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0 is a gay test site (obviously!) that will once and for all determine whether you’d rather fish for largemouth bass or Lance Bass. You will answer a series of 20 questions such as "I paid blank for my last haircut" and "I've seen blank live musicals this year". After which you will be provided with a percentage of exactly how gay you are! Make sure you answer all of the gay test questions honestly though! Will Let You Exactly How Gay You Are

  • 20 Gay Test Questions
  • Percentage Result Of How Gay You Are
  • Gay Test Badge Reward
Find Out Exactly How Gay You Are Now On is a gay test site that is very simple in its presentation. The site skips the flash since there are no images anywhere on the site. It’s all business there. You have to enter your age and sexuality as well as why you are taking the gay test, whether it’s for fun or for information. The gay test is in two parts and mostly just asks you which picture is more attractive.

The Gay Test On Is All Business

  • 2 Part Gay Test
  • Select Images And Decide Who Is More Attractive
  • Detailed Results With A Specific Gay Test Score
Take The Gay Test And Share Your Results On! has multiple gay tests for you to determine your own sexuality. So if you have been asking yourself "Am I gay?”, you will find out for sure by taking one of the hundreds of gay tests on the site. Whether it's the "Longest Gay Test” or the "What Gender(s) Are You Attracted To?”, you will finally be able to answer the question, Are you gay? Has Hundreds Of Gay Tests

  • 101 Different Gay Tests
  • Search Through Tests By Rating or Date Posted
  • Thousands Of Other Tests
Take 1 of 101 Gay Tests Now On

IllnessQuiz.comhas one gay test that will let you know the answer to the question, "Am I gay?”. The test is short and relies on some stereotypes since the first question asks you how long you take to get ready in the morning. The gay test is short and sweet, so it only takes a few minutes to complete before they let you know whether you are gay or not.

Answer All 14 Gay Test Questions On And Find Out If You Are Gay!

  • 14 Question Gay Test
  • Results Are Either "You Are Gay" or "You Are Not Gay"
  • 100% Accurate
Take The Gay Test On Now is a gay test of sexual orientation designed by Dr. Robert Epstein, one of America's most distinguished research psychologists. He suggests that sexual orientation actually exists on a continuum and that this test will show you where you are on the Sexual Orientation Continuum. It will also calculate your Sexual Orientation Range, an estimate of how much flexibility you have in expressing your sexual orientation. Is A Gay Test From A Distinguished Psychologist

  • 18 Question Gay Test
  • Accurate Results With Your Sexual Orientation Range
  • Take The Gay Test In Multiple Languages
Are You Gay? Find Out Now On! is a gay test site that is actually written by real gay men. If you have ever asked yourself, "Am I Gay?”, then this is the test for you. They guarantee 64.7% accuracy since the site is rather extensive having you answer 30 questions with multiple choice answers. They give you a percentage of how many gay points you have scored to let you know how gay you are compared to all the other men who took the test. Is A Gay Test Written By Gay Men

  • 30 Question Gay Test
  • Results With Gay Points To Let You Know How Gay You Are
  • Take The Gay Test Multiple Times
Get Your Gay Points Result Now On is a popular online website that provides endless entertainment. They have a fun and unique gay test that has you pick your favorite version of Beyonce to determine your level of homosexuality. They have questions that other sites do not ask, and that seems very random for the results you are trying to achieve. For example, they ask you "Which US President Do You Most Identify With?” How this determines the results were not sure, but it’s sure fun taking the test. Our Favorite question? ”Pick An Arbitrary Box.” Clearly this site is made for entertainment, but man is it entertaining. Has The Funniest Gay Test

  • 15 Question Gay Test
  • Share Your Results On Facebook
Take The Gay Test On Now! is a gay test that seems to take itself a bit more seriously than most other gay test sites. The gay test is 11 questions long and gives you a numerical result from 1-100 of how gay you are. All of the questions are pretty straight forward with the typical stuff like "Do you like shopping” and "How fashionable are you?”.

The Gay Test Is All Business

  • 11 Question Gay Test
  • Percentage Result Of How Gay You Are
  • Share Results On Facebook Will Tell You Know Exactly How Gay You Are! is a gay test for any man who has ever asked himself "Am I Gay?”. The gay test is about 15 questions and it takes a minute to get your results while the site calculates your percentage of homosexuality. They provide you a badge that you can display anywhere with pride, assuming you get the results you wanted. Answers The Question, ‘Are You Gay?’

