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Am I Gay If I Have Sexual Dreams About Men?


Am I Gay If I Have Sex Dreams About Men?

Have you recently had a sexual dream about another man, and you're wondering "am I gay"? saves you taking a gay test and explains these dreams. Having gay dreams doesn't meant that you're gay, but there are many interesting reasons that you might be having these dreams. Your subconscious is responsible for the content of your nighttime visions, and it doesn't always make sense at first glance. It might not ever make sense, no matter how much you look into it! Decoding the meaning behind your gay dreams is like solving a riddle, but one that there are many possible answers to.


Having a dream that you're in a sexual situation with another man doesn't make you a gay man. It could actually mean the opposite. Having a sexual dream with members of the same-sex could actually signify that you're extremely proud and secure in your masculinity. Your manliness is reflected in the dream as a literal other man, but it could simply mean that you're happy with yourself and comfortable as you are. This could be comfort in your masculinity, or sexuality, but the subconscious is a strange thing. Being proud of being a straight man might not make sense if it's showing up as sex with a gay man, but it's more about the feelings in the dreams than the content itself. If you're feeling happy and confident in your dream, then pride is most likely the answer. But if you're feeling fearful or anxious, then maybe you've found yourself questioning your manhood, perhaps because of problems at work or in relationships. Pay closer attention to your emotions around the dream than the specifics of what happened in it. Maybe you feel particularly proud of how satisfied your partner was, which could just mean your happy with how you are in bed generally. You feel capable and more than able to please your sexual partners when you're awake, and your masculine pride is simply transferring into your dream.

Am I Gay If I’m Curious?

Another possibility behind your gay dreams could be that you are feeling curious about what it might be like. Maybe you have a close friend who is gay and described a particularly great sexual experience, and now you're subconsciously wondering what it would be like if you were to have sex with a man. This doesn't necessarily make you gay, you could have some suppressed bisexual curiosity, but you don't have to label anything. You can be a curious man, and if you aren't willing to explore these thoughts and ideas in your waking mind, your subconscious could be taking over and playing them out for you. If you felt good about the dream then maybe you should consider giving it a try. However, if you didn't feel great about what your mind was showing you, then don't stress. You thought about it, didn't care for it, and that's that. But if you do think you might have a deep-rooted bisexual curiosity, this could be your mind's way of getting you to deal with your feelings. You can only repress something for so long before your subconscious mind will force you to acknowledge that it's there. If you have recurring gay sexual dreams then consider if this could be a possibility. You don't have to have a label to have same-sex sexual curiosity, so don't stress yourself out by thinking you have to be gay because you feel that way.

Am I Gay If I’mg Dreaming About My Close Friend?

Another possibility for your sexual gay dream could actually be strong feelings of friendship. We've established that the subconscious is a weird thing that operates in mysterious ways, so it could be mixing your friendship feelings with sexual ones. This could especially be the case if your dream features a close friend or someone you know. Maybe you've recently bonded with someone and this is your mind's way of sorting out those feelings. Regardless, if you're a straight man dreaming about having sex with your best friend, it doesn't automatically make you gay. Examine how you felt in the dream, and also when you think about that dream. If you're uncomfortable with it then you clearly aren't interested in your friend sexually. Don't over analyze the presence of another man in your dream if you've never had a dream like this before. Especially if you've never felt attraction to another man, you could just be processing a close bond subconsciously.


Your gay sex dream could be a reflection of you being more comfortable with other guys than with women. If you're a straight guy having these dreams, and you aren't the greatest around women during your waking hours, maybe that's all it means. You're uncomfortable around the opposite sex, so your dreams are playing out sexual fantasies with the gender you do feel more comfortable around. This is more than likely the reason if you're a young guy or a teenager; getting comfortable being around hot girls while you're figuring out yourself is a tough and confusing experience. Your subconscious is probably just dealing with all of that confusion by being more confusing and putting you with your fellow guys. Your dreams are acting as a source of comfort by allowing you act out what you want to be doing with a woman, but with a man instead because that's when you're at your most ease. Maybe this is a way for your mind to help you process sexual thoughts about women while keeping you comfortable with your same gender. Pay attention to what your mind is trying to tell you by how you feel and exactly what move you're making. Perhaps this dream can be recreated with a woman when you're awake. But dreaming about other men sexually doesn't mean you're gay yourself.

It's About The Emotion, Not What Happened

When it comes to looking into your dreams and what they could mean, there's more to it than what happened in the dream. What's going on and the actions within the dream are way less important than feelings you were having at the time it was happening. Sometimes, these things are contradictory, so don't read too much into what you remember seeing happen. Try to remember, instead, how you were feeling in the dream and what you felt when you woke up from it. Feelings often linger and carry over from our dreams and into reality for the first few minutes after we wake up, so if you can, try to think of that time. If you felt overwhelmed by anxiety or stress, then consider why that might be. Maybe you have a deep-rooted and possibly repressed bit of homophobia that you hadn't realized or considered. Your mind could be telling you deal with these issues by acknowledging the fear around that act. On the other hand, if you felt happy or enticed, it could mean many different things. Things could be going really well with a girl and you suddenly have a gay sex dream, but why? Maybe you're really proud of your place as the man in the relationship, so a man presents himself in bed with you in your dreams. This could just be a reflection of your manly feelings. One man present simply wasn't enough so you're psyche conjured a second man. There is no gay meaning behind this dream. You simply feel like a proud and masculine man.

Don't rule out outside influence in being the cause of your man on man dreams. If you've just watched something on TV with a gay storyline, or heard about someone coming out as gay, this could easily bleed over into your dreams. Presenting images of you in a gay scenario like the one you may have seen or heard of recently could be your mind's way of processing that information. Societal opinions or pressures could be one reason that you don't know how to process information like that in your waking hours. It's been considered taboo for a long time for straight men to acknowledge gay feelings or be ok with other men who are gay being around them. This could be contributing to why you only have these thoughts while you're asleep and not usually, or ever, when you're awake.

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