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Hear From ManPlay Bears & Cubs:

Little___Bean - 23, Albuquerque

I always thought that I just didn't really fit into one of the gay stereotypes – like on that episode of Happy Endings, haha – but after joining ManPlay I realized that these stereotypes weren't so cut and dry and that I fell into what many men called a cub. Once I started identifying myself as a cub my profile blew up! I love the attention I get on this site and I love the sex I've been finding through it.

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Fur_Trapper - 37, Denver

I love me so fuzzy little dudes. I live for those tight young bodies covered in sexy fur. A lot of the time I feel like a creepy old man if I go up to these young studs in person, but on ManPlay I can see exactly who is into what and if these guys are looking for a guy like me. From there it's usually as easy as exchanging a few messages and deciding where to meet. I love it!

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JM7287361 - 41, Detroit

I was once a cub, and I had a bear. As, as these things go, I became a bear looking for cubs. I didn't just want one – I wanted a whole litter of cubs. ManPlay helped me do just that. I was able to find enough guys to fill my little black internet book. Everyone was open and turned on by the idea of being with a papa bear and several other cubs. Our sessions are amazing and we wouldn't have them without ManPlay.

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OneMoreForTheRoad42 - 26, Portland

I have absolutely, 100% found the most success on ManPlay. Those other sites are jokes, man. Believe me... I've tried them. I got money, okay, and I've tried those expensive sites. Don't bother... no one can afford them, so no one is on them! Except for like, male hookers and shit. No one real, ya feel? ManPlay is WHERE IT'S AT. It's the best I've found!

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Come and take me, men! I'm looking for someone rough-and-tumble and rowdy. Big guys, with even bigger d*%ks. I like to take it. I'm all about being the bottom. I want a guy who's not afraid to take me and use me to satisfy himself. That's what gets me off. And just kidding about the size thing: I know it's all about how you use it ;) Let's see what you got!

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Not every “cub” is looking for a “bear”. I may have the young, hairy body that constitutes a cub, but that doesn't mean I'll want what you expect me to. I like men of all bodies, despite my own build. Sure, I may be more attracted to one of the other, but when it comes to sex I like to be surprised. Why stick with the same thing all the time? Feel the same way? Let's chat.

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I don't mind being classified as one “type” of gay man or another, and most often I've been referred to as a “little black cub” more often than I can count. That's fine with me. But I'm more than that. So whether you're into cubs or not, if I look like the kind of guy you'd like to meet, then I'd like to hear from you. I'm a lot of things and I have a lot of offer, both in and out of the bedroom ;)

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22-years-old. Visually-impaired. Plaid-lover. Life-lover. Party-goer. All-natural. Homosexual. Naughty. Dirty. Bottom (but can be a wicked top if asked nicely). Aggressive. Submissive. I'll choke you, if you want. I'll beg on my knees and call you master, if you want. I'll do most anything, if you want. What more could you ask for? Come at me, bro.

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Get Some Padding For Your Bear Pack

It can be hard enough just being a gay man out there in the world; even once you find yourself and truly discover what you want, it just makes your search for eligible men all the more specific and difficult. Any gay man can be interested in cubs - twinks, otters, muscles, athletics, circuits, chubs, etc. - but most frequently the match up you see is bears and cubs (they didn't give them both bear analogies for nothin'!). So, whether you're a poppa bear or any gay man at all, you shouldn't have to wait around for your cubs.

Cubs Are Here On ManPlay

You will find more cubs on ManPlay than any other gay dating site online. They aren't interested in joining "cub only" niche dating sites... what's in it for them?! Why would they join a site that puts them on a smorgasbord for other men to pick and choose from, while leaving them unsatisfied? Sure, they could join a bear niche site, but then they're in the minority, and they will have to fight harder to hook up with sexy bears. And some cubs aren't even looking for bears, specifically, or they have an open mind about any gay men looking for cubs. Cubs want to join a site where they can be admired and appreciated for who they are, but that still offers them a world of members that range from every corner of the gay community. That's where ManPlay.com comes in. ManPlay caters to cubs looking for bears, cubs looking for chubs, cubs looking for other cubs even! And it works both ways! There is millions of members on ManPlay and absolutely no shortage of men to hook up with, no matter what you're looking for. We're the #1 choice for cubs, so what better place to find them then on ManPlay.com?

Find Cubs Without Leaving The Cave

The days of picking up guys at the local gay bar (or heaven forbid, the regular dive joint if you are unfortunate enough to not live close enough to gay bar) are over. What happens if you get there and most of the men are already with someone? What if none of the men are cubs, like you're looking for? What if you find a cub, buy him drinks all night, and then find out he's "just not into sex on the first night"? Now you've wasted time and you've wasted money. And have you noticed the club scene is becoming older and older guys? Do you know why that is? It's because all the young cubs and twinks and otters are men of the technological age! These men aren't going to the bar to get picked up by the old, behind-the-times men. No, they're following the age of the internet and they are online chatting with other gay men just like you! It's time to face the facts: things have changed when it comes to gay dating, and you either have to get with the times or get left behind. But just think about how much better this works out for you! Looking for men to hook up with from home means that you don't spend any money on cover charges or marked up beer prices. It means you don't have to wonder whether that sexy, little cub is single or taken. It means you don't have to worry about rejection. Heck, you don't even have to worry about getting dressed! On ManPlay, every member you see if here for the same thing: hot, casual, no string attached sex. Sometimes those hookups blossom into something more, sure, but no one is here looking for love. But you're already here, so you probably already know that!

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ManPlay.com is one of the only sites to offer a companion app for your smart device. What this means is that you can sign on to ManPlay from a variety of platforms: desktop, laptop, tablet, cell phone - the works! For desktop and laptop computers, you can sign in to ManPlay through the website, and for tablets and cell phones you have the choice of using the ManPlay gay dating app, or the ManPlay full mobile site. Once logged on, you have full access to the ManPlay site, all our site features, and all the sexy, furry little cubs you can handle. You can use our one on one messaging, video messaging, chat rooms, and discussion boards to find men from all over the world to men who share your zip code. You can update your profile, check your matches, or just browse through local members. At home? At the office? At a party? Out for dinner? You can get hooked up! No matter where you are when the mood strikes, you can access the complete ManPlay database and get connected with any number of our millions of gay members worldwide. The bottom line is that you can use ManPlay wherever you are to find men and hookups faster and easier than ever before.

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With ManPlay's mobile site and gay dating app, you can take advantage of our fastest hookups ever! Using the GPS on your smart device, we can show you all the closest members to your location. From there you can click a member, browse their photos, send a quick message, see if you click, and be meeting up in minutes! This feature is a big hit among our younger members, so when you're looking for cubs, it really is your best bet!!

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