  • 15 Question Gay Test
  • Results Provide A Gay Or Straight Badge
  • Be Confused No More! Will Let You Know If You're Gay Or Not! is a gay test site that is pretty short and sweet. They get right down to it with all of the 13 questions being on one page, with a few of those questions just being your age and sexuality. The results they give you let you know exactly how gay, straight or bi that you are with a percentage for each. Is A Gay Test That Will Let You Know How Straight Gay Or Bi You Are”

  • 13 Question Gay Test
  • Calculated Results Of How Straight, Gay and Bi You Are
  • Badge Reward You Can Post On Facebook Will Cure Your HOCD! is a straightforward gay test with only 10 questions. Most of the questions are situational and ask what you would do in certain situations surrounding sexuality. The site only lets you know if you are straight, gay or bi with out any percentage provided for either. Will Answer Your Question, ‘Am I Gay?’

  • 10 Question Gay Test
  • Simple And Quick Results
  • Share Your Results On Many Different Social Platforms Will Let You Know If You're Straight, Gay or Bi Right Now! is the ultimate ‘Are You Gay?’Test. The gay test is 13 questions long and gets right down to it with the first question asking "Are You Gay?”. Once you've finished answering the questions, you click "Find Out” and the site lets you know exactly what percentage of gay you are. You can take another gay test on the site like "How Good Is Your Gaydar?” or "How Gay Is Your Music Taste”? Is The Ultimate ‘How Gay Are You?’ Test

  • 13 Question Gay Test
  • Gay Percentage Results
  • Other Gay Tests To Take WiIl Answer Your Question, ‘Am I Gay?’ is a gay test from the OCD centre in Los Angeles. This gay test is meant to be taken more seriously since it was designed for men suffering from HOCD to determine where their fears stem from and what steps they can take to become less obsessive. If HOCD is something you are suffering from, then this test is for you. Will Help To Cure Your HOCD

  • 30 Question HOCD Gay Test
  • Completing The HOCD Test Will Let You Get In Contact With The Centre
  • Gay Test That Helps To Cure HOCD
Take The HOCD Gay Test Now On is a gay test site designed for gay people to determine their level of homosexuality and to get their gay card that they can wear with pride. You can take your badge to a gay pride event to let other men know exactly what type of gay man you are. It also displays the "10 gay-mandments” and tells you that you shall not commit 3 sins. The card is essentially a gay ID badge.

Get Your Gay Card On’s Gay Test

  • 10 Question Gay Test
  • Be Presented With Your Gay Card
  • Read The 10 Gay-Mandments
Take The Gay Test On And Get Your Official Gay Card! is a simple gay test that is basic, but that will still let you know if you are gay. The questions are simple such as "How often have you wondered if you are gay?” and some stereotypical ones like "Do you enjoy show tunes?”. The gay test results will simply tell you if you are straight, gay, or bi. Has A Gay Test That Will Answer The Question, ‘Are You Gay?’

  • 20 Question Gay Test By Susanne Brown
  • Fast And Accurate Results
  • Lot Of Other Dating Quizzes Will Tell You Once And For All If You Are Gay! is a short and simple gay test that only consists of 6 questions. All of the questions are pretty straightforward and if you are answering them honestly, you should know what your sexuality is. The last question is just ‘What do you want to be?’ This refers to whether you want to be straight, gay or bi. Will Quickly Answer The Question, ‘Are You Gay?’

  • Short 6 Question Gay Test
  • StraightForward Results
  • Very Quick Gay Test
Take The Gay Test On Now And Find Out, ‘Are You Gay?’ is a gay test that gives asks you some straightforward questions. The questions aren't vague and interpretive, instead they just straight up ask you ’Do you get a boner when you see a hairy man with no shirt on?’ and ’Do you look at gay pornography?’. I don't think it takes a genius to answer the question ‘Am I Gay?’, if you answered yes to either of those questions.

Are You Gay? Find Out Now On

  • 10 Question Gay Test
  • Entertaining Gay Test Answers
  • Hilarious Results
Have Fun Taking The Gay Test On! is a gay test that is meant to be taken by young teens who are sincerely seeking an answer to the question, Am I gay? According to, that is the #1 question asked by your teens. The site does tell you that no test will 100% determine your sexuality, but it’s designed to allow the young individuals to ask themselves some important questions that can help them figure things out. Will Help With You With Your HOCD

  • 5 Question Gay Test For Teens Who Are Actually Curious
  • Each Answer Provides You A Pop-Up With Guidance
  • A Gay Test To Provide Insight On Your Sexual Orientation
Teens With HOCD Should Take The Gay Test is a gay test created by a site user who even attaches his phone number just in case you feel like getting frisky after taking the test. The gay test has some strange questions that are entertaining to answer. It's quite possibly the strangest of the gay tests, but the ’Am I gay?’ test is still fun to take.

