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Are You Gay Or Not? Can Give You Some Ways To Tell If You Are

You might have taken a gay test or had one question cross your mind recently might have involved asking yourself Are You Gay or not. You might be wondering where you are on that sexual spectrum. Perhaps you have had some loveong standing desires for the same sex or you have been experiencing thoughts that you find are very arousing that involve other guys. In any case these are typical features of being gay. But maybe you wonder whether you are in fact bisexual. We will settle and help you understand exactly what might define you as gay. Everyone is talking about fluidity with sexuality these days and it might be confusing trying to assess exactly what turns you on, but there is plenty of information for you that will help you understand whether you are in fact gay or not. You might be hoping for some sort of gay test to help you answer that question, instead has a list of sure signs you’re gay. Why not try to find out more about Gay Tests - so you can finally rest easy and get out there to have some fun.

Gay Test #1: Sexually Aroused By The Same Sex

If you find yourself being sexually aroused by some chiselled abs on a hot black guy or you like the eyes behind Clark Kent’s glasses you might you are gay. If you look at naked men and it turns you on, you are gay. However you might still be straight and appreciate a man’s naked form, but if you’re thinking about having sex with that naked form and you feel emotionally attached to it, you are probably gay.

Gay Test #2: Attraction To Other Men

If you have had a history of being attracted to other men and you are currently attracted to men, you are probably gay. Many gay men fantasize about having sex, kissing or being in a romantic relationship with another man. This is often similar to what straight person would imagine when they have feelings for someone of the opposite sex. Gay men have stronger feelings for men; therefore your feelings for men would be stronger and more prevalent if you were gay. If the idea of romance with a woman is a turn off or you simply feel nothing regarding that romance, you are probably gay. If you like a man on TV or a man at work, you are probably gay.

Gay Test #3: Thoughts About Gay Sex Turn You On

If you are turned on by the idea or the act of gay sex you are most likely gay. If you watch gay porn or have had gay sex, and you enjoyed it then chances are you are gay. Gay sex doesn’t boil down to just letting off some steam like some guys think. It is a romantic act that is based on a need for male to male sexual contact and if you constantly seek it and fantasize about it you are probably gay.

Gay Test #4: Romance And Relationships With Other Men Are Preferred

If you are actively seeking a relationship whether it’s emotional or sexual you are probably gay. If you were straight you wouldn’t really think about a relationship with another man and the idea of marriage and a life with another man wouldn’t arouse you. Many gay men seek romance as well as sex from other men in relationships. It is this emotional need for male bonding and male partnership that will define you as gay.

Gay Test #5: Gay Desires Are Uncontrollable and Focused

One way to understand whether you are gay involves understanding how your desires for other men play relative to your desires for someone of the opposite sex. If you are able to focus your desire and not let it be feature of a passing lust or something else entirely, you are probably gay. Gay men often understand what they are feeling and embrace it. If you are unable to embrace these thoughts and channel them into your personality, you’re probably not gay. When we define uncontrollable desires and thoughts about homosexuality, we are talking about feeling as though your desires are naturally there and your attraction to the same sex is something organic, rather than something that is brought on by a passing thought that tickles your fancy.

Gay Test #6: More Emotional Understanding And Attachment To Gay Men

Many straight men do not get women, but they feel emotionally attached to them. Gay men might not fully understand men, but they feel emotionally attached to them. What does it mean to be emotionally attached to someone? Emotional attachment is a feature of being invested in understanding and caring for someone, which is what a lot of gay men feel towards other men. This emotional attachment is often romantic in nature and relies on what we commonly call love. This feeling of love and attraction to a man for example, is a common feature of being gay.

Gay Test #7: You Like Attention From Other Men

If you have ever sought attention from another man, specifically when it comes to looks, you are probably gay. Many gay men will attempt to look good for other men so that may be found attractive and many men like the attention they receive from other men. If you actively aim to impress the guys with your looks or at least catch a glance from a guy, then you are probably gay.

Gay Test #8: You Don’t Like Sex With Women

This might seem like a given, but it is surprising to find out how many men don’t understand that not enjoying sex with a woman means that they are probably gay. Some people are asexual and so on, but if you don’t enjoy sex with a woman and you’re considering having sex with a man you are definitely gay. If you have had sex with a man and enjoyed it and felt some sort of emotional gain or reaction from it, you are increasingly more likely to be gay.

Gay Test #9: You Imagine Growing Old With A Man

If you have ever fantasized about growing old with a man, you are probably gay. If the idea of growing old with a woman either frightens you and makes your stomach churn or even makes you feel nothing at all - you are most likely gay.

Gay Test #10: Men Thrill You

If you look at a naked woman and think how sexy they are, then you imagine being with them, you likely feel goosebumps, butterflies in your stomach and much more. But if you don’t feel anything at all, you’re definitely gay. As a gay man you should be attracted to men, their bodies, their minds and their hearts. It’s not just a case of saying Wow that dude is good looking, it has more to do with feeling I would love to kiss and touch that man.

Are You Gay? What Being Gay Is All About

Those are just some of the ways in which you can tell if you are gay. Being gay isn’t simply about thinking a relationship with a man might work, it’s about knowing you can make it work. You don’t just find out if you’re gay through any gay test. Being gay isn’t just about considering having sex with a guy, it’s about fantasizing and lusting after a guy. An emotional attachment and a desire for romance with another man is also a way in which you can tell if you are gay. Many men experience unusual feelings for other men, yet these are often in passing and might not resemble something more than what a lot of guys call a man crush, these desires are not sexual and merely reflect a man’s desire to emulate/imitate their man crush. But one way to know are you gay? is by understanding your own sexual desires towards other men, along with your emotional desires for other men. These are the two big criteria when it comes to being gay. If you seek an emotional connection to a man and if you seek a sexual connection to a man, then you are gay. Being gay isn’t something that just appears out of the blue, it is a long standing, developed and organic state of living. Many gay men answered the question am I gay? when they were young claiming that they had always been attracted to men. Some men have experienced sudden feelings of desire for a man and yet have had no other desires at any other point in their life. The key to all of this and to truly understanding your sexuality is based on understanding what you want. Would you care for the touch of a man or the touch of a woman? Would you like to touch a naked man’s body instead of a naked woman’s body?

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