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History Of Gay Pride In Phoenix

Gay pride Phoenix is something to celebrate. Find out more about gay pride in the city, and where the first rainbow street sign topper is on As with other states across the nation, states like Columbus and Miami, June marks gay pride month. June was chosen to commemorate the Stonewall Riots that occurred on June 28, 1969. Pride is all about embracing your identity, taking ownership of your life, and not being a victim to bigotry, hate, or violence. Phoenix can get pretty hot in the Summer months, so Phoenix gay pride is celebrated in April.

In 1977, a small group of people in Phoenix began to publish a newsletter called Sunday's Childe, written by and for the LGBT community. Back then, it wasn't easy to come out and be openly gay, so the newsletter was kept very to the point, and had no author names, address or other contact information. It did have a phone number listed for people who wanted to talk about their sexuality if they felt that they had no one to talk to. So much progress has been made since the 70's in regards to gay rights. Full marriage equality being the most recent. Since the launch of the first LGBT newsletter, three more have emerged in the area, all complete with author names and contact information. The safety of the community was always a cause for concern, but with the changing, more accepting times, there's a feeling of relief and acceptance.

From newsletters to a booming Pride Festival and Film Festival, Phoenix has a thriving gay community. Gay neighborhoods, like Coronado, Encanto and Willow, are all bustling with gay and lesbian residents. More than 30 gay bars are scattered across the city, and there's no shortage of nightlife. The history of gay pride Phoenix is an interesting one dating back almost 50 years. The LGBT Chamber of Commerce has been tirelessly working at raising awareness, and providing equal opportunity for the gay community.

Gay Pride Phoenix Statistics

Phoenix Pride was founded in 1981 and consists of a pageant, a parade and the Rainbows Festival. Established primarily for charitable, educational and social purposes, the festivals aim has always been to promote unity, visibility, and self-esteem among the gay community. There are approximately 35,000 attended for the 2-day festival, and about 15,000 people that attend the parade. Phoenix Pride has given over half a million dollars back to the metro Phoenix LGBTQ community, and each year it raises a little bit more to give back. The Rainbows Festival attracts roughly 25,000 attendees for the 2-day event with nearly 150 exhibitors and sponsors.

Phoenix has a higher percentage of gay residents than New York, Washington, Chicago and Silicon Valley. 4.1 percent of Phoenix-area residents identify themselves as gay, lesbian or transgendered. That number effects businesses around the state and the city. There are far more businesses that cater to the gay community needs than any other city in AZ.

Guide Arizona is a gay travel website that helps thousands of gay tourists, and locals, plan there ideal vacations. Gay tourism is on the rise in the area and Phoenix is the hot spot. The free resource guide is the most popular on the web and helps connect gay tourism spots with vacationers looking for a great time.

Celebrating Gay Pride In Phoenix

There's so much to do in Phoenix if you're looking to celebrate gay pride. Early in the year, before the big Pride Festival, there's a huge kick-off celebration. Thousands of locals gather to build excitement for what's to come. There is no shortage of events that get the whole community involved in celebrating the advancement and awareness of the community. If you want to get involved, check out what's happening in and around the city for all to attend.

Pride Pageant

Starting with the Miss & Mister Pride Pageant, contestants compete for the chance to host the event, and attend all of the pride celebrations. It's a community event that's supported by local community organizations and numerous female and male illusionists. As the recipient of the title, the winners will become the faces of the Phoenix Pride during their reign. The responsibility of the winners is to promote pride in the community, state and country, portray role model qualities with integrity and dignity at all times and raise awareness of the Phoenix Pride Scholarship Program. It's a fun way to get the community involved in something that's beneficial to what Pride represents in the city. There's also a junior version to encourage youth participation in on-stage performance and to encourage more young people to take an active role in being a leader in the LGBT community.

Pride In The Pines

Celebrating 20 years of Pride, join Pride in the Pines at Thorpe Park Softball fields as the city celebrates and increases acceptance and awareness of the LGBT community. The event has made a positive difference in the community and its mission is to embrace, promote, and support cultural diversity, civil, and human rights by fighting discrimination of any kind. The event brings 3500-4800 attendees that include local citizens, tourists and out of town guests. The money that the event brings in goes right back into the local economy to support the gay community and raise awareness.

Desperado LGBT Film Festival

Even earlier in the year, Phoenix celebrates the Desperado LGBT Film Festival. There are special events such as music, vendor tables, and the LGBT art gallery. You can get involved as a movie goer, or as a volunteer. The mission of the Film & Arts Fest is to showcase quality films that are related to the experiences of the LGBT community. The event is educational, enlightening, entertaining, and enjoyable for all community members. Aside from the film screenings, there are local artisans, painters and photographers showcasing their work. Outdoor events and the art gallery are free and open to the public.