Check Out The User Created Gay Test On

  • User Created 10 Question Gay Test
  • Contact The Creator
  • Entertaining Gay Test
Take The ‘Are You Gay?’ Test On Now has a gay test that only has one result. What’s the result, you ask? It’s an epic satirical video letting you know that you are gay, not only gay, but super gay! If anyone suffers from HOCD, they should definitely avoid this gay test since the only result is that you are a flaming homosexual. Has A Very Entertaining Gay Test

  • 1 Question Gay Test
  • Hilarious Results
  • Should Be Avoided By Men With HOCD
Take The Hilarious Gay Test On Now!

PlayBuzz is a gay test that wants to know, "Can we guess your sexuality?" With this gay test, you will click through a series of multiple choice questions that will help PlayBuzz determine whether you are a straight male, straight female, gay male, or gay female!

Are You Gay? See If PlayBuzz Can Get It Right!

  • Example question: "Would you introduce your significant other to your grandparents?"
  • Nice and short, with only eight questions
  • Can easily share results on Facebook or Twitter
Can PlayBuzz guess your sexuality? Click here to find out now!
PlayBuzz #2

PlayBuzz #2 wants to help you find out what your sexual orientation really is. Their gay test "What Is Your Actual Sexual Orientation?" will show you whether you are gay, straight, or somewhere in between.

A Gay Test Based On The Kinsey Scale

  • Example question: "Do you fantasize about men and women equally?"
  • Just 10 simple true/false, yes/no, and multiple choice questions
  • Can easily share results on Facebook or Twitter
Take this gay test to find out if you are gay, straight, or something else!

ThePetersenGraph has a gay test that will help you determine whether you are gay, lesbian, bi, asexual, straight, or somewhere in between! Not only that, but this gay test will determine whether you have a sexual attraction to inanimate objects as well.

Are You Gay? Find Out Who You Are Now!

  • See 40 images and rate them on a scale from 0-4
  • 100% private and confidential
  • Can easily share results on Facebook, Twitter, and more
Gay? Straight? Something else? Not sure! Click here to find out!

YouThink’s "Am I Gay, Bi, or Straight?" gay test is aimed at younger men who are unsure if their interest in boys is "just a phase" or if it means something more. It is a popular test for those with HOCD.

Over 9,500 People Have Already Taken This Gay Test!

  • Example question: "What would you say, if a guy came up to you and asked you if you wanted to "suck" him?"
  • Voted by users as 4 stars out of 5
  • Quick and easy, with only seven questions
If you're between 12-24 and wondering, "Am I gay?" then this test is for you!
YouThink #2

YouThink #2

YouThink’s gay test, "Think You Might Be A Homosexual?" is perfect for you if you have HOCD or worry that you might be gay. Why not give it a try?

A Simple Gay Test That Give You Your Results Fast!

  • Easy and fast, with only 8 multiple choice questions
  • Popular, with over 9,000 people having already taken this gay test
  • Can easily share results on Facebook or Twitter
You're up next! Click here to take this gay test now!

B-Gay hears you asking, "Am I gay?" and they are here to answer you with science using the Kinsey scale! This is not like some of the other "just for fun" type gay tests!

A Great In-Depth Gay Test That Will Give You Answers!

  • Easy to take, with only 13 true or false questions
  • Thorough explanation of what your answers mean
  • Includes a vast array of sexualities beyond just gay or straight
Take this scientific gay test right now!

Quibblo’sgay test description says, "Some people think, 'Am I gay?’, and really want to know. Some people know they are not gay, and laugh at those who are. Some people are straight, but take this quiz for laughs anyway, which one are you?"

This Gay Test Is Good For A Laugh

  • Example question: "What category do Mocha, Cream, and Caramel Fall into?"
  • No real basis in science or logic, but funny!
  • Can leave comments about your results
Are you gay? Find out for sure with this gay test!
Quibblo #2

Quibblo #2 has a good selection of gay tests for those with HOCD. They can't cure your HOCD, obviously, but they can help put you at ease or help you come to terms with your homosexuality.

Just 10 Easy Gay Test Multiple Choice Questions

  • Example question: "Who is most likely to be your role-model?"
  • Can add quiz to your favorites or check out more quizzes
  • Can leave comments
Can you pass this gay test? Click here to try!

SelectSmart will not answer "Am I gay?”, but "How gay am I?". If you're looking at this test, then you probably already know you're gay... but how gay?

