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biggplaya - 34, San Francisco

ManPlay has help connect me with men who are happy to hookup with a guy like me, not just guys who might have settled for me at the end of an unsuccessful night at the bar. I'm not one for monogamy, and being a chubby dude who's just into casual sex can be hard. I had my doubts that ManPlay would help all that much, but it was EXACTLY what I was looking for and needed.

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biggerisbetter - 29, Buffalo

People tend to assume that I like the Ryan Gosling types, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s hard enough admitting that you’re attracted to men, but it’s even harder to profess your love for chubby men. ManPlay has been a great for easing my insecurities and allowing me to approach men without shame. Everyone on here has been so great and open – I can't recommend it more!

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bring_on_the_big_lovin - 26, Boulder

Ever since I first realized I was attracted to men, I've always gravitated towards the chubs. It seems now that that lovely chub is starting to be looked down on by society and it's harder and harder to meet a confident chub out in the real world. ManPlay has probably tens of thousands of members within traveling distance of me and with a few clicks I can find all the beautiful, sexy chubs I want!

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HawaiianJack_ - 32, Honolulu

I'm just a silly, fun-loving, easy-going dude who was always having trouble letting my personality shine past my weight. I've been bullied, and I've been mistreated, but never on ManPlay! I'm so happy I finally let a friend convince me to join. I thought it would be a waste of time or money, but it's been the best possible use of both I could have ever imagined! I'm getting laid all the time!

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I love my life. I love performing, I love my dog, I love my city, I love my friends – you get the picture. But for all that love, I have no one to love me :( I'm not talking about “forever” love, but I would love to just have people to spend time with, physically, for a change. To put it less nicely: I want sex. It's been too long and I just want it now, always, and much more than I've been getting it!

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I guess I'm maybe closer to a cub or something like that right now, but I've gained a ton of weight in the last year and it’s only going to increase - I can feel it. I'll be a full on chub soon! I like getting big. I'm tired of putting all my effort into being kinda skinny. I feel much better being with men who celebrate a guy being a little bigger.

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I spent many years hiding my true self. I was married to a woman for eight years before I finally told her what I finally couldn't deny any more: I am gay. It's been less than a year since then and I have been shunned by a lot of my family and friends. I'm sure they'll come around, but for now I'm on my own in this world and I'm here looking for a man to spend time with and explore.

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Gay, black, and fat! I really got some kind of special trifecta! I swear I'm not an asshole because of it. And hey, I may be more experienced than you know! Don't judge a book by it's cover, you know? I'm looking for a guy who's willing to be a top and a bottom, flexible with experimenting and trying out new stuff, and who appreciates me physically. Me personally, I like all the sexy body types :)

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Are you the kind of man who needs a little more to love? Do you like a little more cushin' for the pushin'? You're not alone. Gay men worldwide are enamored by chubby guys. There's just something so indescribably sexy about chubs, and no one knows that better than ManPlay. You won't find many gay dating sites out there that have dedicated part of their site specially to chubs, but ManPlay.com is doing its part! Chubs join ManPlay because they know they are joining a gay community that celebrates and admires men just like them, as well as men of all kinds! ManPlay has always been #1 in connecting gay men online, but we take a special pride in knowing that we acknowledge and support all the sub groups of gay men. Bears, cubs, otters, twinks, chubs, muscle, daddy, and more - ManPlay isn't one of those sites that just throws all our members together and makes them fend for themselves. When creating your profile you are encouraged to identify yourself with one or more sub groups as well as specify your interest in certain sub groups. This process makes it so you can find the perfect connections with local men faster and easier than any other gay dating site online. There are millions of gay members on ManPlay looking to find the perfect sexual partners and erotic encounters. ManPlay lets you see members who are online, members who are looking at your profile, members who are closest to your location, and also gives you a daily list of personalized matches that you can browse and connect with. There really is no easier way to hook up online, especially if you're searching for chubs specifically. No other site online caters to gay chubs and gives them a place to call home online.

We're In This Together

ManPlay.com isn't the kind of site that just throws all its members together and makes them fend for themselves. We built our site to be as user-friendly as possible with the most useful and advanced features. After you join ManPlay, you'll be able to make a customized profile, as well as upload as many photos and videos as you want. Based on the information you give us, we will be able to create daily lists of personalized matches from local gay men in your area. Love chubs? Great! We'll show you local chubs who are looking for someone just like you to hook up with. Interested in more? Even better! Let us know each and every thing you're into and we'll be able to find you even better matches! If not for our members, ManPlay would be nothing. We were created to connect gay men and to bring them together, for easy, fun, no strings attached sex. On ManPlay.com, your success is our success.

Find Sexy Local Chubs Your Way

Just because ManPlay is here to support you, it doesn't mean you don't have the freedom to browse and connect with any and all ManPlay members of your choosing! We have millions of members worldwide, and they're all here to find the same thing: sex with gay men. You can browse members in your city when your home, and in other cities when you travel! You can browse members that are online right now and members that are closest to your location, for the fastest hookups! You can use our advanced search to find men of every gay sub group, age range, height, weight, body type, ethnicity, marital status, religion, and anything else you're looking for. We make it easy to find EXACTLY who you're looking for.

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Are chubs what get you going? Love to see those chubby, sexy men on your computer screen? Well, not only can ManPlay help you find local chub hookups, but we also have the hottest online chub action you can find! We have thousands members who get off on showing off online. Whether you're interested in some cyber sex or cyber role-playing on one of our many sex chat rooms, discussing sexual fantasies, sex tips and techniques, or just whatever is on your mind with gay men from around the world on our discussion boards, or whether you're into one-on-one video chats or webcam shows—ManPlay has all the best online action with the hottest chubs from around the world. Our site is build user-friendly and constantly kept up-to-date when it comes to our features. If you're looking to have chub fun online, there's nothing that beats ManPlay.com.

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Maybe you're not out of the closet yet. Maybe you have somebody special already and you're just looking for something on the side. Maybe you just want to make sure there's definitely not a chance your boss will find out about the naughty life you live after you leave the office every night. ManPlay is committed to upholding the highest level of online safety, privacy, and security. Everything you do on ManPlay is completely, 100% discreet. Our privacy settings are fully customizable—allow your profile to be seen and searched for by any member on the site, set it so that your photos and videos remain private until you give permission, or keep your entire profile private except to those who you message first! Every part of ManPlay's sign-up process and site function remain secure and none of your personal information will be collected or sold to third parties. ManPlay is safest way to find chub love online!

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