the same feelings. Eventually you will find your way with gay dating and you won't have as many doubts or fears.

After you find your way again with your friend, you'll also feel more at ease by either defining your friendship as just a friendship, or exploring the idea of being together. Accepting that you are either attracted to your friend because you want him, or attracted to him because he's a male, will help you define your role. You are either going to stay friends, or try to start something more. The first step is to figure out what you want and then continue taking the steps to feel more comfortable with your decision. Dating and relationships can be tough no matter your sexuality, so just because you've realized that you're gay doesn't mean that you are now off the hook. Sorry to break it to you, but just like any other single out there looking for sex and love, you're going to hit some bumps in the road. Dating is never easy, and it won't be any easier now that you have figured out what kind of dating you would like to try. The good news is, you'll finally be doing what makes you happy, and meeting others who want what you want and think like you do. That's always a comforting feeling.

Sometimes it can be hard to face our true desires, but once you feel like something speaks to you, and you start to see something in a new light, it can awaken feelings in you that you have to explore. Exploring those feelings in a calm way, instead of obsessing over them, will only help you grow as a person, and inevitably get what you want. If you've been having feelings of attraction toward men, it's time that you explore those feelings so that you can really learn to understand what they mean. Learn more about yourself and your sexuality by listening to those thoughts and feelings and accepting how you truly feel. If you try and suppress your feelings, eventually you'll end up angry and confused, and that's the furthest thing from what you really want. Knowing who you are and what you want is important and you will get to that place once you start to get to know yourself better. Asking the question "Am I gay if I'm attracted to a friend” was the most important question you could ask yourself to better understand your sexuality. Really searching for the answer and figuring out that you do in fact like men is going to open up a whole new sexy world of dating possibilities. Embrace them and enjoy every minute of the adventure. Being gay is wonderful and finding your place in the gay dating world is going to be exciting for you. It's a chance to really start getting what you want, and most importantly, what you need.

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