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The History Of Gay Pride Gateshead

Gay pride Gateshead has a wild history considering how it is right across the river from the geordie shore, but what makes it even wilder is the fact has some of the highest number of users in Gateshead. Before you jump into action and hook up with someone during pride, why not learn everything there is to know about Gay Pride UK. Gay pride has been a significant progressive triumph for human rights. Many of us might take gay pride events round the world for granted, but there has been a long history of struggle to ensure rights for gay people around the world and this was the source of the creation of the Gay Liberation Front. Many of us look at pride events in our respective cities as just a celebration and a massive party. Many of us have hangovers once the fun is over - but we often forget how far gay men and women have come for gay equality. Gay pride originally functioned as a way to let people know that gay people were there to stay and it was a way to protest against discrimination and much more. Gay pride has steadily shifted into a massive party that injects millions upon millions into various city’s economies. However, it serves as an example of how people all over the world can be equal. Take a look at some of what we have to offer relative to gay pride history in Gateshead upon Tyne. wants you to know what is going on during gay pride Gateshead, through a comprehensive history of its existence and a description of events. And, as always you can find plenty more about Gay Pride. wants you to know what is going on at gay pride Gateshead, through a comprehensive history of its existence and a description of events.

Gay Pride Gateshead History

With Gateshead being right across the river from Newcastle, it shares its Northern Pride festival with many other towns and municipalities in the area. Gateshead has the pleasure of joining in on all the festivities across the river in Newcastle - considering it’s right there. It is the second biggest pride event in the country behind London.Northern Pride has had a huge hand in bringing about equality in the North East of England. It was formed in 2007 and has been integral to promoting LGBT rights. Following the closure of Pride Upon Tyne, Northern Pride was essentially formed based on a committee and logistical advisors who worked with gay people in the city and Gateshead to determine what would be ideal for a pride event. This paved the way to an exciting festival with plenty to offer to much of North East England. Organizers strove to ensure that the pride festival itself would be totally free and it has maintained that status since its inception. Northern Pride represents and stands up for gay pride in Gateshead and Newcastle. It battles homophobia and bullying. It also aims to promote equality and generate awareness for gay rights and combat against discriminatory workplace practices. It’s not for profit nature makes it a unique pride event that truly integrates itself into not only Gateshead, Newcastle and other surrounding towns, but also the rest of North East England. Smaller towns and villages have gay people too and Northern Pride is the beacon for these people. It provides hope and a means in which to have a place to reach out in a time of need. It is a registered charity and they receive their money from sponsors, your donations and much more. Gay pride events more often than not are a way for many city councils and municipalities to make money and Northern Pride has managed to allow the entire North East to become an economic and cosmopolitan powerhouse.

Gay Pride Gateshead Statistics: The Numbers And Figures

Gay pride Gateshead has been celebrated across the river in Newcastle since 2007. Northern Pride estimates that there have been 4,000 in 2008 and then 6,000 in 2009. In 2013, the Gateshead gay pride had over 28,000 people in attendance at all events in a single day. These figures show us just how powerful gay pride can be in the North East of England and how successful gay pride festivals continue to be. In 2015, over 60,000 people attended. It seems these rising numbers will continue for years to come. In 2016, organizers assume that up to 80,000 people could show up. Northern Pride has also contributed more than 9 million pounds to the North East economy.

North East Pride Events: Past And Present

In the past and in the future, the Northern Pride festival always delivers for gay pride Gateshead, here are a few of the events that are going on at festival.

Gay Pride Gateshead Comedy!

Comedy is and always will be staple of any pride festival. Not only is a pride festival a celebration and statement and sometimes a way in which to protest - what better way to let off some steam and celebrate with gay comedy from British, American and other European acts. Comedy has been a means for expression for thousands of years and in modern times - it is no different. Comedy is often a reflection of our experiences and the way in which comedians can engage with people about gay ideals, experiences and living is extremely important. This is perhaps why Northern Pride has been so unbelievably successful in preserving a true sense of comic relief with they yearly LGBT comedy gala.

