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Does A Gay Test Determine Your Sexuality?


Does A Gay Test Determine Your Sexuality

Over the last decade homosexuality has become more publicized and men are coming out of the closet at earlier and earlier ages. Since then an online or medical gay test is becoming more and more prevalent to determine whether or not you are homosexual. This has been a controversial technique. Please consider the age old debate of whether you become gay or you are just born that way. How will a test measure that? And once they have the ability to measure this, how will society handle this knowledge. Will they use it for educational purposes or will they use it as a option to hurt the homosexual community?

Would you trust a test that determine what your favorite colour is, instead of trusting your own personal judgement and likes or dislikes? Exactly, you make this decision for yourself. If your favorite color is blue, but some tests tells you it is actually pink, are you going to side with test or go with your feelings? Well tests do not define you, we want to make sure that you are getting all the facts and both sides to the argument on whether or not this can be good or bad for the homosexual community. We hope that this will aid in giving you some clarity and if you take the tests or participate in the experiments, we hope that the decision you make comes from within yourself and how feel and not what some test says. Now let us dive deep into the different types of tests out there and what the pros and cons of these can be.

The Gay Test - Different Types

One of the tests is made up of approximately 20 questions that ask you everything from how much did you spend on your last haircut to how many yards a football field is made up of. These questions seem mundane and more than a little stereotypical. In the end, the authors of the questionnaire believe that this can determine whether or not you are homosexual. If you are curious about whether or not you might be gay, or you just want to have a fun time and see how you are perceived by people then take it. Why not, right? You do not have to accept the results. You can just treat it like a fun activity, a diversion. There are several different gay tests out there. The online questionnaire style test that asks you a series of questions can not determine what your sexual orientation is. The questions themselves are very much adhering to the stereotypes of both homosexual and heterosexual men. Example: How much did you pay for your last haircut? Do you know what a Phillips Head is? Does this mean that only homosexual men care about hair care and only heterosexual men can identify a screwdriver? It is more likely to just identify your interests than make any conclusive statement about your sexuality. It’s just for fun, but do not take this test seriously. Consider doing it and then having a few beers and trying ti again. The results may vary.

There are also the tests involving saliva or DNA. An article from 2015 The News Scientist explains how they study the genomes of both heterosexual and homosexual patrons to see if there are signs from birth to determine if they will come out as homosexual in the future. This test is based on the theory that you can identify a persons sexual orientation by testing their DNA. This has not been proven conclusively and should be considered experimental at this stage. While they make some interesting points about the amount of testosterone or estrogen that one fetus gets can alter their sexuality and their emotions.

The Fears Of The Gay Test And Its Accuracy

These tests in theory may be helpful if you are confused about your sexual orientation and would like to answer questions for yourself, but they are not conclusive. There is a fear that knowing if there is a way to determine if someone is gay that it can be used against them or changing their molecular structure through a gay test to further the anti-homosexual agenda. Having your parents at birth knowing you might be homosexual and altering your DNA to make sure that you do not go down that path goes against human rights.

It is no one’s choice but your own to determine your sexual orientation. Being able to discover these genes early on in a child and changing them may have greater effects in the long run. While it has not been proven as of yet, the fear is that the anti-gay people would have some control on whether or not a child understands their emotions and feelings towards someone. Not to mention the snowball effect; if we can change this aspect of DNA what is to stop them from changing our biology to make us have the same mind set towards religious views or opinions. If they are able to alter whether or not someone is gay through a gay test, can they also change who someone’s biological father is? What about their gender entirely? Or their skin color? Toying with a test such as this can have greater repercussions in the future, altering fetus and newborns before they have a chance to develop the way nature had intended them to develop. Our hopes is that they do not use these types of testings against our own humanity but we can use it to help those who want answers about their personalty or sexual orientation.

On a lesser scale, having these tests out there can cause HOCD in young men. They might think they are or are not homosexual and take the tests and see the results and cause more stress in their life. Just because a test says you might be something does not mean that you are. If your career aptitude test said that you were going to a construction worker, did you become that or did you go on to be a writer or a CEO of a company? Tests like these only give you information on one small aspect about your life; you determine your own outcome. If you are curious about a gay test, then by all means take them, but if you’re looking for solid answers, then you might want to try looking within yourself. No test will tell you whether or not you are homosexual, just like no test will tell you what you are meant to do as a career. They offer suggestions and give you something to think about and decide if this is who you are truly.

If we knew that through genetic testing (a type of gay test) we could determine if there was a ‘gay gene‘, yes, it could be helpful. We could aid with education early on in life, create support groups and programs for children who are young homosexuals. In a spiritual sense, we could prove that God (or whatever religion you may choose to believe in) still created man in his own image. While, every scientific proof comes with negative aspects, there are so many positive attributes to this knowledge if we ever get to a gay where this is no longer hearsay or not proven studies. Religion can be off putting for those who are not spiritual but many of you are and having these inner conflicts about sexuality versus religion can be very daunting and weigh heavily on your soul.

The Hopes Of The Gay Test

In the future we hope that everyone can be as understanding and as accepting as the people you meet on ManPlay or meet in support groups. Happiness and acceptance should be the number one motive for everyone, not just certain classes or races.

ManPlay has been the number 1 supporter of men looking for someone to talk to or connect with in a safe and personal environment, do not be shy, strike up a conversation with someone and get some real-life answers from those who have been there. Whether you want a cup of coffee or an experiment of your own, find the answers you are looking for at ManPlay. Safe, local, discreet. Thousands of men available to help you realize your true feelings. It is better than any test out there.

For more information about the gay tests and studies that we have discussed here today, you can find them here. Please check out some of the following links. We hope that you get the information and answers you are searching and that you find your own happiness for yourself.

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