The Festival is hosted by the Paradise Valley Community College whose mission is to educate the whole person and to serve its students and the community by providing learning opportunities that are designed to help them achieve their goals. All opportunities are presented in a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment. The festival understands that there's a need in the community for further raised awareness, and promotes the complex issues and initiatives that create positive social change, promote inclusion and illustrate the importance of cross cultural communication. The proceeds from the Film Festival support LGBTQA scholarships. Everything that the LGBT organizations in the community do to support and raise awareness goes back into the community to only further education and lock down a sense of security and equality. Recognizing the need for change and supporting it is the aim of the city of Phoenix, and surrounding states with the same positive intentions.

Rainbows Festival

Arizona's Greatest Street Fair - the Rainbows Festival, is the heart of Phoenix Pride. The annual festival and street fair is a celebration of the diversity of the LGBTQ community. The event is located in historic Heritage Square Park in downtown Phoenix. Each year the festival draws a crowd of over 25,000 friends, families, and allies. It's the 2nd largest LGBTQ event in the state of Arizona, only 2nd to the Phoenix Pride Festival. It's open to the public and hosts nearly 150 exhibitors and sponsors throughout the two-day event. There are stages filled with entertainment and lots to see and do for the whole family.

For more than thee decades, Phoenix Pride has served and raised awareness for the Metropolitan Phoenix LGBTQ community through meaningful programming, diverse resources and equality-promoting events. Since 2014 the organization has taken over management of the LGBTQ Community Center to offer service to the LGBTQ community in the State of Arizona. All donations go back into the organization to further build, and raise awareness for the gay community. You can get involved by donating your money or your time to the organization at any point throughout the year. The website is listed below, and has all of the information you need to get involved outside of the big Festival and Parade.

Phoenix Pride

The goal of Phoenix Pride is to unite and engage individuals and organizations of Arizona, and to empower and support the LGBT community. Leading up to the festival and parade are 10 Days of Pride celebrations. The goal of the 10 celebration is to get everyone excited for the big day. The Festival and Parade are a great way to really celebrate pride, and for supporters to show their solidarity to their gay brothers and sisters. There are supporters from all over the world that come to support one of the biggest festivals in states. There is something for everyone to enjoy, and the event is very family friendly. Pride is a great way to get the youth involved, raise awareness and celebrate everything that is gay pride. From the pageant to a pride skate and pride run, there are tons of events to get energy levels high and the whole community involved. Phoenix Pride has been around for 30 years organizing marches, rallies, parades, entertainment and education and outreach events to celebrate the LGBTQ community. The parade brings over 2,000 participants with decorated vehicles, colorful floats, and hundreds of walkers. There are over 15,000 spectators and lots of fun for the whole family. Following the festival and parade is the Pride Brunch that focuses on recognizing and awarding individuals and organizations from the metropolitan Phoenix area who have made a significant and positive impact in the LGBTQ community.

What More Can You Do To Celebrate Gay Pride?

If you love burlesque shows, R Lounge always has something on, and the theme changes month to month. Disco parties at Pat O's Bunkhouse Saloon, the Urban Wine Walk at Cityscape Phoenix, the LGBT Night Out Ballet at the Desert Botanical Garden, and so much more, are happening monthly. Checking out the local listings in your area will ensure that you never miss a hot gay event in Phoenix. If you're feeling a little bit spontaneous, there's the nude LifeCycle AIDS benefit at Nu Towne Saloon. Get naked, bring your bike, and show your support for AIDS awareness. Hot guys fill local nightclubs nightly with themed parties, so if you want to get your fill of eye-candy, venture out into some of the hottest gay neighborhoods and see the sexiness for yourself. There's also a ton of family friendly events to attend through the Phoenix Gay Chamber of Commerce like, workshops on family orientation, arts & crafts days, bingo nights, cramping trips, and more. The city of Phoenix has worked hard to make sure inclusion is an everyday practice, and you can see the success of the efforts in all of the available events in and for the gay community.

Links To Gay Pride Phoenix Events

When You're Looking To Celebrate Gay Pride, Find Events Nearby wants to make it easier for you to find the perfect celebrations to celebrate gay pride Phoenix in your neighborhood. There's always a lot happening near you if you know where to look, and why take the time to do the research when we've done it all for you. Check the links below and stay current on all of the happenings in Phoenix. The hottest event guides are updated daily so that you stay in the know and don't miss out on any of the fun events happening locally in the gay community. - The Chamber of Commerce celebrates gay pride in the best ways. Check the site for updated information daily.
- gives you the most up to date information on hot spots to visit when you're in Phoenix and want to celebrate gay pride.

- If you're looking for gay pride bars, restaurants and shows, has all of your local listings.
- Get to know the history behind gay pride in Phoenix.
- When you know more about where gay pride came from, you'll appreciate it where it is today. Phoenix has made a lot of progress when it comes to equality for the gay community.
- If you need addresses and contact information for gay pride pride locations and events, make your go-to site.
- Interested in the Gay Pride parade and celebration? Click the link for dates and times of all of the events and celebrations.
- Donate your time and efforts to building gay pride awareness in your community.

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