Documentary Films

Some of the greatest stories are stranger than fiction and that is why Northern Pride has managed to secure some pretty amazing documentary films chronicling the struggle of man gay people in all parts of the world. Their upcoming documentary explores three Palestinian friends exploring their sexual identity in the wild cosmopolitan city of Tel-Aviv. Screenings and film festivals have always been parts of pride festivals and have proven to be very successful ways to communicate LGBT ideas. Pride is not always about partying, but it is a way to showcase art and express ideas.


Each year gay pride Gateshead has been shown in some of the plays from British LGBT playwrights. These have been some of the most memorable experiences for many festival goers because of the ability to be able to see something more than just a party! Rights of Passage will be the play that explores gay, lesbian and transgender issues from characters who have fled to the UK. It’s a fascinating story of despair, escape and a pursuit of happiness unlike many others in life. Theatre has always proven to be a natural part of the festival. Like we have said before art is way for festival goers to engage with gay issues in a totally different way. With Northern Pride’s inclusive atmosphere, it’s no surprise that the entire city loves each one of the theatre performances.

A Black Tie Ball

The ultimate classy event, the black tie ball is a night of music and dance, resemblant of Truman Capote’s infamous black tie ball in New York. Suit up and get wild with some of the hottest throwback music there is to offer. Food, drink and dance - what more could you ask for? There is a midnight raffle with all proceeds going to ensure that gay pride Gateshead and Northern Pride can stay free.


If music be the food of love - play on. said Shakespeare and there is no better way to celebrate gay pride Gateshead, then to listen to the some of the hottest music there is to offer. Some of the past musical acts have included Belinda Carlisle and B*Witched, Lucy Spraggan, Kitty Bracknell, and Joseph Wheelan as well as Heather Peace. In 2016, Heather Small will be headlining the event. Hazel Dean will be in attendance, along with many other music acts such as Nathan Moore, The Ambition and South Shields.

Carnival Parade

Every gay pride parade cannot be complete without the famed carnival that has been a staple for gay pride Gateshead since the beginning. In the past the carnival has attracted over 7,000 on an annual basis, where people can dress up and go wild with fun, music, dancing and much more. Anyone is free to attend and show their support for LGBT society in the North East.

Health And Community Outreach

Sexual health and awareness is always integral to any gay pride festival and with Northern Pride, we could say it’s no different. Northern Pride has one of the biggest followings in the country and being the brain behind the second biggest pride festival in the country, their community outreach programs have been able to help thousands upon thousands in the north east. This has proven to be a success at each one of the pride festivals where they manage to engage in outreach programs and ensure that people are aware of safe sex as well as helping people understand that there is a place to turn to for help. Northern Pride’s endless battle to ensure that there is LGBT equality in the North East continues with their dedication to the community.

Drag Comedy Fundraisers

A constant staple of gay pride Gateshead, the festival had a big hit four years ago with a show by Ophelia Balls and Greta La More who take questions from the audience and then do a spin by telling their own wild stories. This wildly funny event has been described as a clash of divas and audiences have loved it since its conception. There is also a Dragged Through The Generations Event which is a showcase of the best drag queen performances from festivals past and present.


The Northern Front Runners have been running marathons for over five years and this ear it will be no different. This run serves as a launch to the festival and all proceeds go to charity. Marathons have always proven to be a great for communities to engage and has they have always been perfect methods for raising funds. Norther Pride’s inclusive nature invites all people looking to work up a sweat or at least say that they ran a few kilometres.

Candlelight Vigil

A candlelight vigil has been held every year and serves as way for festival goers to remember those who have been victims to HIV/AIDS as well as victims of sexual abuse, domestic abuse and discrimination. This is a feature of Northern Pride that separates it from so many more festival around the world. Not only does it attract a huge number of people, but the festival is one of the most interactive and community oriented festivals in the world and this candlelight vigil serves as a pinnacle of Northern Pride’s excellence.

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