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How Gay Are You? Gay Test

Find out how gay you are by taking the ultimate gay test. The 'How Gay Are You?’ gay test will let you know how gay you are in minutes. Start now! On a scale of 1-10, how gay would you say you are? Are you curious to see how you measure up to gay men across the country? has developed a test that will give you an idea of how gay you are, and give you some information about yourself that you can take back to your friends to prove who the gayer man is. When you and your friends are arguing over who's more gay, who has better style, and who's more 'in the know', you'll be ahead of the game. Taking a test like this one helps you get to know yourself better, too! It’s all for fun, but you might learn things about yourself that you never even knew. Answer the 10 questions below, and once you're done, get your results instantly. Learn how you can measure your sexuality even further with the Kinsey Scale. Take a few minutes to find out just how gay you are.

Answer A, B, or C To These Gay Test Questions

Question #1: How Many Musicals Have You Been To This Year?

A: 0 B: 1-5 C: Too Many To Count

Question #2: How Sad Were You When Ugly Betty Got Cancelled?

A: What's Ugly Betty?
B: I shed a tear
C: I took a week off of work

Question #3: How Much Do You Spend On A Haircut?

A: $10-$20
B: $20-$50
C: Over $100

Question #4: How Many Times Have You Been To The Mall This Week?

A: 0
B: 1-5
C: Too Many To Count

Question #5: Who Would You Come Back As In The Next Life?

A: Barbara Streisand
B: Diana Ross
C: Cher

Question #6: Who's Your Favorite Pop Star?

A: Rihanna
B: Beyoncé
C: Taylor Swift

Question #7: How Samantha Are You?

A: Who's Samantha?
B: My boyfriend's name is Smith or Jerrod
C: I have an entire Samantha wardrobe

Question #8: How Many Outfits Does Your Dog Have?

A: What dog?
B: 10-20
C: My dog's closet is as big as mine

Question #9: How Many Girl Friends Do You Have?

A: 0 (I only hang out with guys)
B: 1-5
C: All my friends are girls

Question #10: What Drink Would You Prefer?

A: Rum & Coke
B: Long Island Iced Tea
C: Cosmopolitan

Your Gay Test Results

If You Answered Mostly A's - You are pretty gay. You love to dabble in glamour, but you're not over the top about it. You love to get your hands dirty and take care of things around the house, which is why you don't have a lot of time for TV. You're low maintenance and love hanging out with the guys. Maybe you watch sports with your friends, or talk about everyday life stuff. You don't like to make a big deal about your sexuality.

If You Answered Mostly B's - You love to embrace your sexuality, and show it off a little. You're proud to be gay and you want people to know that you're in touch with your softer side. You don't mind splurging on yourself if it means getting a great haircut or a shiny new manicure. Looking good and feeling good is important to you, and you know what you like.

If You Answered Mostly C's - You are fiercely gay and proud to let anyone and everyone know it. You sparkle and dazzle your way through life, and love the finer things. You will spend as much time and money as you feel is needed to shine above the rest. You love to be the centre of attention and don't care what people think of you. You fit right in with your girl friends because you embrace your feminine side. You strut into any room you enter and don't shy away from taking risks.

Now that you know how gay you are, what do you think? Did the gay test tell you anything you didn't know? Did you get the results that you were expecting? How gay you are really has no meaning if you don't give it any, but it is fun to play with your friends to see who holds the candle for shining the gayest. Some guys give off more of a gay vibe than others, and maybe you like to lay low, or maybe you love to act wild so everyone can feel your presence. There is no real gay-meter other than the one that you use to compare yourself to others. It's not a necessary thing to do, and you don't really need a test to tell you how gay you are. All you really need to do is be yourself and put out there what you hope to get back. If you're giving off the vibe that you want to talk to a guy, it doesn't matter how gay you are. If you connect, you connect, and it's as simple as that.

The Real Gay Test

In 1948, Alfred Kinsey created the Kinsey scale, also called the heterosexual-homosexual scale. This scale was intended to attempt to describe a person's sexual experience or response at a given time. Men and women were asked to rate their sexual preferences on a scale of 1-6. The scale was later adjusted to expand the rating scale up to 14. Although not a perfect measurement by any means, the scale was meant to provide a tool for people looking to better understand their sexuality, and explain it on a level that could easily be understood. There are many varying factors that make this experiment more for pleasure than science, but it's fun for someone who wants to rate their sexuality, and perhaps see it visually on a scale. There are people that have taken the survey and modified it to fit into a sort of Kinsey Test. You can take the short gay test to see where you rank on the scale. It's not an accurate representation, but the questions will give you an idea of where you stand if you have ever questioned your gay level. There are gay men out there that are open to experimenting with their sexuality, and won't close the door to having bi-sexual experiences. The Kinsey scale determines how open you would be to those experiences if they arose. It's an interesting tool to have at your disposal if you're really interested in understanding your level of sexuality further.

Ultimately, your sexuality is something that you define. You don't need a gay test to tell you how gay you are, or where you measure on the Kinsey scale, or any other scale. Your sexuality is something close to you that might not ever be able to be defined, especially if you love to explore, and don't want to label yourself. It's okay not to have a label on your level of gayness, and to want to leave it open to new possibilities. As soon as you start to label yourself, you might find that you feel stuck in a sexual rut. Sometimes it's nice to keep yourself open to new adventures. From the moment you asked yourself ”Am I Gay?" until today, your sexuality has taken on a shape of its own. If you had stayed the same guy questioning your sexuality, you might never have gotten to a place where you could gauge how gay you are now. Leaving yourself room to grow sexually is just as important as understanding your sexuality.

In the meantime, have fun with being gay and explore it as much as you like. Comparing your gayness with your gay friends can be a fun way to share stories and experiences. It doesn't have to be a competition, but more of a way to bond with your friends and understand each other better. Sometimes it's easier to make light of a situation so that everyone feels comfortable enough to join in on the conversation. Bringing up the idea of a gay scale, and taking the test above with friends to open up the conversation, could get you some insight that you never would've received otherwise. A ”How Gay Are You Test” might be the fun thing that you and your friends need to lighten things up, and learn more about sexuality and how it is defined and differs from person to person. Sexuality can sometimes be thought of as a very serious topic, but when you add fun into the mix, you'll learn to enjoy it a lot more. There's never a need to feel ashamed when you have a platform to be honest. Your experiences don't determine the value of your sexuality. All you need is your own definition of what your sexuality means to you. That is the greatest measurement. No scale is required when you know yourself and accept your level of gay all on your own.

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