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  • Date of Birth? 34
  • Sexual Status: gay single man
  • Images: 1Public

Last Status: Thoughtful and open-minded.

City: Calgary , Alberta

Bio: This is the part where I usually try to show my 'nice' side and try to reveal enough to be interesting without opening up too much. I'm learning a lot about myself, and what I want. I'm extremely independent, and as an introvert I deal with emotions internally. As such, I'm not well suited to a long-term relationship. Though if I found the right guy, I'd give a relationship a shot. Now that I recognize I'm not relationship material, I've decided to explore sexual encounters. Since I've lived most of my life until now trying to find the right relationship before exploring sex, I'm very inexperienced in the sexual field. It will take awhile for me to fully open up and get comfortable with myself, and that may turn people off, but that is how it is. Damn this site for not recognizing a simple carriage return. Three well thought out paragraphs turn into an unreadable clump of text.

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