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An Introduction To Gay Pride Bristol is not only a place where you can date people in Bristol, but it is also a place where you can learn everything there is to know about gay pride Bristol. When it comes to Gay Pride UK all you have to think about is us. We aim to expand your knowledge about gay pride events. We also help you learn about the history of gay pride in cities around the country. You won’t have to navigate a whole bunch of websites showing you that there might be an event here or there might be an event there and that is all thanks to us. There are so many things that happen for pride in Bristol and after perusing some of our info, you will find out what makes Bristol such a perfect place to celebrate pride. It has been voted one of the best festivals in the country and millions from around the country have attended in its five year history. The high student population in the city has also contributed to its high attendance. So read on and discover why gay pride Bristol might be one of the best pride celebrations in the world. wants you to be able to know what made gay pride Bristol possible and what makes it such a popular event for the city and rest of the country. You can learn more about Gay Pride with us.

Gay Pride Bristol And How You Can Celebrate

Bristol has been a growing vibrant city in England’s south west and has proven to be a powerhouse when it comes to arts and culture. Bristol gay pride itself is alive and well. There are plenty of organizations in the city that aim to reach out to the community and promote diversity in the city. Pride Bristol is the organization behind the festival itself and it was founded in 2010. It is not-for-profit and more often than not the festival takes place in July each year. The motto for the organization is Celebrating Diversity, Championing Equality, Across the South West.

The first ever pride parade took place in 2010 and has taken place every year since then. Being a commercial and cultural hub of south-west England, gay pride Bristol extends into the surrounding area and has proven to be a big hit with families and young people. The University of Bristol has proven to be a huge supporter of the festival as well, with a high number of LGBT students. Bristol itself has a massive network of gay alliances that aim to try promote a sense of civic duty amongst gay people and straight people in the city. They reach out through education and commerce to ensure there is awareness for LGBT stories and life in the city. This is what makes gay pride Bristol stand out, is the incredible support from citizens and government that ensure that gay pride is practised and championed in the city. The outreach programs rival London and many other cosmopolitan cities.

As we had mentioned before, the festival itself serves much of the south west and people come from all over the Southwest, including from Wales to participate in the festival.

Gay Pride Bristol Since 2010

The first festival to showcase Bristol gay pridein 2010, had a pride parade and showcased a film festival at the famed Watershed, stage acts at the Bristol Hippodrome and a performance by Rhona and Sonique. In fact, Venue magazine voted that gay pride Bristol had the best festival for the city which is widely supported by many residents in the city.

In 2011, the city introduced an expansion into the commercial sector by working closely with stores, art galleries, movie theatres, stage theatres and much more, to promote gay pride Bristol. The inclusive nature of the whole festival that engages the whole city has been the cornerstone of the gay pride events in the city. Bristol also has several non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting equality and much more. The city itself has a high number of community centres who also engage ensuring that all gay people in the city have a safe place to engage in showing their pride as well as ways to battle sexual intolerance. The city council and these non-profit organizations work side by side.

LGBT Bristol works with the Bristol City Council works in partnership with many gay community leaders to promote active involvement in community life. The organization also aims to in promote inclusion of LGBT people in civic life. LGBT Bristol also helps promote gay pride Bristol. Their current projects include a Diversity in Primary Schools initiative which provides young students and curriculum directors with opportunities to learn about diversity in the city. This initiative has also aimed battle homophobia and bullying in schools and set up a city-wide network where people can support gay families and civil servants. LGBT Bristol operates year round, yet they have had a hand in setting up the gay pride festival and communicating with the city council to ensure that the festival itself has operated smoothly.

Real Headliners To Promote LGBT Equality

From year to year, the festival has had some major headlines, but has also had support from gay community activists and organizations all around the country. The Broken Rainbow UK help forum and helpline is set up to combat domestic violence in gay relationships. This organization has marched in the festival every year to promote a safe haven for victims of domestic abuse. Broken Rainbow UK was just one of the hundreds of charitable and corporate sponsors for the festival.

Gay Pride Attendance Figures: The Statistics

Due to the high volume of people from the rest of south-west England as well as people from the city, gay pride Bristol has had as many as 20,000 attendees. This is huge number in comparison with some of the other cities in England. Many foreign students from the University of Bristol have also engaged in the pride festivities. Gay pride Bristol also accounts for a huge influx of tourists from round the country and the world. The pride march each year has attracted more than 3,000 people. In 2015, there were over 5,000 people who participated in the march through the city.

Events Celebrating Gay Pride Bristol

Like we said, the support from the community and government in Bristol is outstanding, which has also made their list of events extremely exciting. Various coroporate sponsors have reached to promote a gay positive space and there are nooks dedicated to the arts and gaming as well. Here are a few of the things that are and have happened for gay pride Bristol:

Sonique and Festival Music

As we said earlier, the festival has attracted more than 20,000 and has been a massive hit amongst students. Venue magazine voted the gay pride festival as one of the best in the city and in the country.Gay pride Bristol has been voted one of the top 3 in the country and has been the source of tourism as well. With over 100 artists performing from across the country and with Bristol’s nurturing of some of the best British musical acts, it is no wonder that it attracts so many visitors. Sonique was the headline act for the first year and many local bands have been huge hits at the festival. This musical acts and performances are also free.


