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Ryan__Handsome - 35, Asheville

As I got older I started trying all kinds of sites, and ManPlay has been by far the best one. I like a guy who takes care of himself and knows how to take care of a guy like me too, whether we see each other for a night or start something more serious. Those are exactly the kind of guys I've been able to meet on ManPlay. I think it would be hard not to, honestly.

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NevaGonnaGiveUUp - 30, New Orleans

I like my men ripped and toned and bigger than me. I'm attracted to all kinds of men, but there's something extra sexy about biceps and abs and glutes - all that toned goodness. I just can't help by sink my teeth into it. Anyway, since I'm not a gym rat, it's hard to meet these guy in real life, BUT NOT ON MANPLAY :D!! It's SO easy and the sex is SO great. You have to try this site.

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ForPetesSake02 - 37, Anchorage

ManPlay is the best site I have used for finding men. No contest, hands down, the BEST. Other sites wouldn't even have members in my town, and would only have a few in the big cities nearby, and half those profiles were fake!!! ManPlay is the real deal and that's what you need when you're looking to have an actual selection of REAL GUYS that are actually nearby! Highly recommend!!

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SimplyJimmyJ - 28, Seattle

I've finally come around to admitting that maybe I like guys better than girls, but that doesn't mean I'm one of those princess type guys. I'm serious about my life, my job, and my body. I take the time to take care of myself, inside and out, and everyone around me. I came to ManPlay hoping to find a man that would understand that. But I didn't just find one man - I found several.

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I'm just looking for fun and a good time. I'm open to a lot of things, so.. Try me! I'm at least willing to entertain most ideas and suggestions. I'm not squimish and I don't mind experimenting outside of my normal sexual repertoire (is that spelled right?). If you think I could be your type, or you're just open-minded like me, send me a message and let's hook up.

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I've got real muscle potential, and I joined ManPlay to find a muscle man who could show me a good time in the gym and in his bed. I'm willing to work hard and do all that I can to please. Let me show you what I can do. I promise to work harder than any guy you've ever seen. Let's chat and get dirty. I'm ready, are you?

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I'm just tired of the guys who hit on me in the gym. Most of these dudes are dumb as rocks and I can't stand it. Sure, I've got a great body, but I've also got a brain, and I'd like it if the men I bed with were the same. You don't need to be Einstein, but I can't handle an idiot inside me, you know? Let's talk and see if we click. If we can hold a conversation, I'm sure we can hold each other's junk ;)

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Working as a firefighter takes up a lot of my time and doesn't allow me to meet a lot of new potential partners. The guys at the station are all straight, so even thought they're good guys, they can't really help past suggesting that I check out online dating, which is how I ended up on ManPlay. I'm just looking to have fun and keep things casual, but I'm open to something more.

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Muscle Men Clobber The Competition

That taut skin, those rippling features, the ability to literally sweep you off your feet... how could anyone not be interested in muscle men? We totally get it. There's nothing hotter than a self-made man of muscle, except when that man is gay too! But, you don't need to hear why muscle guys are the hottest gays in town—you already know that. We know what you're looking for. You're looking for the best way to hook up with muscle men that you covet so much. Well, the answer is ManPlay.com, and we'll tell you why:

ManPlay is the #1 gay dating site on the internet. No tricks, no games—just a site built on the need to connect gay men from around the world, and to help local gay men find each other. A lot of gay men are social butterflies—always out at the clubs or participating in LGBT groups in the community—but others, like muscle gays, spend a lot of time alone, working on shaping their bodies and their minds. It's easy for them to get caught up in their own little world for an entire day, only to realize later that they have wasted time that could have been spent finding guys to hook up with. That's why a lot of muscle guys have turned to ManPlay. It takes mere moments to sign up, and your profile can be created, edited, and improved as you go, so there's no rush right out of the gate. For muscle men, this means they can be pumping up their muscles at the gym at the same time they find hot local gay men for sex! No longer do they need to make a choice between one or the other. They can go to the gym and just wait for the messages to roll in. So, what are you waiting for? Find your muscle man and send him a message now! Maybe he's just about to leave the gym and is looking for someone to take a long, hot shower with...

Muscled Men Are Looking For Guys Just Like You

It's a common misconception that muscle men are looking for other muscle men. Sure, there are some, but think about it: they see these other muscle gays all the time at the gym. If that's who they were interested in hooking up with, they wouldn't be on ManPlay in the first place. Muscle guys love guys of every shape and size! Muscles love muscles, muscles love daddies, muscles love twinks, muscles love chubs... the list goes on and on. With millions of gay men on ManPlay, there are members of every kind! No matter what you're looking for, you can find it on ManPlay.com. We have members who are turned on by every age, body type, and ethnicity and who are into every kink, fetish, and sexual activity under the sun! No matter how long you've been looking, don't give up before trying ManPlay. You will be amazed to see how many men are looking for someone just like you.

With our top of the line matching system, you will have access to a daily personalized list of local matches. As long as you fill out your profile honestly, your matches will be the perfect hookup partners for you! We'll show you local hotties that are just your type and are looking for someone just like you. Once you start connecting, you'll see just how easy it is to find gay sex in your city. On top of having daily matches on your homepage, you can also see members who are online now, members who are close to your location, members who have looked at your profile, and newest members to ManPlay. If you're searching for something more specific, we also have our advanced search, where you can input search parameters like location, age range, height, weight, body type, ethnicity, marital status, eye color, hair color, and a variety of other options. You can even search for profile keywords to find local gay men who are talking about your interests in their profiles!

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ManPlay was built to connect gay men at a time when admitting to being gay in public was a much scarier proposition. Even though the world has become more accepting of the gay community, it does not change the fact that gay men need places, real and virtual, to stay connected with that community. Communication has always been a point of high priority on ManPlay, and we are very proud of that. Not only do we exist as a means to connect men from around the world, but we have created a site that makes is fun, fast, and easy to do so. Most online dating sites will offer you a simple messaging system on which to connect with other members. ManPlay doesn't just take that a step further, no—we knock it out of the park.

One-on-one email messaging is the most basic communication feature that ManPlay offers. We also offer instant messaging, video chat, sex chat rooms, and discussion boards. You can use instant messaging to make the fastest hookup plans when members are online looking for sex at the same time as you. Sex chat rooms are great for a little online fun, especially if you're interested in cyber sex or role playing. Our discussion boards are a great place to meet like-minded men from around the world to ask sex questions, discuss sexual fantasies, or just talk about whatever is on your mind! There's no easier or faster place online to meet gay men than ManPlay.com.

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