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See What ManPlay Members Think:

GoForDaddy - 40, Baltimore

I didn't want to admit that I was old enough to be a "daddy", but I guess I had to give in at some point. I've always had a caring nature and a desire to be in control, but I had trouble when I old older and still liked younger guys. I turned to ManPlay to meet young local guys, and it's worked exactly liked I hoped it would! I'm loving every second of this site!

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EssenceOfInnocence - 24, Detroit

I was actually introduced to ManPlay by the first man I ever had sex with. He was much wiser than I, and even when I believed he was the only one I would ever want, he proved me wrong by introducing me to the thousands of other older men in our city. We're still great companions, but I now know not to fall in love with someone just because we have great sex!

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xBillyxBoix - 31, Milwaukee

I guess sooner than I know it I'M going to be the daddy, instead of being the one to look for one. But the men on ManPlay still make me feel young every day. I have found so many amazing daddies on here over the years, including some great long-term ones. ManPlay is a game-changer for the life of any gay man, but especially if you have a specific preference.

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JohnnyUtah09 - 39, Virginia Beach

If you're looking for any kind of man, Man Play is the perfect place to find us. I've encountered and been with all kinds of men off Man Play and I can tell you that everyone is exciting and awesome. I didn't even know I was what the gay community called a "daddy" before I joined, but look at me now! I know who I am and Man Play has made it easy for men to find me.

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I've been told I look young for my age, but make no mistake, you will respect your elder when you are with me. I take care of my partners, but only if they listen to me and pay me the respect I deserve. I, in turn, with respect you and treat you to all the pleasures you desire. Send me a message. Let's meet up and see what I can do for you.

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I've always loved a hot, young twink, and I guess I've finally reach that "daddy" age that you all seem to love so much. I'd love to meet you and you taught little young ass and show you a thing or two that I've picked up through all my years of experience. Let's chat - tell me what you're interested in, I'm sure it will spark my fire.

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Yes, I'm a daddy. Yes, I can be your daddy (if you behave). And yes, I'm online all the time, ready to get dirty. No need to start slow with me… message me your deepest, darkest, dirtiest desires and I'll do the same. I love dirty talk, cyber sex, and meeting up in person, so I want you prepared for me when we finally meet. Don't be scared. I can't wait to here from you.

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I never knew I was what the gay community calls a "daddy" until I joined ManPlay and someone told me that was exactly what I was doing, but regardless of what you want to label me, I'm here and that's who I am. I'm pretty open-minded and I love to chat with new guys. Send me a message and let's see if we click.

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Don't Miss Out On The Perfect Daddy!

There are other gay dating sites out there (although not as good as ManPlay, by a long shot) and there are other daddy dating sites out there, but ManPlay.com is the only site that offers a home to gay men of every identity, while still keeping niche gay dating thriving. What advantage does this have for you? Well, say you're a guy who likes daddies, bears, and athletic gays - are you going to join a daddy dating site or a regular gay dating site? You would join a regular gay dating site, right? Because a daddy dating site would limit your options. And think about all the daddies out there - do you think they're joining those daddy sites instead of joining the site that has what they're looking for? Nope! So you join a regular dating site. But now you're getting messaged by twinks and otters, which, although great, is not really what you're looking for. What now? We have the solution. On ManPlay, you have full access to the millions of members in our worldwide database (which is the biggest of any gay dating site online, by the way), but you have the advantage of customizing your profile to state how you identity yourself as well as what you're looking for. Like daddies? Put it on your profile! We'll make sure to match you up with the best local daddies! Like bears? Add that too! We'll show you daddies, bears, and men who identify as both! Add as little or as much as you want to your "Looking For" and the men practically come to you! And maybe you just feel like seeing what a twink might be like - just search for local twinks in our advanced search and see if anyone grabs your attention. Easy as that! Don't miss out - joining ManPlay means you have the most prospects of any gay dating site online!

Everyone Loves A Sexy Daddy And On ManPlay There's Plenty To Go Around

Daddies are one of the most loved niche of gay men and ManPlay.com has the largest daddy membership of any gay dating site online. Because daddies are a fairly new niche (you know, not including the Village People-esque leather daddies), there aren't a lot of gay dating sites out there that can cater to their needs specifically. As we already said, daddies don't want to join any of those daddy dating sites, because, frankly, what's in it for them? ManPlay grows with the gay community, so when daddies needed a home, we made sure to make them extra comfortable! And that is why we have always had the biggest number of daddies online. If you're looking for a gay daddy, or multiple gay daddies, you won't find more anywhere else!

Our Daddies Want New Meat

Hundreds of thousands of daddies around the world are logged on to ManPlay right now - looking for gay men to meet and fuck - and they always love new meat! ManPlay.com offers many ways to find local gay men that will fit the bill, which you will quickly learn as you start searching for hookups in your area. One of the more unique matching features we have is "Newest Members", where you can see all the local men that have just joined the site. This feature is one of the big reasons that men can find hookups so fast on ManPlay! As a new member, you'll be listed that that prestigious section for all the local members to see as soon as your profile goes up! Every single local gay daddy will be able to see your profile, see that you are interested in finding a daddy, and be able to connect with you. Don't underestimate the thrill and appeal of chasing fresh meat: you'll be receiving messages before you have even had a chance to fully explore the site.

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Our Daddies Are 100% Real

All ManPlay members, daddies included, are 100% real. A lot of gay dating sites out there are scams - some sites are completely made of fake profiles that are all "too-good-to-be-true" men and they convince you to join so that they can gather your information and sell it to third parties; other sites started out with good intentions, but were quickly taken over by scammers who create their own fake profiles to pretend to be someone they are not in order to steal money or identities... and that's just downright not cool! This can be especially true of niche dating sites, which is another reason daddies will steer clear of those.

ManPlay.com has the advantage of not only being the original (and the best!) gay dating site online, but also having an amazing, hard-working staff that is dedicated to protecting our site from scammers and fake profiles. We take security seriously and make sure our entire site is secure and safe The men you find on ManPlay.com are 100% real - we make sure of it. And not only that, but they are sexy, eager, and ready to please and be pleased. There's no better, safer way to find the perfect local daddy.

Find Your Daddy On The Down-Low

Maybe you're not technically out of the closet yet. Maybe your employer doesn't know you're gay. Maybe you have friends who wouldn't approve of your interest in casual sex with daddies. Maybe you're married! Whatever the case, we understand. ManPlay is safe, secure and discreet. Only other ManPlay members can see your profile to begin with, but you also have full control of customizing your privacy settings. Want your profile to be seen by anyone, but only have your photos shared with members after you've talked with them? You can do that! Want to only be visible to members that you contact first? Done! Show as much or as little as you want, and be seen as much or as little as you want. Find your perfect daddy, or daddies, your way - on ManPlay.

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