Bristol gay pride also engages with the massive community of gay artists in the city. The photography exhibition has been a huge hit. This event aims to promote sound, performance, art and community. Once again Bristol’s pride motto resonates with every event that has taken place to showcase gay pride. The exhibitions have also proven to be a huge launching off point for gay artists to be able to work nationwide.

Being LGBT In The Engineering Industry

EDF Energy and InterEngineering have set up an event for the festival that aims to promote and create awareness for those who are gay and in the engineering industry. This initiative has aimed to engage with students and engineering graduates who are looking for work in the engineering industry. It also promotes what defines a safe and queer friendly work space. This is amongst one of the most important events at the festival because it is breaking ground in ensuring that gay people do feel included in the workplace. It has been a debate for a long time and Bristol has managed to secure some stellar support networks.

Gay Gaming

After being a huge hit in 2015, the Pride Gaming event in partnership with the Bristol Video Games Social organization, will put on an event at Kongs Bar where people can play video games in a safe and gay friendly space. Various games that have been featured and will return for many years to come are classics such as Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Street Fighter and many more retro games. This is pioneering event for gay gamers around the country because it also engages in combatting online bullying and much more.

Queer Vision Film Festival

The Queer Vision Film Festival is a staple of gay pride Bristol. Since its inception, the gay pride in Bristol has been showcased year through films from all over the country. This has been a big hit with festival goers. Films that promote LGBT awareness and filmmakers have been played at the festival and it has proven to be a launching point for a few careers for young gay filmmakers. The event itself usually last four days.

Pride Comedy

Gay comedians are not usually mainstream, but Bristol gay pride has showcased some of the top talent in the country and has been a hit with festival goers since it was first introduced. In 2016, some of the comics that will be performing are; Jayde Adams, who was awarded the 2014 Funny Women Award and London Cabaret’s Audience award will be one of the headliners. She sings opera and has been actively doing stand up since 2011. Her act has been at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the extremely prestigious Glastonbury festival. Another performer will be Sam Lake who was a Max Turner Finalist in 2016, who mixes Spanish and Cornish to deliver a wry and dry performance that has been hailed as unbelievably funny. Stephen Bailey will also attend, a former celebrity Big Brother contestant, his act has toured the country and he is also a regular contributor to Attitude Magazine.

Finally the internationally renowned Jen Brister will be performing as well. She has toured the country and the world and has appeared on Comedy Central’s Famed Comedy Showcase The Comedy Store.

Pride Theatre Events

Gay pride Bristol also showcases some of the best talent in the country’s theatre going population with their stage shows that have been specially created and set up for pride week year after year. There will three events: Venus and Adonis, which is an adaption of Shakespeare’s epic poem, which has been described as unabashedly sexy work. This will mark the first time in a over 10 years where the poem has been performed. A performance called Much Ado About Bingo will also be showcased at the 2016 festival. Organizers have described it as a silly and wildly entertaining interactive show that engages your musical memory and much more. Essentially it’s a musical bingo where you can claim a huge prize at the end. Finally a performance title #AppilyEverAfter will bring about some of the biggest social questions of our time.

The play aims to question how we and how young people rely a great deal on social networking and social media to define our lives. The play also discusses how online dating has changed things for the better and this is reflective of what has to offer.

Pub Quiz

The legendary pub quiz the first Sunday of every month at the Old Market Tavern in the legendary Old Market of Bristol. The quiz is a weekly showcase of trivia knowledge, but during the gay pride Bristol festival, there will be a special edition of the quiz that will test your knowledge of all things gay. This is one of more recent additions to the festival which has succeeded in being a huge hit for people from week to week and is happy to be featured during the gay pride festivities.

Gay Pride Dog Show

Gay pride Bristol welcomes all genders - but all doggy breeds too! What ha proven to a big hit with pride festival round the world, Bristol will have its own dog show. Considered one of the highlights of the festival, the dog show will award prizes to dogs that have the Waggiest tail, the most well groomed, and the best pup, prettiest eyes and so much more. Many festival goers will ooh and aww at every four legged supporter of gay pride.

Student Alliances And Gay Pride Bristol

Due to the high number of students in the city, Bristol gay pride has aimed to engage with the student community through various events specifically dedicated to youth. Various coroporate sponsors aim to reach out to the student community in Bristol to promote a positive atmosphere for gay students from all around the country and the world. Various student unions for LGBT people are always present and create awareness for student societies and promote a safe gay friendly atmosphere on campus.

The Big March

Event organizers have described the march as a way for gay pride Bristol to bring people together and become a beacon for those who cannot. The pride parade march also showcases the importance of being to show yourself for who you are as a free human being. Describing themselves as a beacon for those who are persecuted for their sexuality makes the parade a big chance to be free from hate or bullying. These intentions reflect the strong community that Bristol has when it comes to reaching out to people and standing up for what is an essential human right: freedom.

The Big Afterparty

One of the only events where you have to pay, the afterparty takes place at the Bristol O2 club, where people can pay for drinks, see DJs and various live acts. Some of the hottest European club DJs have been featured in previous years. The party is a fundraising event that aims to continue to make the pride festival totally free for attendees. Because of their stance as a non-profit organization, festival organizers have had success raising funds through the afterparty in previous years. The money goes to Pride to Keep Pride Free, which is the source of finance of Pride Bristol.

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