A Fast & Easy Gay Test

  • Only 10 questions, answered with Agree, Disagree, or No Preference
  • You can also add more or less weight to any question by adjusting it to "Low Priority" or "High Priority"
  • Rated 3 stars out of 5 by users
Need to know if you're 100% gay or just a little gay? Take this gay test!


This is SomeTests’serious gay test. If you're looking for the hard truth and not a silly gay test for fun, SomeTests has got what you need.

A New & Improved Gay Test

  • Example question: "Which one of the following superheroes do you like the most?"
  • 3.4 stars out of 5 as rated by users
  • Very thorough, with 42 questions to answer
Get serious about your gay test. Click here!
SomeTests #2

SomeTests #2

SomeTests usually takes their gay test submissions pretty seriously, but with this one, they're having a little more fun.

A Humorous Gay Test For Fun

  • Example question: "If everyone was required to speak just one language, what would your vote be?"
  • Very thorough, but easy, with over 40 multiple choice questions to answer
  • Rated 4 out of five stars by users
Have some fun with your gay test! Click here now!

AmIGay is a site dedicated completely to one single gay test. There's nothing to get in your way or distract you, like ads or articles, because the only thing on is their gay test and nothing else.

"Am I Gay?" Get A Fast Answer!

  • Example question: "Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex? "
  • Fast, with only 4 multiple choice questions
  • Share on Facebook
If you have HOCD, check out this gay test!

LoveQuizAmor exists to help people discover themselves and what they are looking for in a sexual or romantic relationship. This particular gay test asks, "How Gay or Straight Are You?"

You Could Be More Gay Than You Know!

  • Example question: "When out in public, who are you looking at as you walk around?"
  • Not too long, not too short, with 21 multiple choice questions
  • Results come with good explanations
Find out how gay or straight you are and share with friends on Facebook!

Vistriai is another gay test site that uses the Kinsey Scale Gay Test. Developed by Alfred Kinsey in 1948, this gay test puts you on a scale from hetero to homo instead of only one of those two options.

100% Legit Online Gay Test

  • Uses scientific research as its base
  • Short and simple, with 13 true or false questions
  • No ads or spam
Enter your answers, fill out a quick survey, and find out: "Am I gay?"

ProProfs has created a simple, non-offensive gay test to help you figure out if you are gay or not. It's easy, fast, and accurate!

Easy Peasy Non-Offensive Gay Test

  • 13 easy multiple choice questions to answer
  • Rated five stars by users
  • Leave comments about your gay test results
  • Can easily share results on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or Reddit
It only takes a minute to get the answer to, "Am I gay?"


Mobieg offers their gay test as a guideline for your sexuality. Getting a certain result may not give you any definite answers, but you might have a better idea of who you are.

"Am I Gay?" Mobieg Can Help You Get The Answer You Need Now!

  • Fast and simple, with 12 ‘yes or no’ questions
  • If results find that you may be gay, you can choose to be directed to a free chatline to talk with a facilitator
  • Can take additional quizzes
Click here to take Mobieg's gay test now!

QuestionWriterTracker has a gay test called "The Flexuality Test". It was created by Dr. James W. Hicks, who is a psychiatrist, author, and medical school professor. This is a great gay test to check out if you have HOCD.

A Professor-Created Scientific Gay Test

  • Very in-depth, with 60 questions that take approx. 10 minutes to complete
  • Questions are answered with Strongly Agree, Agree, Undecided, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree
  • 100% anonymous
Assess your feelings, attitudes, experiences, and desires! Take this gay test now!


We all know as a dating site, but they also have a great gay test! If you're asking yourself, "Am I gay?”, then you might want to take a test like this one before you start considering dating sites!

A Gay Test From A Reputable Site

  • Example question: "Are gays more promiscuous then straight people?"
  • Uses the Kinsey Scale to be scientific
  • Thorough and easy, with 21 multiple choice questions
Do you know how gay or straight you are? Find out here!

LonerWolf gives you a variation of a gay test with their Pansexual Quiz. Are you wondering, "Am I gay?". Well, if you are attracted to many different types of people, you might just be pansexual.

Gay Or Pansexual? Discover The Difference!

  • Read statements and answer on a scale from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree
  • Thorough, with 20 questions
  • Insightful results with lots of explanation
Ever thought you might be pansexual? This gay test can help you find out.


HOCDHeadquarters is a website dedicated to those with HOCD, those who think they may have HOCD, or those who are trying to help someone they know with HOCD. The main gay test they have on their site is meant to determine whether you are gay or have HOCD.

The Fastest Gay Test On Our List!

  • Just three super simple yes or no questions
  • Links to resources for people with HOCD
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and more
Are you gay? Or do have HOCD? Find out right here!’s Family Support Tips For Treating HOCD

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