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  • Date of Birth? 21
  • Sexual Status: gay single man
  • Images: 4Public

Last Status: hit me up...

City: Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania

Bio: hey my name is devlin, love to meet new ppl, hit me up! god, i suck at these things.... wow about me well im just an average guy i guess, i speek quite a few languages...i love to meet new ppl, love to party with the most hard-core ppl there are!, love to travel, im a verry open person. i like talking on the phone and online, i like reading books that keep u on the edge always wanting 2 know what happens next... and it's never what u expect,im emo, im gay...PRIDE BABY!, im verry verbouse, i like going out with friends etc...well i belive in the magics of the world they exist there just hard 2 find and even harder 2 tap into, i swear im like a bit psychic cus i get empathy's (a vision/ feeling/ forsight of some kind that says what is most likely 2 happen soon to some1 u care about and sometimes even ppl u don't even know) all the time and they almost always turn out true and one time i even saw aura's, well i love thunder storms something about them just wakes me up inside, brings me to life, and beats my blood to red before i come undone, umm... sometimes im out dorrsy most of the time im not it all depends on my mood and whats going on, every1 always calls me cus they think i know something about whats going on and i usually do cus i jst hear about everything... cus every1 who gossips wants to talk to the gay guy that they know, i love sketching randomly, im obsessed with my music...i play drums and electric guitar, i like writeing random song lyrics, my friends are fucking awsome and mean so much 2 me so if u fuck around with them... don't even ask 2 fuck with me...cus it aint gonna happen...yeah but seriously why cant we all just get along?, my inspirations for so many things come from my friends, im a gay emo boy with fucking amazing friends, with a mix of everything... whatelse is there to it? so yea i guess that kinnda sums me up, oh yea i love to meet new ppl and chat so leave me a message/comment and ill try 2 get back 2 u */wave*

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