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Real Member Testimonials:

ByeFelicia99 - 20, Broken Arrow

I don't have trouble meeting guys in real life; I get hit on enough I guess and I'm not super shy, but there's a certain draw to meeting guys on ManPlay that nothing can compare to. The hunt, the chase, the dirty messages – all the lead-up in the connections you make. It's so exciting and invigorating and it gets you all worked up. Just try it – you'll know exactly what I'm talking about within one conversation.

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Mr_FixIt - 37, Louisville

Twink sites are a dime a dozen, but ManPlay blows every other one right out of the internet waters. I used to use another site, but it was all bullshit – fake profiles and guys trying to get my money. ManPlay was the exact opposite – the guys were perfect, they were real, and they were responsive and interested in chatting with me and hooking up. Don't trust any other site. ManPlay will get you laid.

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onceuponatwink - 40, Green Bay

I was considered a twink in my younger years, but unfortunately for me, ManPlay did not exist then. Boy, my life would have been radically different if it had!!! At least it's come around in my life time. I can't imagine my sex life without ManPlay. How boring it would be! Yeesh! Honestly to goodness, ManPlay is tops in my books. I never sign in without connecting with someone I could hook up with.

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BbBbBradley - 27, Rock Springs

I have yet to find a site that caters to gay guys better than ManPlay. Most gay dating sites don't even have identity classifications; the most you can do is write something about it in your profile, but that doesn't help with searches or matching. ManPlay is great because I can easily find exactly what I'm looking for and guys can find me easy too. It so easy!!

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I guess I'm really just your stereotypical twink, physically. And sexually, most likely, depending on what you think the stereotype is ;) But I'm also my own person! I'm told I'm fun to be around and that I'm a “true giver”. I'll let you take that as you will ;) I'm super casual and easy going and curious. I'd love to learn and grow and discover everything about sexuality.

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I'm new to the whole online scene here so just message me if you want to know anything about me :) My name is Dylan. I'm 5'11” and about 175 pounds. I have brown eyes and dark brown hair. I'm 19 years old, but I like to think I'm mature for my age. I have a dog named Connor who is great. I've only been with one guy, but a few girls before that.

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Hey there sports fan! Do people say that still? Whatever, I'm bringing it back. It will be the new “ironic” thing. Anyway, if you're close to me and feelin' a little like doin' the dirty, it would be super rad to chat with you. I also LOVE video messaging. I think it's sexy to be able to see and hear you before we meet in real life. Check out my profile!

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I'm your All-American man, except for my love of tight t-shirts and man buns, obviously. I like sports and the outdoors and going out with my friends. I'm on ManPlay looking to expand my circle of acquaintances and maybe acquire a number of friends with benefits ;) Check out my profile, and if you're interested, send me a message! We can meet and chill or just talk online and see where it goes.

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The #1 Gay Dating Site For Twinks!

Twinks have been a staple of the gay community since before the internet was even a glimmer of an idea in someone's eye—who doesn't love a willing and eager sexual partner in a tight, young body, right? And being the young go-getters and early adopters of technology that they are, it should come as no surprise that twinks were among the first people to realize the internet could be used to facilitate hookups. From their insatiable young minds came ManPlay.com, which has been the biggest name in online gay twink dating ever since! And as those twinks grew and changed, they made sure ManPlay would grow and change with them. Over time those twinks became daddies, and muscles, and even chubs—but they still wanted to be able to use the site they had grown with and made so many connections through. That is why ManPlay is #1 when it comes to catering to all kinds of gay identities; as our members grow and change, and as we add new members to our community, we discover more diversity that we want to embrace that and share.

Although ManPlay is a place for all the gay men online looking for fun and sexy times with other guys, we have a name in gay dating for twinks especially. We have the most twinks of any other gay dating sites online and we attract new twink members everyday. There's always an abundance of enthusiastic young twinks online waiting to chat and meet up. They join ManPlay because they know we're safe, secure, discreet, fun, and have the most members of any site online. They stay because they know these things will never change and that they can grow and evolve and never have to worry about ManPlay leaving them behind. Join now and see for yourself. Trust us, you'll feel the love from your first moment on the site.

A Twink Favorite: ManPlay Mobile

Twinks are defined as young, hip men who are, you know, living the life of young, hip men. This means that their go-to method of online dating needs to be easy, accessible, and available wherever they go. That's where ManPlay mobile comes in. With ManPlay mobile, we made it possible to have access to your entire ManPlay account on the go. At the library? Getting groceries? Bored at the office? As long as you have a smart device with you, like a mobile phone or a tablet, you can access ManPlay through our mobile app and our fully functioning mobile site! Unlike most gay dating apps, which do not connect to an online site, we give you the ability to reap the benefits of a long-standing site full of tried and true features and millions of members instead of just connect with a small selection of men. With ManPlay mobile, we've taken that and improved it by putting the positive features of gay dating apps to use. It's the perfect combination and it's one that keeps the twinks coming by the hundreds each and every day!

The Fastest Hook Ups In The West (And East, North, And South)

No matter where you are, ManPlay mobile can show you the fastest path to a hook up. Using your smart device's GPS, ManPlay.com's mobile capabilities can use your location and the location of other ManPlay members to show you which men are closest to you. Not feeling picky? Pick the closest guy and send him a message—there's no faster way to get laid! But you can take your time, too—browse all the closest members by distance, or filter them so you're only specifically searching for the closest twink (you can even search for a specific height, age range, eye color, hair color, and many more options, if you want). This system is unique to ManPlay and is very popular for gay twink dating. Join ManPlay today and find perfect hookups fast!

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We can say that ManPlay is the best gay dating site for finding twinks until we're blue in the face, but it's true! And we're not just saying that—the proof is right in front of your eyes once you join the site. Don't believe us yet? Check out our member testimonials—countless members have found, and continue to find, the perfect twink partners on ManPlay.com. Don't forget to check out our member profiles, either—we have hundreds of thousands of twinks online looking for local men like you. And that's just what you can see on this page! The possibilities are endless once you become a ManPlay member. Once you have full access to ManPlay.com and all our members, you won't have any doubt in your mind that ManPlay is the right choice when it comes to twink gay dating sites.Signing up is free and fast because we want to get you meeting twinks as soon as possible! All you need is your email address and a unique username and we'll get you going moments later! Browse and search for twinks online, either nearby for hookups or anywhere in the world for some online fun; connect with hot twinks, either by sending a private message, starting a video chat, or participating in our sex chat rooms and message boards; and create a perfect profile, with personalized settings, custom security, and as many sexy photos and videos as you want! The best site online, for the best twinks around the world: ManPlay.com.

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