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Oliver_S - 21, St. Paul

So much of the gay community is focused on bears and cubs and not willing to admit there's a bigger variety out there! ManPlay gets it. They give us more options. Otter, muscle, circuit - types that I didn't even know about before joining! I'm an otter, and I'm happy that otter-lovers can now find me and get in touch with me, easy peasy. It makes hooking up so simple.

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S1lverT0nguedD3vil - 39, Atlanta

I am a former otter turned some kind of cross between muscle and bear. Muscle bear? Is that a thing? Anyway, I've never been able to shake my attraction to fellow otters and it's been great having a site where I can find all the local guys who self-identify as otters. It's so much easier when they know who they are. ManPlay has been so great at facilitating all the greatness in my sex life ;)

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BoingBoingSplat - 33, Pittsburgh

There's just something about these fresh, young guys that I can't get enough of. You know, those skinny hipsters with just the right amount of fuzz. Those are my kind of guys. But I'm not the most attractive guy in the world. I can't just go up to them in the street and ask them out. It's so easy on ManPlay though. That's why I love it so much and why I recommend it to everyone.

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SweetPrinceWilly - 19, Portland

You'd be surprised how many people are on this site. I had no idea how big the gay community was right in my own city. I was just hoping for some online fun but it's grown into so much more and I've meet so many ballin, awesome people to have fun and hook up with. It's been great for my sex life and my social life. Now I gotta go answer messages, peace out!

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Hey Boyz! There's nothing I love more than a man in power. Take control, papi. Make me yours. That's all I want. I'm not picky when it comes to looks or anything shallow like that (except when it comes to myself, gotta look fly ya know), but your personality needs to be strong and you need to know how to talk to me and how to talk what you want from me. Ready? Let's go!

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Let's just say I'm an eager beaver… err, otter. Or so I've been told. I never knew there was such a thing until I got online. Anyway, I'm just on ManPlay looking for good fun with local guys that I can get to know and of course, maybe more, ha ha ha. I'm pretty easy going and open-minded. I love Italian food and checking out movies.

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Maybe I'm too muscle to be considered an otter, but girl you just shut your mouth cause I can be whatever I want to be. I work on my body and I'm proud of it. I like to show it off, but I'm getting tired of my regular scenes. Now that I'm on ManPlay I'm relying on all you lovelies to hook me up with the attention I deserve. I'll repay the favor, don't worry your pretty little head.

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Part bear. Part cub. Part otter. Part muscle. Part…? Who knows anymore! I'm not into labels, per se, but I guess one is as good as any other! I don't really have trouble meeting people or anything, but I'm not in the most gay friendly place in the world, you know? So, it's just easier to do this online. Safe, and easy, and calm. I mean, until we meet. Then it's dirty and hard and all that good stuff ;)

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The Age Of The Otters

A man who wants an otter is a man who knows exactly what he wants. Otters are a fairly new and very specific subgroup of gay men. Before, there were twinks and there were cubs. Twinks had long been the standard for a man who is attracted to young gay men with feminine qualities and less sexual experience. Cubs were the go-to for big, hairy bears, as their name implied. Then, it started to become apparent that a notable number of gay men preferred a man with aspects of both: the body type of the slim twinks, the body hair of the furry cubs, and the youth of both.

After this, otters began to find themselves. Men caught in between twinks and cubs finally had a place to belong to. And soon after the "otter" name was coined, the community surrounding them grew. In turn, of course, ManPlay grew with them and that's how you found this page! There are no other gay dating sites with as much dedication to subgroups of gay men like ManPlay. Sure, you'll have sites for twinks or sites for daddies, but do you ever see sites where otters and circuits and other, newer subgroups feel welcome? Nope. At ManPlay we stay in the thick of it—we always have our ear to the ground and we stay aware of emerging subgroups and how we can accommodate them on the site.

Whether you are an otter yourself, or you are on the prowl for sexy, young otters you can tumble around with, there's no site that understands you better than ManPlay.com. We're already the #1 gay dating site online among all kinds of gay men, and we're always looking to grow and adapt to support the gay world.

Meet Sexy, Horny Otters Online

Otters worldwide call ManPlay home. No other gay dating site online can offer the otter community the ease and speed of finding hookups that ManPlay can. But, we're not just a site for otters... what it's really about is being the best gay dating site that we can be for ALL gay men. We're here to connect gay men with other gay men, period. Whether you consider yourself to be a daddy, a bear, a cub, a twink, a chub, athletic, muscle, circuit, or just a regular ol' average gay man, there are men on ManPlay who want to meet someone just like you. And whether you know exactly what you're looking for, or you're looking to explore a wide variety of gay men, there are men of every sub group, age, body type, height, weight, and ethnicity that are into every kind of naughty activity, kink, and fetish under the sun! No matter what you want, you can find it on ManPlay.

They Aren't Called Otters For Nothin'!

Otters: young, hairy, playful, fun-loving. These are just a few words you could use to describe the gay men who fit into the otter category. The correlation between these gay men and the animals from which they are named is obvious, so it's not hard to see how they got their title. It's no surprise that they are among the highest searched sub group of gay men. Searching for them is probably how you got to this page, right? Well, you're in luck! Of all the sites online, ManPlay.com has the highest number of otter members, and has more joining everyday! We're the #1 hot spot for otter interactions, not to mention the #1 gay dating site in member satisfaction! Sign up and confirm for yourself - there's no better than ManPlay!

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Ready to have hot, naughty, exciting sex every single night? That's what ManPlay is known for! With millions of members worldwide and thousands more joining daily, you'll never have a problem finding local tail to get down and dirty with. Or maybe you're not quite ready to take the plunge into otter-filled waters just yet. That's okay, too! ManPlay was made to connect men, regardless of whether that is online or in person. If you just want to browse through members and check out our explicit photos and videos, you can do that. If you want to flirt and chat with local guys, you can do that. If you want to discuss sexual fantasies on our discussion boards, you can do that. If you want to get involved with role-playing cyber sex on our sex chat rooms, you can do that. If you want to use our mobile app to find the closest ManPlay member to your location for the fastest, easiest sex you can get, you can do that! ManPlay is all about YOU and your desires. Whether you're fresh out of the closet, new to the world of gay dating sites, or are a seasoned veteran of the gay community, ManPlay works at your speed. You can find sex tonight, or you can take your time. You're so close to having the sex life you've always wanted, the sex life you deserve. Don't hesitate any longer! You're only denying yourself the pleasures that you could be having with sexy, local men. They're online right now looking for local men to connect with. Sign up, make a profile, and give these horny men a way to find you! Join ManPlay now and find the kind of sex you could be having.

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