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  • Date of Birth? 51
  • Sexual Status: gay single man

Last Status: If your looking for someone exciting creative magical passonate sexy and full of love you have found me

City: Welland , Ontario

Bio: Im actually someone who is very phisical,but Im into alot of spiritual beliefs like meditation astro travel during dreamtime,I believe in life on many other planets,we are not alone I have been analized by terresterial beings,I am a member of the Galactic federation of light,information from our ancestors,but this also involves Christ I believe we are all in the matrix and Im tring to wake up to a new reality besides the one we all know,I was always very different I doubt that will change,I am looking for my twin flame not a soul mate,Im not here to create Karma!I belive that life is a game we are all the players,and what ever we do effects all of us,other than that I like to enjoy the outdoors nature I love animals I think like it is so fasinating and that were living in wonderfull times were things are bound to change,I want to share a real love ,I have not had the best luck with other relasionships,I like to cook,and have a nice place and suround myself with nice things that mean alot ,I have had the good life and the not so good life,alot of things went wrong for me,but its made me who I am,I guess you could say I make the best of what I have,I love good food and entertainment but I dont like crouds,I love to stay home and watch a great movie,and I have many cats because I was a breeder and they are like my babes I never had,I love my cats,im also a bit into wicca white magic although Ive been known to practice some dark when called for,I think everyone should try to be Magical,I am submisive but know how to be agressive in bed Im no longer into any drugs,Im high on life but I did have an abusive past with drugs,but now I dont even drink

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